Without any doubts, LinkedIn is the online heaven for doing business. It’s tough to imagine a blooming business in a world of digital marketing that still hasn’t set up a presence over there.

Where does this attraction for businesses come from? First of all, the platform simplifies establishing connection with both other customers and other businesses. If the Internet made the world into a global village, LinkedIn is that village’s marketplace. 

In other words, yes, it’s smart to invest into marketing on LinkedIn.

It has more than half a billion active businesses and customers alike gathering around for doing commerce, it’s filled to the brim with decision-makers that can prove to be an essential asset for you, and in general, it beats live deal-making by a long shot, especially now when the world is experiencing a lockdown. 

In short, even if you haven’t been considering digital marketing as a fitting option for you, the circumstances of 2020 & 2021 must have changed that. On the bright side, it has never been easier to lead a successful B2B or B2C campaign than it is now.

The market is swarming with expert marketing agencies that specialize in every niche that you can imagine and a couple of clicks are all that separates you from growing your business online.

The only downside? Picking the right option can be a hassle. If you lack experience or simply don’t want to spend time and resources with investigations and trial-and-error approach, it suddenly becomes difficult to narrow down and pick someone.

Best LinkedIn Marketing Agencies

For this reason, we’ve made a comprehensive list of proven LinkedIn marketing agencies that will do wonders to your business social media presence.

You won’t be making a mistake if you opt for these guys: their methods and niches do vary, but their success rates don’t.


UseViral LinkedIn Promotion Service

The first entry on our list may not be a LinkedIn marketing agency exactly, but it sure does help you grow your business on LinkedIn. Coming out of the software kitchen of the seasoned crew of social media growth business, UseViral is a tool that provides you with the much-needed LinkedIn connections and LinkedIn page followers. 

Why should you use the services of UseViral? There are several reasons, but in general short-term growth utilizes the algorithm features and “hijacks” the promotional trend to go in your favor.

Also, seeming to be without a proper follower base can seriously hurt your credibility in the eyes of big businesses.

UseViral fixes both of these, and thus qualifies for the same spot certain super-effective LinkedIn marketing agencies should be taking. Their features come in two forms, LinkedIn Connections and LinkedIn Page Followers.

Anywhere from 100 to 2500 connections or followers can be ordered via these, but a high degree of customizability ensures that your business needs will be met no matter the size of your order.

Apart from the core features of growing your LinkedIn, safety and reliability represent the second cornerstone of UseViral social media growth policy.

They promise a quick delivery within two days max or money back, and a guarantee that the ordered followers and connections won’t be inert, but will actively engage with your content. 

UseViral doesn’t require direct access to your account, personal data, or other sensitive information. Your email and the link to your profile are everything they need to get the job done.


SidesMedia Linkedin Connections

Another LinkedIn marketing agency with a more hands-on approach to growing businesses on LinkedIn is SidesMedia.

As a company dedicated to automated presence-boosting software, they have dominated the LinkedIn connections and page followers market.

On the plus side, their automated followers are not “farmed” but organically grown; in other words, the people you get with them are authentic.

This is great for several reasons, but the most important one is the safety of your account. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the ordered accounts tend to be active on your LinkedIn, right?

The story about their utility does not drastically differ from UseViral. Social media mechanics usually scan for “spikes” in an imaginary growth chart of a global account dashboard.

If you manage to convince the binary code gods that you have achieved big growth really fast, you’ll get “picked up” and promoted.

SidesMedia helps you with this by mimicking that necessary spike. They give you a head start, the rest is your own work, honest and square. Which is what you’d get with any LinkedIn marketing agency, right?

Safety, authenticity, and organically grown followers: these are the three key segments when it comes to a successful business growth service, at least in digital marketing. SidesMedia delivers, so it gets an a-okay from us. Kudos!



SociallyIN is one of the leading social marketing and LinkedIn marketing agencies currently out there. While their headquarters remain in Alabama, they have helped develop successful campaigns for business companies around the globe, literally.

As work ethics go, theirs is impeccable. They are staunch believers in adaptability, through research, and campaign optimizations. One of their most memorable, and for us important slogans is that “unicorns don’t exist”.

If you opt for them, you won’t be getting any legendary gurus or marketing wizards who’ll do hocus-pocus and put a spell on worldwide audiences.

Their results are driven by results, and those are achieved not by myths, but by years of accumulated experience, acquired skills, and expertise in the domain of digital marketing.

The four aspects they aim to manage in the firms of their clients are:

  • Content development. Without superb content you won’t be able to offer your followers a reason to stay.
  • Community management. Maintaining good relations with those who look up to you is crucial for leaving a lasting impression, and SociallyIN never fails when it comes to dealing with communities.
  • Social advertising. Because they know their way with the approach on people’s wants and appeals.
  • Social media strategy. Thinking long-term drastically reduces the chances of things going into decline in the future – and long-term is another term for constant growth, at least when it comes to planning.

