LinkedIn is one of the biggest social media networks when it comes to business, and these days there are millions of professionals in all kinds of different industries making the most of it to network and generate new leads for their websites.

Whether you are a small or a large business, LinkedIn has the features that you need to really do well.

Once you understand how LinkedIn works a bit better, you will be able to use it to your advantage.

Let’s take a look at the most important LinkedIn statistics for business right now in 2024.

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Key Statistics

  • LinkedIn was founded in 2003
  • LinkedIn has 15,000 employees
  • LinkedIn is in 20 languages
  • LinkedIn is considered the most trusted social network
  • LinkedIn has over 930 million users
  • LinkedIn has more male members than female
  • LinkedIn’s audience is mostly millennials
  • There are 65 million decision makers on LinkedIn
  • 55% of decision makers vet Companies
  • Average person spends 7 minutes and 12 seconds on LinkedIn
  • 180 American workers have a LinkedIn profiles
  • 72% of full-time employees have a LinkedIn Profile

How Many LinkedIn Users are There in 2024?

As far as LinkedIn users go, we will go into this a little bit more in-depth further down, but in summary, there are now 930 million LinkedIn users around the world that can be found in more than 200 countries.

This means that there is a huge number of potential leads and connections to be made on LinkedIn if you are trying to accelerate the sales funnel or headhunt for your company.

Detailed LinkedIn Statistics in 2024

1. LinkedIn is over 20 years old

In 2023, LinkedIn officially turned 20.

This means that it was first launched back in 2003, which was just a few months before Facebook.

This means that LinkedIn is officially the oldest social network on the block.

This is hard to believe, we know.

While Facebook and Instagram have ruled the social media scene for quite a while at this point, LinkedIn was quietly growing to prominence in the background, but nobody ever thought of it as the OG of the social media industry.

This is perhaps because it’s always been in the professional category, and it’s always been associated with one purpose.

Nevertheless, this stat also proves that it has gone from strength to strength over the years, and while Facebook has worked on the business side of things, it’s still seen as the number one professional business platform in the world.

2. LinkedIn Has More than 15,000 Employees

With 33 offices around the world and 15,800 employees in 30 cities, LinkedIn has managed to expand its reach significantly.

Again, this stat might surprise you, because when you think of LinkedIn you don’t think of it being as big as the likes of Instagram or Facebook.

However, 18 years in the game has lent it time and effort to be able to expand it to where it is now, with tens of thousands of employees and offices all around the world. This is pretty impressive.

3. LinkedIn Can Be Used in More than 20 Languages

LinkedIn is available in 24 different languages, which means that you can expand your brand’s reach across the globe.

If you are based in America, then you are probably used to using LinkedIn in English.

This stat proves that LinkedIn understands that business transcends every language and every country in the world, which is why it has made sure that you can access its features and its platform in general in so many languages.

This also means that you are able to correspond to business partners who might not be native English speakers through the platform.

4. LinkedIn’s Remote Job Postings Increased in 2020

Due to COVID, remote jobs on LinkedIn increased by 2.5 times. This statistic shows how the way that we work has changed due to things outside of our control.

The thing about the pandemic is that it has pushed a lot more business online, and LinkedIn appears to be at the helm of this.

There is no doubt that they were prepared for this, and a result have the kind of platform that you can use if you want to post a job and find a professional who is going to be worth your time, or vice versa – find a job yourself.

5. LinkedIn is Considered the Most Trusted Network

In America, LinkedIn is seen as the most trusted social media network. It beats Facebook, who has had issues with privacy in the past.

You might love being on Facebook or Instagram, and you might hold a lot of weight with both of these platforms, but this stat shows that if you want to align yourself with a website that is considered super trustworthy, LinkedIn is where it is at.

Facebook is not the only social media site to have run into issues with privacy and trust in the past, but as far as we can tell, LinkedIn has a pretty squeaky-clean record.

Another reason for this being a good thing is that LinkedIn is where a lot of people now conduct business, so you definitely want to feel confident that your business meetings and transactions are going to be kept safe.

