It has become a common practice for businesses to buy Google reviews for persuading people to try out their offerings.

If you are wondering where to start, this article is exactly what you need to read.

In the contemporary world, customers prefer to make informed decisions about every purchase they make.

All prospective buyers wish to know other people’s experiences with a particular product/service.

Word of mouth, which marketers have relied upon since the beginning of time, has now taken the form of reviews on the internet. 

Google reviews, in particular, are what people turn to for getting a hint of the quality of any product or service. 

Whether you own an online business or a brick-and-mortar store, your struggle to convince people to give you a chance will end once you act upon your decision to buy Google 5 star reviews.

Best Sites to Buy Google Reviews in 2024

Regardless of what your niche is, there are going to be countless other people seeking to accomplish the same things as you.

So, you are very unlikely to get far without having some good reviews on Google.

But we also understand that building a reputation on Google can be challenging, especially for new businesses entering a saturated market.

Therefore, bringing you one step closer to success, we have provided below a list of all the highly recommended websites from which you can buy Google business reviews.

These include:

  1. Media Mister
  2. GetAFollower
  3. Buy Real Media
  4. UseViral
  5. SidesMedia
  6. Online Boost Up

Let us now give you a brief introduction to each.

1. Media Mister

Media Mister Buy Google Reviews

For over a decade, Media Mister has been providing business owners and webmasters with social proof of the highest quality and continues to do so to date.

Therefore, it counts among one of the most experienced and credible places to purchase Google reviews from. 

👉 Buy Google Reviews

It is reliable in terms of the authenticity of the reviews, such that the ones bought from here can’t be distinguished from the organic reviews you’d typically get.

The custom reviews you provide at the time of order placement will be sent as legitimate reviews from real people. 

Media Mister also provides targeted services.

Once you choose whether you want a positive or a negative review, you can also choose a target country.

If you don’t wish to target an audience from all around the world, you are given a choice between the Arab countries, the USA, and Brazil to specify.

The service provider offers Google reviews in small and affordable packages instead of large bundles to keep a solid quality check.

With a minimum of one and a maximum of ten reviews being offered, Media Mister takes its time to carefully script and thoroughly check the quality of each review, making them as authentic as possible.

Nevertheless, if you encounter any problems regarding the quality or delivery of the reviews, you can get in touch with Media Mister’s outstanding customer support team via live chat or email.

2. GetAFollower

GetAFollower Buy Google Reviews

Providing the finest services you can buy with money, GetAFollower is another one of the highly reliable companies selling Google business reviews to help you get a competitive edge.

Unlike many fraudulent websites that burn a hole in your pocket only to deliver generic Google reviews, GetAFollower offers a convenient way to buy custom reviews at the cheapest possible rates.

👉 Buy Google Reviews

The company understands how fake reviews are capable of instantly bringing down your business’s reputation.

Therefore, it ensures delivery of 100% authentic reviews via genuine accounts.

Whether you are looking to increase engagement with negative reviews (1-star) or seeking to enhance your credibility and persuade more people to do business with you with positive reviews (5-star), GetAFollower offers it all.

Like it does for all other services too, this provider offers target services for Google business reviews.

You can easily choose the country you wish to target from the drop-down list on the website.

Instead of offering high-priced, large bundles, the company has chosen to offer packages that provide a small number of reviews at a lower price.

This makes it affordable for businesses of all scales. 

Anyone who needs more reviews than those offered in these packages can easily place more than one order. 

This entire process is not only very easy to follow (thanks to a comprehensive website) but also extremely secure.

You can place orders and make payments securely.

This website also features a fast delivery of the bought services, claiming to start delivering results within a day of the purchase.

3. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media Buy Google Reviews

If you want your business or brand to receive fair consideration in a congested market, you may have to start by buying some high-quality reviews on Google Business.

Buy Real Media is one of the most trustworthy providers of this service.

👉 Buy Google Reviews

It offers a range of various cost-effective bundles for you to choose from.

These bundles are purposely made small to make them easily affordable for customers and manageable for the company.

Offering both positive as well as negative reviews for Google My Business listings, it lets you create a mix of reviews such that they are easily believable. 

To make the bought reviews more believable, Buy Real Media has gone the extra mile and dedicated a team of experts to personally script the reviews and ensure their relevance to your brand.

You can even provide the custom reviews you wish to get sent.

This way, you can incorporate any keywords or highlight the key aspects of your business.

Once drafted, these reviews are then posted by real people with real accounts.

Leaving no room for suspicion, this makes them almost identical to the Google reviews that businesses receive organically.

For those conscious of their online privacy and security, Buy Real Media ensures a secure checkout process so that none of its customers’ sensitive data is disclosed by any chance.

Setting it apart from other providers is also a 60-days retention warranty of all the Google reviews that they deliver. 

If it fails to fulfill any of its promises, there is also a 30-day money-back guarantee that is offered to compensate for your losses. 

They also provide other types of reviews such as Google Play reviews and Google Maps reviews.

4. UseViral

UseViral Buy Google Reviews

UseViral is the best place to buy Google reviews.

It is one of the industry-leading marketing service providers, with a slew of platforms where it offers its assistance.

When you visit its website, you’ll see how user-friendly and straightforward it is.

With just a few clicks, you’ll find all the information and services available right in front of you.

UseViral lets you buy reviews for Google, alongside other platforms like Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and Trustpilot, from the comfort of your home.

For those interested in Google reviews alone, it provides different categories you can choose from, including negative, male, or female Google reviews.

Not only do they have affordable prices, but they also give you the option to select the number of Google reviews you precisely require. 

