In this guide, we compiled a list of the best tools available online to automate LinkedIn tasks, so you don’t have to go through all those lengthy processes each time you want something done.

The first thing we recommend checking out would be all the different automation tools, including features for lead generation, marketing automation, sales enablement, follow-up reminders, and much more.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools in 2024

1. Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred LinkedIn

You might feel unsafe whenever you choose to use LinkedIn automation services. You may be at risk of account lockout.

You might not get the growth you want, and your account might be shut down if you pick the wrong choice of LinkedIn automation tool, but with Meet Alfred, your LinkedIn account is relatively safe.

How Can Meet Alfred Help You Grow Your Account?

Although many social networks exist, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best choice for professionals and companies to establish connections and expand their networks to improve business relationships.

LinkedIn was officially launched in 2003 and has become a leading platform for recruitment, career development, company news, and product supply through B2B marketing.

Like any social network, it is essential to have many followers to see more people; if you are looking for a job, you need to be competitive and reach out so that recruiters and companies can reach you.

If you are a business looking for more leads, you need to have a high level of engagement and good potential for turning into sales.

As more connections and connections on LinkedIn can be time-consuming and difficult, more and more growing companies are willing to do this for you.

Is Meet Alfred a Safe Choice?

A business, especially Meet Alfred, is an excellent website that promotes the growth of LinkedIn and can also be used for Twitter and email.

We decided to research Meet Alfred to understand whether it can make your LinkedIn grow and whether it is a safe choice for the integrity of your data.

Can You Sleep in Peace if You Choose to Meet Alfred?

Meet Alfred’s main motto is that you can enjoy all the LinkedIn growth you need while you sleep.

This means that you can do nothing and devote yourself to your business, and your LinkedIn will go crazy.

They published over 1.5 million connections and other high numbers, such as accepted invitations, follow-up messages, and received replies.

Meet Alfred provides all the tools needed to succeed and interact with content such as profile views, emails, connection requests, Twitter messages, messages, InMail, and backups.

They also said you could customize your answers based on people’s reactions to you and make them look sincere.

Sincerity is what you need, especially if you want to build a strong community on your LinkedIn profile through your products or services.

Plans and Prices

Meet Alfred Plans and Prices

Meet Alfred provides a 14-day trial period, enough time to understand the actual effect of the service.

They offer four different plans, which you can pay monthly or quarterly.

In the end, considering what you get, we think your price is very reasonable.

We like that they have many different prices to choose from, which means diversity and versatility because there are many budgets to consider.

How Does Meet Alfred Protect You?

If you don’t know, LinkedIn’s automation violates the terms of use.

LinkedIn is a social media platform that depends on real-time interaction, opportunities, and advertising, there is a lot of spam on the LinkedIn platform, and they know it.

They are starting to severely punish LinkedIn users who use automation and bots to increase their LinkedIn interactions and effectively suspend them on the platform.

In addition, it becomes difficult to operate these third-party services, which means that the probability of getting the best results from automated services on LinkedIn is reduced.

LinkedIn is a commercial and professional social networking site.

Why endanger your credibility with unsafe LinkedIn bots and automation? It’s not like this. This is why you need a credible service like Meet Alfred.

These people can automate all aspects of your LinkedIn growth without you having to worry about whether they will cause you trouble.

This is because they carefully considered the daily limit and worked hard to meet LinkedIn’s terms and conditions when and where possible.

Automation Will Make You Look Bad

If you use automation on LinkedIn, your answers will not be personal and will not fully respond to what is said in the message.

It is easy to see that these are automatic responses.

More importantly, if you send a message to a user who seems too general, you will reject it from the beginning or even not respond.

By using generic bot messages, you will be completely compromised, and your reputation will be destroyed.

People are not interested in doing business or getting in touch with automation.

They are looking for genuine, authentic interactions. If you think you are spam or generic, you won’t go far.

The good news is that Meet Alfred can provide the correct answer, so you can look personalized and easy to recognize.

They strive to customize their functions and direct responses to messages. They think this is an essential aspect of LinkedIn, and we can no longer agree.

Automation Can Terminate Your Account.

Suppose you are looking in good faith, and there is not enough reason to use Meet Alfred.

In that case, you should consider that if you use other companies in the industry that rely entirely on automation, your LinkedIn can easily be suspended.

You have lost all the dedication and hard work in establishing your profile and interacting with people.