6. LinkedIn Has 930 Million Users

LinkedIn officially has 930 million users on its books. This means that it’s not the largest social network, but it’s definitely up there.

While this doesn’t make it the biggest social network in the world, it is still a stat that is worth really thinking about.

It’s worth thinking about not only from an individual standpoint but from a business standpoint as well.

There’s absolutely no doubt from this that there are more than enough people using LinkedIn for you to successfully network within your niche, and generate more leads as a result.

Even if you fall into a relatively obscure niche, you still have every chance of being successful with your networking efforts on LinkedIn.

7. More LinkedIn Users Are Men

57% of people who use LinkedIn are men, while 43% of them are women.

Pinterest has an appeal to women, and LinkedIn has an appeal to men.

This could have something to do with the fact that it is so business-based, but it’s also helpful to know this stat if your brand has a target market within the two genders that you are trying to connect with.

If your product or brand is aimed more at men, then being on LinkedIn is going to be advantageous, and networking as much as possible is going to make a real difference to your website traffic.

8. Majority of LinkedIn Users Are Outside of America

While the U.S. is LinkedIn’s largest market, 76% of its users are outside of America.

If you are the type of brand that is hoping to expand its reach beyond the states at some point, then this kind of stat is going to put you in good stead.

Even if you are a brand that is based mostly in the states, LinkedIn can be of great use.

LinkedIn’s users

9. Many Internet Users in Canada Use LinkedIn Every Month

Just 27.1% of them, though, which is lower than Facebook which sits at 83%. However, 44% of everyone who has the internet in Canada has LinkedIn.

If your brand is mostly based in the states, then the jump to Canada isn’t going to be that big.

More and more Canadians are getting on the LinkedIn bandwagon, which could potentially be a great funnelling opportunity for your networking efforts.

Internet users in Canada - LinkedIn Statistics by eMarketer

10. LinkedIn’s Users Are Mostly Between 25 and 34 Years Old

59.9% of LinkedIn’s users are between the ages of 25 and 34 years old.

Again, LinkedIn joins the long list of social media websites that resonate with a lot of the younger generation, most notably millennials.

While a lot of generation Z are over on TikTok or Instagram, you can bet that you will find a lot of millennials using LinkedIn, which again is going to be helpful if your brand is trying to target this particular demographic.

We don’t predict that LinkedIn’s main audience is going to get any younger, either.

11. 40% of Users on LinkedIn Change Their Career, Company or Job Every Year.

This means that your brand’s potential market is always changing.

12. Bill Gates Was Pretty Interesting in 2020

In fact, he wrote 50% of the most engaging articles on LinkedIn at the end of 2020.

If you are a Bill Gates fan and you want to keep up with what he’s doing, then you definitely need to get on LinkedIn more.

13. 40 Million LinkedIn in Users Look for Jobs Every Week

This means that if your company is hiring right now, you could potentially find your match on LinkedIn.

14. People Get Hired on LinkedIn At a Rapid Rate

According to statistics, three people are recruited through LinkedIn every minute.

Remember, LinkedIn isn’t just about trying to expand your brand and driving that sales funnel over to your website. It’s about work opportunities and reaching out to people that might want to recruit you at some point.

The good news is that based on stats like this, there is every chance that you will be able to find a job – or even your dream job – on LinkedIn.

15. There Was a 55% Increase in LinkedIn Conversations in 2020

This is because the majority of people weren’t able to meet in person.

16. LinkedIn Saw a 60% Increase in Content Creation in 2020

Both individuals and brands ramped up the content output in 2020, to make the most of the increase in audience. The pandemic has brought everyone online more, and LinkedIn is no exception.

This stat proves that more people are producing content on the professional social media network, and more people are using it as a chance to network with people that fall within their industry or niche.

Consider sharing content that you have made for your website on your LinkedIn page so that people go and check out your website at the same time, or think about how you can come up with some creative content ideas that are exclusive to your LinkedIn.

17. Live Streaming on LinkedIn Increased by 437% in 2020

Again, thanks to the majority of people being at home in 2020, LinkedIn live streaming increased exponentially.

