About Us

The Small Business Blog is a leading digital resource for individuals who own small businesses.

We offer comprehensive, clear, and actionable content that you need to be successful. We know how passionate small businesses owners are, and so are we. We believe that it’s our mission to have the best answers to people’s questions.

We have built a team of professionals that have experience in the real world. We have more than 4 million monthly readers who trust us to deliver the information and answers that they are looking for.

Our audience leans on our content every day to make essential business decisions, and our affiliates know that our passion for independence on an editorial level is what makes us so valuable.

We push for transparency and honesty at every level. To achieve this, we put all of our focus on producing content that is high quality, aiming to get it in front of individuals who need it the most.

How Do We Achieve This?

By asking questions and doing consistent, in-depth research to locate the best answers out there. The more data that we discover, the easier it is for us to deliver on our mission.

As a result, we are able to share this knowledge and recommend services and products that can add to your small business model’s success. If we do include a product or service in an article, we may earn a fee or commission from our advertising partner based on the actions of the reader.

We have a clean business model which means that you can get the answers to the questions you’re asking without being bombarded by ads. We choose to make money through affiliates so that our website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.