All your backups will be lost. If your participation on LinkedIn is very high, they can quickly realize that you are using a robot service and send you a message.

It would be best if you did not use these types of services on LinkedIn, nothing more.

Meet Alfred is the opposite. Yes, they are aware of LinkedIn’s daily activity limits and know how to serve their customers.

They know what aspects of their functions should be automated and what they should do manually so that you can finally balance it perfectly to market your LinkedIn profile successfully.

How to Identify a Safe Business

Companies that can safely and naturally handle the growth of their LinkedIn profile will have good customer service, various functions including automated and manual tasks, and reasonable prices in between.

If you have a very average price, you know that you will not pay too much or too little for these features, and we believe that you will get the price paid in this industry.

This means that if you pay too little, the quality of the feature is unlikely.

We believe that Meet Alfred meets all the requirements to become a real business, and it includes automated and manual activities to ensure that she stays in sync with LinkedIn.

Meet Alfred’s Opinion

For the development of LinkedIn, we just want to get a simple answer. Fortunately, we think we have found the solution in Meet Alfred.

LinkedIn does its best to maintain the effectiveness and professionalism of its platform, and automation does not work for them. Preventing spam and false interactions and protecting your data is your top priority.

If you use a third-party LinkedIn automated service like Meet Alfred, you don’t have to worry about terminating your account or showing red flags.

You will see valuable growth through Meet Alfred, and if there is a problem, they will be there to help you at any time.

It is best to put in hours of work and create your profile in the right way; you will get a better reputation, and you can rest assured that your account will remain in good condition.

Contact Meet Alfred and find a good balance between manual and automatic growth.

2. Dux Soup

Dux Soup

With proven proofs and reviews, Dux-Soup enhances leads and prospects on LinkedIn through automated promises, but in the end, these efforts will be seen with a positive uptrend on the LinkedIn profile.

Not only have they succeeded, but they will have a real negative impact on your LinkedIn profile and may even compromise your data.

LinkedIn is a leading platform for developing business relationships and finding new connections to increase business and sales opportunities or to find more suitable careers and on-site positions in companies that match your values.

Because of its strong reputation, LinkedIn has fallen into the eyes of many users.

Ultimately, LinkedIn is a social network, which means the more connections, approvals, and commitments you have, the better your reputation on the platform.

Because this platform is so closely connected with the business, it is very attractive to many people.

Because of the need for connections and more on LinkedIn, many companies are happy to provide this type of contract.

Although there is no shortage of businesses, there are few things that can benefit your LinkedIn account.

Dux Soup Comments: What is it?

Dux-Soup is an automation tool that can effectively bring new business to your LinkedIn account.

Dux Soup provides various connections on the LinkedIn platform to increase interest in your profile and help people see you.

These types of services are essential for anyone engaged in sales and lead production because they claim that they can help you generate more leads for your business and get related inquiries that can help you complete and sell sales.

How Does Dux-Soup Work?

Dux Soup Customizing

Dux-Soup is a service dedicated to automation.

This means that any promise made by the Dux-Soup service will be automatically generated, saving you a lot of time.

Dux-Soup stated on its website that its participation comes from profile viewing, skill verification, tracking other people’s LinkedIn activities, and sending you messages.

The good news is that these features can significantly benefit your account. All instant messages you send to users are personalized through the DM function.

Dux Soup said they could provide customized DM, and we think they provide a good level of customization.

Easy to use

The most significant advantage of Dux-Soup is that it is straightforward to download and install.

Dux-Soup is a Chrome plugin, which means you need a Google account to log in.

After installing your plugin, we couldn’t get a lot of instructions, but we quickly got it done at the end of the day because we thought it was relatively easy.

Dux Soup has a tutorial that you can find on YouTube, which explains how to use the tool and the basics you need to know to get started.

Dux Soup Features

Dux-Soup has many features to choose from, making it an extremely versatile tool to promote LinkedIn’s growth.