18. 57% of LinkedIn’s Traffic Comes in Through Mobile

Of course, this is the majority, but what’s interesting about this statistic is that it hasn’t changed since 2018, so mobile has been king for a while.

This is a stat worth thinking about when deciding on what area to spend your optimization efforts in. The easier it is for people to see your LinkedIn profile on mobile, the easier it will be for them to become a connection.

19. LinkedIn Has More Content Impressions than Job Listings

15 times more, to be exact. Which is an incredible statistic.

20. 30% of Engagement on LinkedIn For a Company Comes from Its Employees

This makes sense when most of your employees are using LinkedIn to stay connected.

21. Employees Are More Likely to Share Content from Their Employer

Than other content, and the rate is 14 times more. This means that your employees are an integral part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

22. LinkedIn Image Posts Get More Engagement

Actually, they get twice as much engagement as posts that don’t include an image. Also, bigger images do even better.

23. Linked in Users Are More Likely to Reshare a Video

Statistics show us that LinkedIn users are 20 times more likely to reshare a video than an image.

24. A LinkedIn Ad Can Reach 13% of The People in The World

Remember, this is 13% of people in the world who are over the age of 13. This isn’t the highest reach when compared to other social networks, but it’s still pretty impressive.

25. LinkedIn’s Ad Reach Increased by 25 Million People in 2020

This is a 3.5% increase from earlier in 2020.

26. LinkedIn Ads Have More than 200 Targeting Characteristics

From company industry and size to job experience, there are many different ways to make sure that your ad is connecting with the best audience for it.

27. Purchase Intent Can Increase by 33% with Exposure

When people see your ad on LinkedIn, they are 33% more likely to want to purchase your product.

28. LinkedIn’s Users Drive Business Decisions

Four out of five people on LinkedIn encourage business decisions.

29. There Are More than 60 Million ‘senior’ Influencers on LinkedIn

These aren’t traditional influencers; they are top decision-makers within certain companies.

30. More than 50 million companies use LinkedIn

55 million, to be exact.

31. LinkedIn has More than 10,000 Software Product Packages for B2B

You can use these to highlight specific products with reviews and ratings.

32. Majority of B2B Content Marketers Use LinkedIn For Authentic Social Media Marketing

96% of B2B content marketers, which makes LinkedIn the top social network for B2B marketing.

B2B content marketers use LinkedIn - LinkedIn statistics

33. Majority of B2B Content Marketers use LinkedIn Ads

Recent statistics tell us that 80% of content marketers make the most of LinkedIn ads.

34. B2B Decision Makers Use LinkedIn to look up Purchases

33% of decision-makers use LinkedIn to do their product research.

35. Brands Get More Reactions and Comments on Live Streams

Seven times more reactions and 24 times more comments on live streams than if they were to just upload a regular video.

36. Companies Posting Every Week on Linked in Get a Higher Engagement Rate

Their engagement rate is twice as high if they post regularly on LinkedIn.

37. Companies Who Put Time and Effort Into Their Profiles Get More Views

Companies who complete the process of filling out their profile get five times the page views.

38. More Than Half of Marketers Based in the U.S. used LinkedIn in 2021

This is an increase from 2020, as you can see from the graph.

39. LinkedIn Traffic Distribution

LinkedIn gets the majority of its traffic from America, at 31.98%. In second place is the UK at 6.65%, and then you’ve got India at 6.42%

40. LinkedIn Audience Reach

When it comes to LinkedIn audience reach, the highest reach is in Samoa at 103.1%. This obviously shows that some people in Samoa have more than one LinkedIn account.

In second place is Bermuda at 102.8%, and then you’ve got Iceland at 94.6%. America, interestingly, is sitting in seventh place, at 69.3%.

41. LinkedIn Can Improve Your Career

Once you a part of LinkedIn, every connection that you make is going to introduce you to 400 more people.

You are also going to have access to over 100 new companies who are looking for your demographic in terms of skills or talent.

42. The Working Population Continues to Find LinkedIn Helpful

When thinking of statistics, this one is helpful – your brand has a better chance of finding professionals to work with on LinkedIn.