Whether you only require 2 reviews to improve the standing of your business or 50 because you still seem to be at the bottom and need a major push, all of them will be sent through real profiles.

You can also rest assured of the high quality of these reviews.

UseViral will never send generic and irrelevant reviews, putting the credibility of your brand at stake.

Instead, during the process of order placement, you will be asked to provide the customized reviews you wish for them to post through some authentic profiles.

You can take this as a great opportunity to highlight the benefits your brand can deliver to attract the ones reading those reviews.

You can also use these customized reviews to improve your brand’s SEO and local search rankings.

The company also claims that the privacy and safety of its customers are always taken care of.

So, you don’t have to worry about anyone acquiring your personal information.

The reviews delivered are also promised to be stable and unlikely to decline after a couple of days.

In case the Google reviews bought from UseViral drop during this time, they even provide a 30-day refill.

You can undoubtedly rely on their excellent customer support services in matters like these or for any other queries that you may have.

5. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Buy Google Reviews

Another online marketing agency is SidesMedia, with exceptional results that we ought to bring to your notice.

There are plenty of businesses out there that sell bulk packages, where customers will end up acquiring extra features that they won’t even use, wasting both their time and money. 

However, SidesMedia distinguishes itself from most by offering a wide range of packages starting from 2 reviews up to 250, with prices increasing accordingly with the number.

This way, the company makes its services affordable for everyone.

For instance, a small business owner who requires only a few reviews to get a leg up by improving visibility won’t have to pay anything extra.

This is a great provider for people who require Google reviews of a particular kind.

You can gauge its versatility from the fact that it allows you to buy reviews from different categories. 

For instance, you can choose to have them send reviews through male or female profiles.

If you have certain keywords in mind, you can easily get them incorporated because SidesMedia allows you to buy custom Google reviews.

Simply provide the message that you want to be posted by them as a review.

This certainly guarantees that you are not paying to get some useless, generic reviews for your brand.

But that is not all that guarantees the quality of reviews sent.

Quality is also delivered by ensuring that each review sent is through real and active accounts so that your business’s reputation continues to grow.

The company also assures fast and secure delivery of the services you buy without the risk of any sensitive information being compromised.

If SidesMedia stands true to its word, the Google reviews sent will have high retention.

Yet, if a drop is seen, it provides a 30-days refill guarantee for compensation.

6. Online Boost Up

Online Boost Up Buy Google Reviews

Even though you may not have heard of Online Boost Up before, trust us when we tell you that it is one of the most reputable companies to buy 5 star Google reviews from in the industry.

It doesn’t matter if you are short on the budget because they can still help you buy Google reviews conveniently and affordably.

They even claim to give their clients reviews that are permanent and unlikely to drop at any time.

In the rare case that you do notice a drop, they promise to refill free of cost.

There is another distinguishing factor of this company that we love. 

Not only does it allow you to provide your own customized text for the review, but (if required) they can also get the review content, drafted by their professional writers, approved by you before posting it.

The service provider also promises swift delivery, claiming that the first reviews are obtained by customers within a matter of just 24 hours. 

Additionally, they claim that they can provide reviews from all over the world without using bots.

Rather, all profiles used for posting reviews are real profiles and diverse enough.

Giving you complete control over where your reviews come from, it even lets you target countries based on your needs.

These include the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and more than a hundred others.

As far as customer service is concerned, it is unbeatable.

As soon as you land on their website, a chat box will appear where you can start a conversation and discuss your initial requirements.

With a wealth of knowledge, they provide prompt responses to any queries that you may have, alongside the incorporation of all your special requests. 


Why Are Reviews on Google So Important?

Google reviews are crucial for every company for a variety of reasons, some of which we’ve already covered.

It is a well-known fact that Google is the first place people turn to for information.

If there are no reviews found on Google, your business loses any chances of being considered at all.

When reviews do exist, they are judged for being favorable or unfavorable.

While there is hardly any brand or business that receives all 5-star reviews, the bad ones may drive away any prospective clients.

On the contrary, if positive reviews are greater in number, it may lead to increased credibility for your business, taking it to the next level of success.

Does Purchasing Reviews on Google Actually Work?

Yes, Google Reviews have a direct impact on every company listed in Google’s database, helping to determine their legitimacy and SERP positioning.

However, purchasing Google My Business reviews is only worthwhile if the reviews are reliable and genuine.

Irrelevant and poor-quality reviews, on the other hand, can leave quite a negative impact on your overall credibility.

So, you must be careful with your choice of service provider.

When Purchasing Google Reviews, What Should I Watch Out For?

We believe that as much as the authenticity of reviews is important, a company’s customer care services are also an equally important factor to watch out for when you buy reviews on Google.

Even though you might not be committing to ongoing service with businesses like these, you still need to have faith that their customer services team has got your back. 

You need the confidence that you can easily rely upon them if something goes wrong with the Google reviews you bought.


Expanding the target audience of any business requires a strong online presence.

With increased visibility on the internet, brands are very likely to find customers that in real life they may not have encountered.

However, it can be very challenging for individuals attempting to establish a brand online, and it only takes one bad review to jeopardize the good name you have worked so hard to establish.

Therefore we urge you to deal with a company that can assist you in purchasing Google reviews so that you can manage your online reputation and make sure that positive things are also being mentioned about your company.

Yet, it is worth mentioning that even the most credible service and the most high-quality reviews will only be able to get some customers to sail through the doors of your store.

Once they conduct business with you, the purpose of those reviews is fulfilled. 

The remaining responsibility rests with you; the quality of your product/service is what will determine whether the customers will add to your positive reviews in the future.

Remember that if you buy Google reviews cheap but don’t deliver what they depict, the circle of poor reviews might continue.