The following is a complete list of them:

  • Help your potential customers find you.
  • Upload profile list
  • Standard and commercial LinkedIn account support
  • Sales browser support
  • Your visit is based on the CSV of the previous one.
  • Can locate previously marked configuration files
  • Automatic profile views
  • Automatic l invitation of connections, with a personalized message
  • First level connection automatic message
  • Automatic InMail to any account
  • Automatically approve connection
  • Automatically save as PDF
  • Filters include “open link members” and “influencers.”
  • Filter the personal data you have visited and mark the personal data
  • Filter by custom mode
  • Automatically skip previous configuration files.
  • View any account
  • Manually record personal data visits.
  • Search tagged profiles
  • Automatic configuration file label
  • Download configuration file data in CSV format
  • Export your search results via Quickscan
  • Download profile description
  • Download configuration file label
  • Download education and employment history
  • Download skill list
  • Prospecting
  • Automatically send connected tracks.
  • Set up drip irrigation activities
  • Automatically pause the campaign.
  • List configuration files that respond to manual detection
  • Easily manage your subscription.
  • Ability to view automation history
  • Delete/view scheduled automation
  • Link customer relationship management.

The primary purpose of using Dux Soup is to find eligible clues and establish connections that may become something in the future.

The goal is to combine automation with personalized messaging to maintain LinkedIn’s customized approach to growth.

Dux Soup can automate and improve your search for leads that meet the criteria you provide.

You can perform a series of lead actions on a set of custom surveys from the LinkedIn survey page.

You can specify search results, including location, connection level, and location. After compiling the checklist, you can begin the outreach process.

The “Access Profile” function will make accessing the profile and recording the selected list easier.

Access and connection make sending a connection request to someone easier.

You can customize the message to make it look more personalized to increase the chances of accepting your link.

They can also help you check your personal information so that you can collect enough information to run into your CRM.


Dux Soup Customer Support

Dux Soup provides excellent support for their customers, which means they have live chat and email support on their website.

You can even request remote support, where you can talk to people.

The maximum time limit for these remote support calls is 15 minutes, but we believe this is enough to answer your question.

They also have refresher courses and technical courses in which you can integrate more complex solutions and strategies to promote the development of LinkedIn.


After sorting the list and submitting your connection request, it’s time to locate and subdivide your list.

This can be done quickly with Dux-Soup, and even your tags can be automated so that you can visualize the location of potential customers in terms of follow-up or interest.

This, of course, will make your life very easy and may save you a lot of time to establish connections. Otherwise, you may waste your content.

The best part is that you have to create the labels you want, and you can even choose how to use them.

Dux-Soup provides another aspect of LinkedIn’s growth tools.

You can find support in your community, which means that if you don’t get the answers you need through customer service, you can go to the community forum to see if anyone else has a similar problem.

You can also do this through the Facebook page.


Dux-Soup should last a long time, and remember that they will be meticulous when executing customer requests to ensure no problem with LinkedIn.

If you pay monthly, we also like that Dux-Soup is very affordable, and the best part of this setup is that you have nothing to stick to within the long run, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Dux-Soup Price

Dux Soup Pricing

Dux-Soup has a free starter package and provides everything you need to get started.

They can help you find potential customers at this level and understand what your LinkedIn profile needs so that they can make everything very customizable.

Below is your professional package, which costs $11.25 per month. This can help you generate potential customers, which is ideal if you are a medium-sized business.

Finally, your Turbo Pack connects to your lead generation system at the cost of $41.25 per month.

This package also includes a one-week free trial.

This part may seem like an unpleasant idea right now, but we strongly recommend your mid-range package if you are a mid-sized business or an aspiring influencer.

Is Dux Soup Legal?

Don’t worry, and Dux Soup is fantastic. This means that they cannot remove you from LinkedIn, arrest you, or impose fines for using their products.

Can Dux Soup Automation Harm Your Account?

Dux-Soup is just an example of the use of automated LinkedIn services, but many have appeared recently, and although some of them may compromise your account, Dux-Soup does not.

Automating LinkedIn may adversely affect your account.

We mentioned above some of the ways that automation can make you look bad, such as through weird notes and general instant messages, but this is not the only way that automation of LinkedIn can damage your profile.

LinkedIn automation has become a popular trend, just like many other social media platforms, but this is not what LinkedIn agrees with.

This is the same as the story on different platforms on social media: automated services stand out, damage the user experience and the reputation of the platform, are considered a violation of the terms of use and are punished for this.

This situation occurs on almost all other social media platforms, and because LinkedIn has always been known for being more professional, it has not been affected by such services.

Now people are looking for potential customers on LinkedIn and are willing to pay for it.

The problem is that LinkedIn believes that automation violates the terms of use of the platform, and they are not ashamed of calling people.

If LinkedIn marks your account as automated, you will be notified, and you must agree to avoid using services that do not comply with the terms of use.

If you don’t do this, there will be consequences.

If you continue to use these services, LinkedIn will disable your account.