This means that marketers can now reach almost 930 million people through LinkedIn, a pretty powerful reach.

43. Marketers Reach More Men than Women on LinkedIn

As we mentioned above, as far as demographics go on LinkedIn, there are more men that use it than women.

Therefore it only makes sense that marketers have access to more men than women on the site.

44. LinkedIn is Great for Decision Makers

What’s really interesting about LinkedIn is that you have a really good chance of connecting with a decision maker on the platform.

In fact, there are statistics to prove that you are able to connect with more than 65 million decision makers.

45. 55% of Decision Makers Make the Most of LinkedIn to Vet Companies

If you want to be seen by decision makers on LinkedIn, then you need to make sure that your content is up to scratch.

This is because 55% of decision makers use content that you are putting out there to work out which company you work with.

Obviously, because you are now representing your brand even if it is inadvertently, you definitely want to be thinking about the quality of your content.

46. LinkedIn Does More Than Listings and Job Huntings

You might be interested to know that LinkedIn goes above and beyond their standard features as far as job listings and hunting goes.

They also make it super easy for you to set up a LinkedIn page for your business.

This is why they offer the ‘my company’ tab for every business on LinkedIn, so that you can optimize your content and your conversations for your company.

47. Employees That Are Socially Engaged Drive Important Business Outcomes

Internal data for LinkedIn shows that when it comes to statistics, this next one is pretty important.

It shows that if your company has employees who are engaged on LinkedIn, you are likely to get eight times more company page views, four times more company page followers, seven times more job views, and four times more job applications.

48. Average Time Spent on LinkedIn

You are probably wondering at this point how much time people are spending on LinkedIn, especially when it comes to their business.

Between September and November of 2021, LinkedIn got more than 4 billion visits. When it comes to how much time the average user spends on LinkedIn, you are looking at seven minutes and 12 seconds.

49. Social Media Networks Traffic

When thinking about demographics in terms of other social media networks, LinkedIn gets the most traffic from YouTube, at 33.33%.

When it comes to Facebook, this number is 27.89%, and then you’ve got Twitter at 13.58%, and WhatsApp at 6.62%.

50. Most LinkedIn Users Have a Facebook Profile

Statistics show that the majority of LinkedIn users, or 88% of them, have a Facebook profile as well.

This means that if your audience is on LinkedIn, then they are most likely to have other social networks as well.

However, we recommend that your social media strategy be focused on where your audience is most active.

51. LinkedIn is a Really Good Recruitment Tool

There are more than 180 million American workers that have a profile on LinkedIn.

97,000 companies use LinkedIn to recruit new professionals and LinkedIn also lets members select from more than 38,000 skills so that they can show prospective employees what they are capable of.

As you can see, LinkedIn is a really good recruitment tool for companies not only in America, but around the world.

52. When Should You Post on LinkedIn?

This statistic is going to be pretty important because it is going to show you when you’re going to get the most engagement on your content.

The best time to reach people on LinkedIn is actually when your target audience is on a break from their workday.

If you are a B2C business then you should post around lunchtime, but if you are a B2B business, you should post around 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM, or lunchtime, and the best day to post on LinkedIn is on Wednesday.

53. Most LinkedIn Users Live in a City

The majority of people who use LinkedIn live in a city, sitting at 44%, while 27% of people who use LinkedIn live in a rural area.

54. American LinkedIn Demographics by Household Income

When you look at statistics based on income, the highest number of American LinkedIn users are those that have an income of $100,000 or more.

This is sitting at 60%. Those that have a household income of between 80,000 and $100,000 is 50%.

55. Demographic by Employment Type

72% of full-time employees in America use LinkedIn, compared to 10% of those that are only employed part time. Students sit at 5%, while other demographics are sitting at 13%.

56. Demographics by Race

The statistics indicate that 64% of white people in America use LinkedIn, compared to 16% of Hispanics. African Americans are sitting at 6%, while other ethnicities are 14%.

57. LinkedIn Demographics Among Companies

There are more than 57 million company profiles on LinkedIn which means that the platform is really popular among companies and job seekers.

However, some of these company profiles are the result of LinkedIn automatically creating company pages for people.