Services such as Dux-Soup know this and work hard to ensure that their automation complies with Instagram’s terms and conditions.

This means that they care about their customers very much and don’t want to endanger them.

It’s not just the user’s personal LinkedIn who is at risk of being punished.

LinkedIn has been opposed to these services, making them inefficient on the platform, which means they cannot effectively provide customers with the results they claim.

If LinkedIn’s primary generation and automation services cannot provide the results they claim, then your use of the service is a waste of time and money.

This is unfortunate because if something goes wrong, the service will not help you.

If you are lucky, you still have a LinkedIn to return. Otherwise, you must start all your efforts from scratch, which can be devastating.

Dux-Soup is a service that can help you enhance your leads and prospects on LinkedIn through automatic connections, and these efforts ultimately succeeded.

They will succeed, but they will also have a real, positive impact on your LinkedIn profile and can even help you prepare for long-term, sustainable results.

Although there are many LinkedIn bots and automated services that take shortcuts and jeopardize the reputation of their LinkedIn customers, Dux-Soup is undoubtedly not one of them.

They are the safest we have ever experienced, and we admire their passion for safety.

3. Phanthombuster

Phanthombuster LinkedIn

Phantombuster is an automated automation and data mining tool that can help companies generate leads, attract audiences, and automate growth.

The extension can automate most of the operations you perform on the Internet, schedule tasks, auto-link, etc.

It only applies to the following channels: LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Sales Navigator, and Google.

Phantombuster is based on ghosts and can extract data and perform certain automatic operations.

Phantombusters is a LinkedIn data extraction solution designed to help sales and marketing teams of companies of all sizes collect information from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms to help companies manage their customer relationship.

Phanthombuster also enables administrators to schedule and automate operations, such as following personal information, keeping posts, sending customizable messages, accepting requests, etc., to communicate with potential customers and increase Internet visibility.

Sales, marketing, and growth teams worldwide use our tools to automatically generate leads and improve their online visibility and overall growth.

Phanthombuster gives a perfect balance between ease of use and growth hacking features.

This tool is an essential tool for SaaS marketers.

It will discover new opportunities, help grow and deliver results, and save time through conventional processes.

It works well and provides results according to our expectations.

The setup is straightforward, and even if you are not a programmer, you can make the most of the software.”

About Phanthombuster

Phanthombuster is a “ghost” solution (i.e., automation) for more than 20 online categories, including LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.

PhantomBuster is mainly used for lead generation. Marketers, sales teams, and agents use our products to optimize and expand their growth on autopilot.

What Is Unique About Phantom Buster

Phanthombuster helps customers to automate time-consuming manual processes.

Phantombuster works in the cloud, so it will work if you close your browser and shut down your computer.

All Phantoms, including Phantom on LinkedIn, are maintained by a team of PhantomBuster engineers.

What can be better? Users will find that Phanthombuster Store is full of automation features, which work in different ways and require different configurations.

Phanthombuster Offers:

  • LinkedIn Message Sender: Automatically send personalized messages to LinkedIn connections.
  • LinkedIn Network Booster-Automatically send invitations and connect to the LinkedIn member list.
  • LinkedIn Profile Scraper-Collect data (name, job title, job title, etc.) from the LinkedIn profile list.
  • LinkedIn auto commenters/likers-automatically interact with specific posts from your contacts and other LinkedIn users.
  • Phantombuster provides many different automation functions and techniques. But it is best used in conjunction with the LinkedIn automation tool of your choice.
  • Suppose you are looking for new growth points and want to save time in acquiring personal information. In that case, you can use Phantombuster to research your audience and use LinkedIn automation tools to achieve this goal.

Plans and Pricing

Phanthombuster Plans and Pricing

According to your request, the price of Phantombuster is between 0 USD and 900 USD.

Used in conjunction with LinkedIn automation tools, this tool can save you a lot of time and introduce you to your competitors.

They offer a 14-days trial for new users, after which the software has five price levels. The prices and features described below vary depending on the number of users.

Always free-0 USD growth hacker-30 USD/month or 28 USD/month (billed annually) Discount-70 USD/month or 65 USD/month (annual billing) Discount-200 USD/month or 184 USD/ Monthly (billed annually)) Premium-900 USD/month or 825 USD/month (invoiced annually).

4. Zopto


Zopto is a leading cloud-based tool that helps sales teams and startups automate LinkedIn generation to extend customer acquisition beyond the current network and market.

Features include statistics, reports, real-time dashboards, clear search filters, potential customer-generated activities, and dedicated account managers.

The account is created with a valid LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account.

Users can search for potential candidates using specific filters such as the number of followers, industry, company size, position, location, seniority, etc.

Users can also enable related LinkedIn recruitment features, including connection invitations, embedded messages, free InMail, profile indicators, and more.

Qualified leads and conversations are automatically generated based on user-defined criteria, which means that investors and recruiters can already target a pool of potential candidates.

Users can use Zopto to combine Twitter participation with Zopto and CRM software.

Why Choose Zopto?

Zopto is a LinkedIn automation tool that mainly helps companies locate teams to improve their leadership development work.

You can use filter your ideal customers and start searching using LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator.

Using other LinkedIn automation tools, especially Chrome extensions like Linked Helper, you may be at risk of banning your account, and you can only use one account per machine.

With Zopto, you can access a dedicated IP and custom settings specifically designed to enable you to work in compliance with LinkedIn’s terms and conditions.

The result is the most powerful LinkedIn automation and outreach tool on the market, with all the features you might need and the added benefit of keeping your account safe.

You don’t have to keep the burden about closing and letting your marketing team recreate all your campaigns.

It just works and continues to work overtime.

Zopto’s LinkedIn Inmail template is a category of its own, with more than 12,000 sample activities, allowing you to take advantage of the power of things that have been proven.

LinkedIn’s automated coverage has never been more accessible with affordable prices and a self-service model to reduce costs.

With Zopto, you can get the latest information and statistics on the performance of LinkedIn lead activities so that you can make real-time changes and improvements.

Know everything better, from connection volume to response rate. Do you want to take this data elsewhere? Export it to CSV quickly and easily.

Tool Highlights

  • Customer filtering- With Zopto, you can filter by location, industry, company size, job, seniority, etc.
  • Participation- After selecting a filter or target audience, you can customize the required participation and enable related features, such as connection invitations, message threads, free InMail, etc.
  • Lead Management- Finally, you can track your leads on the real-time dashboard, containing detailed information and statistics related to your LinkedIn activities.
  • In short, Zopto provides all the basic automation features of LinkedIn and some unique features, such as Twitter participation, InMail messaging, advanced reporting, etc.
  • Zopto is mainly aimed at startups and sales teams to improve their potential customers and promotion efforts. To maximize the function of the tool, you need to have a good understanding of LinkedIn sales and automation. Depending on your usage, you may also need LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator.

Getting Started with Zopto

Use Zopto to access your LinkedIn in just a few minutes automatically.

First, you need to open your Zopto account and have a valid LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account.

Sales teams mainly use Zopto’s automation tools to automate their work of generating leads on LinkedIn; however, due to different engagement characteristics, startups can also use it to attract investors and even recruiters to find potential candidates.

The benefits of integrating Zopto tools into your lead generation process can add tremendous value to your pipeline.

Not only can you automate your lead generation process, but you can also acquire customers outside the network and enter new markets within a few days.

Screen Your Ideal Customers

After successfully activating Zopto, you can start using LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator automated tools to search for your ideal customers.

You can use the filter for industry, location, company size, position, seniority, the technology used by the company, number of followers, etc.

Once you have selected a filter that contains ideal leads, Zopto will also allow you to choose the level of participation you want and enable all related features, such as connection invitations, sequential messages, free InMail, Twitter participation, or profile view generator.

After completing the 2-minute Zopto setup and determining your automation and engagement, you can start using Zopto and look forward to receiving your first leads.

Seize the Best Opportunity

Now that you have used Zopto to automate LinkedIn’s entire lead generation fully, you can expect the first result within a few days.

Depending on the required results and activity settings, the autopilot will generate multiple conversations and hot leads.

They will fill your tray. LinkedIn entries.

You can also access the real-time control screen, which provides you with detailed information and statistics related to LinkedIn-generated activities.

Since Zopto is cloud-based software, this means that it no longer depends on your device or internet connection, and you can fully automate your LinkedIn outreach activities.

You can also access email and chat support, strategic one-on-one calls, and even a dedicated customer success manager, depending on your plan.

What Are the Advantages of Zopto?

Zopto’s Linkedin automation tool is not only another Chrome extension you need to install on your browser.

It’s also a cloud-based software that allows you to fully automate your LinkedIn outreach activities without relying on your device or internet connection.