LinkedIn is going to do this when a member adds an organization that is part of their experience on their profile, whether it is an active company or not.

58. How Often do People Use LinkedIn in America?

What’s really interesting when it comes to this statistic is just 5.7% of LinkedIn users in America are heavy users.

This means that they log into their LinkedIn profile at least two or three times a month. 51.5% of people who have LinkedIn in America are inactive users.

59. Long-Form Content Does Really Well on LinkedIn

These next statistics might come as a surprise to you, but long-form content actually does really well on LinkedIn.

This means that the longer your posts are on LinkedIn, the better they are going to do.

If you post content that has a word count between 1900 and 2000 words, this is going to do better and get more engagement than content that has fewer words.

60. LinkedIn Titles Between 40 and 49 Characters do the Best

This is probably going to strike you as a pretty small margin, meaning that you have to get your LinkedIn titles between 40 and 49 characters if you want your engagement to be really good.

61. The Right Number of Images Per LinkedIn Post is Eight

For us, this was a pretty surprising statistic because it shows that people are actually interested in seeing a lot of images when they look at your LinkedIn post.

In fact, posts on LinkedIn that have eight images associated with them get the most views on LinkedIn by quite a margin. This means that you definitely can’t underestimate the power of a good image.

Whatever the reason, posts that have eight images get considerably more views than those that have seven or even nine. Posts that have eight images get almost four times as many views as posts that just have one image.

We don’t suggest that you even think about uploading a post to LinkedIn without using an image because there are very few people that use LinkedIn that look at posts that don’t have an image.

62. Don’t Put Multimedia in Your Posts

You might be tempted to include videos as well as images in your LinkedIn post, considering the statistics above.

However, we advise that you stay away from this, because adding multimedia into your posts isn’t actually going to help its engagement as much as you might think.

Including multimedia is definitely better than having no images, but the data shows that including multimedia actually results in fewer post engagement than just including a static image.

63. Richard Branson is the Top LinkedIn Influencer

Does this statistic surprise you? It surprised us.

Of course, there are plenty of people using LinkedIn, and there are plenty of people that were already celebrities before LinkedIn started, as well as those that have made a name for themselves on the platform as it has evolved.

64. 50% of People on the Internet with a College Degree use LinkedIn

These statistics are pretty surprising for two reasons.

Obviously the first one is that 50% of people online with a college degree or higher used LinkedIn which is a massive amount of people on the Internet in general, but it’s also interesting that there are a lot of people that have a college degree that are using LinkedIn.

This shows the professional side of the platform, and it shows that a lot of people are making the most of LinkedIn for business.

65. 51% of American College Graduates Use LinkedIn

This statistic isn’t as high as we thought it might be, especially when you look at the one right above.

Only 41% of American College graduates use LinkedIn, which suggests that 49% of American College graduates are using other methods to get a job or expand and grow their career and network with others.

66. Three People are Hired on LinkedIn Every Minute

This statistic definitely goes to show that LinkedIn is an excellent platform for getting hired, so if you are in the job market right now, you definitely want to skim through the available jobs, because there is a good chance that you are going to be called for an interview, and land the position.

67. 60% of LinkedIn Users are Looking for Industry Insights

LinkedIn is not only a great place for people to network and connect with others within their industry, and potentially find and recruit a new employee, or find a company that they want to work with.

It’s also a great place for people to find out more about the industry that they are in, as you can see from this statistic.

68. Content Creation on LinkedIn Increased 60% in 2020

Thanks to the COVID pandemic, more people resorted to LinkedIn to stay connected in their industry and even work from home. As a result, content creation on LinkedIn increased by 60% in 2020.

69. 280 Billion Feed Updates are Looked at Every Year

If you have shared a feed update lately, then there is a good chance that somebody has looked at it, and there is a good chance that you are one of the 280 billion feed updates that are looked at every year.

70. Live Streams on LinkedIn Increased by 437% in 2020

Another aspect of LinkedIn that increased in 2020 were live streams.

More people live streamed on LinkedIn as a result of the COVID pandemic, and as a result of being forced to stay home, and work from home and interact with their colleagues and other people within their industry.

71. 45% of Content Readers on LinkedIn are in Upper Management

If you have got a pretty good content creation schedule going right now, then we encourage you to stick with it, because there’s a really good chance that your content is being read by upper management employees in your industry.

45% of people that read content on LinkedIn have an upper management job, which indicates that you could be recruited or headhunted by someone who has quite a bit of leverage in the company that you want to work for.

72. 3 Million LinkedIn Users Share Content Every Week

Again, if you are someone who is pretty consistent right now when it comes to your content creation schedule, we encourage you to keep going, because as you can see, 3 million LinkedIn users share content every week.

This means that there is a really good chance that someone is going to come across your content and like what they see and share it with their LinkedIn connections.

73. The Best Types of LinkedIn Posts

You are potentially wondering what kind of LinkedIn posts do really well, especially if you’re wanting to increase your content creation in the future.

How-to posts and list posts perform the best on LinkedIn. If this type of content fits within your industry really well, then you are going to be able to go far with it.

74. Split Your Post Headings

As we have mentioned already when it comes to the statistics, uploading posts that are longer perform a lot better. However, if you don’t divide your posts into different headings, they aren’t going to do as well.

This is why we recommend that you split your posts into 5, 7, or even nine headings, if you want your engagement do really well. Posts that have 5, 7, or 9 headings perform the best.

75. 13% of the World’s Population Can be Reached with a LinkedIn Ad

This might not feel like a lot, but when you think about LinkedIn as just one social media network and think about competing with all the other social media networks out there that are trying to connect with the world population, it is a pretty sizable chunk that you are able to reach with your LinkedIn content.

Of course, if your provision falls into a relatively obscure niche, this is going to be slightly less, but we still think that it is a pretty impressive statistic.

76. Ad Exposure on LinkedIn Counts for a Lot

If you are planning on increasing your marketing budget when it comes to LinkedIn ads in the future, we highly recommend that you do.

This is because ad exposure on LinkedIn increases the purchase intent of the buyer by 33%. This is a pretty effective approach and shows that LinkedIn ads can have a big impact in the purchasing process.

77. LinkedIn Leads are Cheaper than Google Ads

If you’ve got your brand online, then you have probably made the most of Google ads at some point.

It just makes sense; Google is one of the biggest marketing companies on the Internet, and they obviously have a well-developed ad package available.

However, the next statistic might cause you to change tack, because LinkedIn cost per lead is 28% lower than what Google ads can offer you.

This way, you can find the right leads for your brand or business, and you can spend 28% less than you would if you invested in Google ads.

78. Microsoft Paid $26 Billion for LinkedIn

Yes, you read that right. Microsoft paid an eye-watering $26 billion for LinkedIn.

They saw the writing on the wall and knew that LinkedIn was going to be big business, and while this number is difficult to wrap your head around, we think that it will pay itself off.

79. LinkedIn Has 33 Offices

This statistic shows the reach that LinkedIn has these days, and despite the fact that LinkedIn is an online platform, when it comes to brick and mortar, LinkedIn has 33 offices around the world.

80. The Average LinkedIn Post Counts for a Lot

You might have had a lull in your LinkedIn post activity lately, and you aren’t feeling particularly motivated.

Hopefully this next statistic is going to motivate you.

The average LinkedIn post reaches 21 different industries, and nine different countries.

81. LinkedIn is Considered the Most Trusted Platform

What’s pretty amazing about LinkedIn is that it is considered the most trusted platform as far as social media networks go.

This means that you are going to be able to win over people easily on LinkedIn, as well as generate leads for your business, without being seen as overly salesy.

82. LinkedIn is Available in 24 Languages

If you are located somewhere in the world where you don’t think LinkedIn has any reach, or you have a brand that you think is going to be able to expand across the globe, but you have your doubts about LinkedIn’s abilities, then this next statistic is hopefully going to help you.

LinkedIn statistics show that it is currently available in 24 languages, which means that you are going to definitely be able to reach your target demographic, wherever they are in the world, and wherever you are in the world.

More than half of U.S. marketers


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