Every profile and every business is different. However, all companies need exposure, visibility, and being at the forefront of ideal prospects.

The lookback rate we looked at ranged from 2% to 14%, with an average of 9%.

Many people who review your profile will also send you a connection request, but they can also visit your website and communicate directly.

By using automatic connections, free inboxes, or continuous messages, you can keep getting new leads, all of which are done on autopilot to ensure a steady stream of information.

Plans and Pricing

Zopto Plans and Pricing

$215 per month for Personal account package: Includes one account.

Created to manage multiple users.

Has other features of profile view and automatic detection but does not support numerous logins

$395 per month for Grow account package: Includes two accounts. Created to manage multiple users.

Profile view and automatic tracking provide the benefits of personal services and any other services like an agency.

Still, they do not offer white label integration with a lesser number of accounts compared to agencies.

$895 per month for Agency account package: It Includes five accounts.

Created to manage multiple users. Profile view and automatic tracking.

Serve as a premium Zopto because it provides white-label integration that is missing in the Grow package.

5. UseViral

UseViral LinkedIn Promotion Service

Veterans from automation software on social media launched the UseViral LinkedIn version.

The team behind UseViral has deep knowledge of social media, which is why they value and value the increasing involvement of customer profiles in attracting and maintaining this fascinating traffic.

UseViral LinkedIn editor is no exception. Your offer includes two packages, LinkedIn Connections and LinkedIn Page Followers.

The basic package contains 100 to 2500 connections/followers but can be adapted to your business needs.

Security and reliability are the cornerstones of UseViral’s LinkedIn automation software policy.

Promise fast delivery (1-2 days) with your package, and ensure that the LinkedIn followers and connections you buy stay very active in your profile.

So yes, absolute professionals in your field.

In addition to excellent delivery, the UseViral team will not ask you to provide personal or confidential information.

Just enter your email address and a link to your profile, and they will see it immediately.

UseViral is an effective option to build your image on LinkedIn quickly. If you choose these guys, you can’t go wrong!

Why Use Viral?

We’ve long been familiar with UseViral’s presence in the growing social media market.

Still, since they recently added automation to LinkedIn, we decided to try again, and we’re glad we were pleasantly surprised.

Whether you are a business or an Individual, your data will reveal much information about you.

If you do not have enough contact information, likely, many people are not interested in communicating with you.

UseViral promises to get as many followers/connections as possible to increase your credibility and help you reach more potential customers.


UseViral guarantees the fast delivery of the compounds/followers you get and promises to remain active in the future.

Security and reliability are the pivots of this service, as evidenced by numerous reviews from its customers.

They will never ask you to provide confidential information.

Plans and Pricing

UseViral LinkedIn Followers

Depending on how many connections or followers the company needs, PriceViral’s pricing options range from $6 for 100 connections/followers to $799 for 25,000 connections/followers.

6. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Linkedin Connections

SidesMedia is a rare species in the world of LinkedIn automation tools.

Not only does it help build your engagement, but it also helps expand the rest of the brand.

This means they can help you take action on Twitter and Facebook to integrate your online marketing needs.

We are very grateful to companies like this for focusing on helping their customers before, during, and after the engagement process to see the big picture.

One word they think is essential to customers is “real” because their social media services are genuine.

They are even known as the most trusted source of participation on social media and have excellent response times when it comes to every feature.

You can always get a response from their support agent within 72 hours.

About SidesMedia

SidesMedia is more than just expanding your network. It can also help you explore, spark clues, and complete more transactions.

This is achieved through a powerful activity manager, intelligent response management, and simple user management.

Coupled with advanced reporting tools, you have the data to create better iterations of marketing campaigns.

The SidesMedia LinkedIn automation tool helps you contact many people at once – either by sending messages or inviting them to your profile.

You can use it whenever you like, and there’s no limit on how many messages or invitations you send.

Everyone knows that LinkedIn has a ton of potential for marketing and sales, but we’re always told we need connections to get started selling and marketing ourselves.

And that’s just not true anymore.

By using the SidesMedia LinkedIn automation tool, you’ll be able to build a list of leads quickly. Social media expert skill isn’t needed either.

All you’ll need to get started is 5 minutes on the SidesMedia website, where you can download the automation tool.

After that, everything else is done automatically without any human intervention required whatsoever.

A single LinkedIn automation tool can help you contact hundreds of people in a short time, so why not get started today and see what excellent results you can achieve?

Why Choose SidesMedia?

  • Easily find the target audience.
  • You can delete pending invitations.
  • Well-designed user interface.
  • Easy to locate contacts.

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking platform for people in professional occupations.

The site was founded in 2002 and is now owned by Microsoft. It has more than 910 million members, with registered companies exceeding 54 million.

LinkedIn allows members to create profiles and connect with other professionals who share their ideas and comments.

Their main objectives include a desire to be recognized by hiring managers that have been recommended by the existing network of connections they have built or have already worked for their organization.

You can also post your resume online, visible to prospective employers looking for candidates with specific qualifications.

This approach serves as an efficient tool for searching for employment opportunities since recruiters can look through the posted resumes employing keywords used in the search to narrow down their choices from the vast pool of potential applicants.

Many people use Linkedin as a marketing tool for career networking, sales prospecting, finding new business opportunities, and making friends in all kinds of professional circles worldwide.

You can join LinkedIn with your profile on LinkedIn containing your goals, work experiences, education history, certifications, and even upload samples of your work to showcase what you have done so far professionally.

LinkedIn is worth checking out if you want to grow your career or expand your network through effective social media platforms.

How do I get started?

Well, creating an account will be the first thing to do which takes less than 5 minutes, after which you can start building relationships with professionals in various niches all over the world!

There are also many other features on LinkedIn that will help you stay updated on current activities in your industry and get even more opportunities for employment or business partnerships.

The great thing about LinkedIn is that you don’t have to be a millionaire for your business to benefit from it, but if you do have the funds to invest, then you can get more out of what it has to offer.

There are numerous ways LinkedIn can help drive traffic and boost sales on your website or page.

However, the most common way would be via increasing brand awareness, like how it helped businesses connect with potential customers that might not even know about them before.

An example of this is when filmmaker Casey Neistat had his channel featured on YouTube’s trending list, search results, and homepage after connecting with key individuals at Google through LinkedIn.

He was able to get over 1 million new subscribers by reaching out through the right connections, which helped him spread awareness about his project.

That is the primary purpose of Linkedin, to help you find your ideal position or opportunities that will help your business grow.

It can even help you generate targeted traffic to landing pages on your website using effective marketing strategies and lead magnets.

You can also use it as a coaching tool for building better relationships with colleagues, employees, employers, and other professionals that may need some guidance from time to time.

Does the LinkedIn Automation Tool Matter?

Nowadays, not only can you grab your data on LinkedIn – but all of your competitors as well! Imagine the time and money you’d save if you didn’t have to do it manually.

LinkedIn allows you to follow up to 1000 people per day (500 connections maximum).

But what happens if 500 is too little and 1000 is too much? LinkedIn automation tools can be the answer.

One of the significant advantages of LinkedIn automation tools is that you can save time and money by manually tracking down prospects or contacts.

With these tools, you will always have an accurate list of professionals at your disposal (and your competitors).

Other than saving time for other important tasks, there are many more reasons why companies need LinkedIn automation tools.

For example:

  • Quality over quantity – It’s no secret that people on LinkedIn expect nothing less than quality content in their newsfeeds. The same goes for group postings! Posting one great article after another might get you noticed, but it won’t necessarily contribute to growing your business or gaining new customers. At best, it’ll just put you on the map of your targeted audience, and at worst, it might make you come across as a spammer. With LinkedIn automation tools, you can plan and create a steady flow of good quality content personalized to your target group.
  • Planning – When was the last time you had an idea when you were in the shower or driving home from work? For most people, these ideas come when they have free time between other tasks. That means if you don’t write them down immediately, chances are high you’ll forget what brilliant business idea came to mind while being in traffic. But with LinkedIn automation tools, this doesn’t have to be a problem anymore! You can set reminders for yourself so that important dates or goals don’t slip your mind.
  • Staying on top of the market – If you’re not first to market, chances are high. Someone else will beat you to it. But with LinkedIn automation tools, you don’t have to worry about being late because you can plan! As mentioned above, planning content in advance helps you save time and money and stay on top of the current industry trends. What’s more, no other tool enables you to create connections beforehand, which is extremely useful for PR managers who want their news published at a particular time or day of the week.

Why LinkedIn?


LinkedIn has over 500 million users worldwide, with many actively involved in expanding their network of connections.

It implies that many potential customers are waiting to be tapped into if you know where to look.

Getting started on Linkedin early will help you build your social media presence, which will allow your business to grow faster than expected.

Some of the best ways to use this platform are by posting content that showcases what your company does along with any current offers or events taking place.

This way, people can get engaged by asking questions, commenting about specific topics, or sharing posts they find helpful already.

If you are looking for other ways to get some additional engagement, you can also use some of the other features on LinkedIn, such as Questions, SlideShare, and even Groups.

Are you a recruiter, marketer, or someone who wants to grow their professional network?

LinkedIn is an easy-to-use tool that allows people worldwide to connect and expand their personal or professional contacts.

While it’s an amazing resource for business professionals to find jobs, recruit employees, and promote products – one of the most time-consuming aspects of using LinkedIn is creating new connections.

LinkedIn gives you the option to import contacts from other email services, including Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

However, if these contacts aren’t already linked up with their LinkedIn profiles (which is likely the case), this doesn’t help.

Let’s explore how we can automate LinkedIn to quickly find and link up new connections without painstakingly typing in each email address one by one.

Now we will go ahead and take a look at some of the best automation tools available for Linkedin, so you get started right away!

Bear in mind that these tools will help increase your productivity, lead to more sales opportunities and help you expand your network through effective marketing strategies.

You can access all these tools using any desktop or laptop computer, whether they run on Windows, Linux, or Apple operating systems.

Now let’s take a look at some of the tools available out there that can be used to automate your business networking efforts on LinkedIn to increase the chances of finding great people to connect with who are interested in what you have to offer them professionally.

Should You Use LinkedIn Automation Tools?


LinkedIn is a social network used to grow your professional contacts.

You can find new job opportunities or work with clients from all over the world.

But being active on LinkedIn isn’t enough.

Add automation tools to your LinkedIn profile, and you will be able to save time, increase engagement, create a loyal follower base and show up as an expert in your industry – all of which will have a positive effect on your business!

The idea behind it is straightforward: Connect with people who can become your prospects, get their email addresses, and send them emails related to your products or services.

These emails will be sent from your account, but they’ll appear as if they were coming directly from the recipient’s account.

You can target companies and individuals based on their position, industry, and location (people further away might not always be the best option for business meetings), filter by programmatically created lists of contacts, use one of the ready-made templates for cold outreach or create entirely new messages from scratch using text and images.

Connecting to other people on LinkedIn doesn’t have to be a one-time thing.

You can add automated follow-up messages that will send different emails based on the recipient’s actions or lack thereof: if they don’t answer, if they view your profile or if they accept your invitation.

Other things you can do include finding new connections, inviting them, following up with connection requests, and more.

The benefits and possibilities are endless, and it all depends on what you want to achieve by using LinkedIn automation tools.

You should target prospects who might give you referrals or work together in the future, not just companies where your product would fit nicely into their workflow right now.

This way, you’ll show up as someone who understands business even if they can’t buy your product or service right now.

Another fantastic feature of automation tools is the opportunity to find people who need what you’re selling.

It’s not just about following up with contacts but also about identifying new prospects.

People using your products or services talk with their friends, colleagues, and business partners about them on LinkedIn, so why shouldn’t they be part of your potential customer base?

You will see precisely how many times an email has been opened by the recipient, which words people tend to read more often than others, and how interested they are in purchasing your product!

This means that if some emails fail to get a positive reply, it might be worth looking into why that happened.

Otherwise, there’s no risk of wasting time by sending emails to people who will never become your customers.

More than one solid argument can be made for using LinkedIn automation tools.

No matter how few connections you have, you’ll always get new prospects, save time and increase your business!

The possibilities offered by these tools might seem overwhelming at first, but if you think about what they mean for your business, it’s easy to see that automation is worth the price of admission.

Now go ahead and try adding LinkedIn automation tools to your profile today!

You won’t regret it, even though some people may be trying to stop you from doing so. They just don’t know the best tool that will be safe for use on your LinkedIn profile.


For many businesses, finding ways of increasing productivity while minimizing costs will always remain an important objective.

This makes social media automation tools like those mentioned above potentially worthwhile investments for firms looking for ways to connect with potential hires or increase their visibility within their chosen industries.

With the competitive climate of the business world, any tool that can be used to gain even a tiny edge over one’s competition may make all the difference in allowing one’s company to survive and thrive.

For this reason, the best LinkedIn automation tools, like those above, may very well be worth looking into.

A business’ investment spent on these programs could pay dividends by helping them find new clients or locate rising stars in their industry who might help benefit the firm long term.