Sounds pretty neat, don’t you agree?

Clutch rating: 4.7/19 reviews



Hailing from Dalas, Texas comes the full-package LinkedIn marketing agency called Thrive. As they promise you exactly what you hear in their name, a thriving business, they might sound a bit too confident.

However, they have 15 years of experience and a horde of satisfied clients with verified reviews that hold nothing but words of praise.

Why Thrive? Because when they deliver, they deliver total value. Whether it’s digital marketing, web design, LinkedIn social media marketing, reputation management, eCommerce, Amazon marketing, or basically any other thing marketing-related, these guys have it all. 

Thrive has an elaborate approach when it comes to leading their clients’ businesses. First, they’ll listen closely to your needs and desires, because they claim that they want to help their clients, not sell them services.

After you reach common ground, they’ll employ the full package of their WordPress, SEO (your LinkedIn especially needs this), coding, and designing skills to transform the face of your brand.

Take a look at this review from Michael Farah from The Farah Law Firm: 

“+664% increase in organic traffic and +360% increase in online leads. The results speak for themselves.” 

Case studies of pleased clients dot the homepage of Thrive, so hop on there, see them for yourselves, and if it sounds like it’s your thing, don’t hesitate to send them a message.

Clutch rating: 4.9/56 reviews

Viral Nation

Viral Nation

Viral Nation – The Creators Of The Unconventional. Sounds great, right? We’ll, they’re more than ready to create a marketing face as effective as they did for themselves.

As they have made a pledge to continually meet and even exceed their goals and expectations, Viral Nation’s on a winning streak when it comes to pleasing their clients.

In addition to making lasting memories and maximizing the potential of brands that employ their expertise, Viral nation boasts of providing only those services with tried-and-true ROI that has been thoroughly researched beforehand – thus reducing the chance of failure to zero percent. 

The pitch got us hooked, we’re not gonna lie. It was the results, however, that got us to stay.

With a global affiliation network that spans all niches and industries, superb (re)targeting that aims to increase engagement, and bleeding edge creativity that is bound to help you reach the top, Viral Nation might just as well extend their “citizenship” to you and your business. Tag along!

Clutch rating: 5.0/2 reviews

Disruptive Advertising


If social ads and PPC are the things you can find your business improved in, look no further than Disruptive Advertising.

According to their homepage, 76% of your Facebook and Google ads budget gets wasted–and they can fix it. Among loads of other things, naturally.

The Disruptive Advertising was founded in 2011 in Utah, where they are still located. What can they do? Many things. What are their precise specializations? Three domains:

  1. AdWords & Facebook Ads. With over 2,500 audits done, they have more than enough experience with the matter, and they say they can nullify the 76% loss you’re experiencing on average. Free 32-point audit as well for you!
  2. Site Experience Testing. They have gone over and tested 100 million visitors and their experience with websites. Seasoned as they are, they promise an improvement in conversion rate of over 50% in the first six months.
  3. Analytics Reporting. A whopping 97% of companies have bad web analytics data, as they claim. The tracking Disruptive Advertising does incorporates everything from Adobe/Google analytics to CRM integrations and is as precise as it gets.

Clutch rating: 4.8/204 reviews



Californians hit the list for the first time, and in a grand fashion. KlientBoost have their seat in Costa Mesa, but think of it as a launching site–this is the place where your business will get into space from.

Well, figuratively speaking, of course.

Seriously now, these guys enhance your revenue by the means of smarter and more creative digital advertising.

In other words, pay-per-click, conversion, and design of your business will get an overhaul that will skyrocket your marketing in general. 

  • Instead of focusing (only) on clicks, KlientBoost focuses instead on dramatically improving your sales conversion rate
  • Instead of swindling you with cheap and cliched templates, they provide you with unique, manually built from scratch, and funnel-focused landing pages
  • Instead of theorizing, they provide tested and verified methods that make an impact; ROI focus ensures that your money is well-spent

You’ll remember these three insteads when you look back to where your business used to be before you picked KlientBoost. Feel free to quote us on this!

Clutch rating: 5.0/197 reviews



If you dispatch your LinkedIn to Atlanta, Georgia to LYFE Marketing’s headquarters (at least digitally since, well, the whole pandemic situation) you can expect a massive boost in digital presence, regardless of your business being B2B or B2C. A specific industry perhaps?

Again, it doesn’t matter, LYFE has every possible niche under their belt, from healthcare and eCommerce to real estate and nonprofits.

Sounds interesting? Well then, consider this as well: we don’t have enough space to cover all the things this LinkedIn marketing agency has to offer, but let us try to get you at least a piece of the pie.

Here we go:

  • Social Media Management and Advertising 
  • Email & Marketing 
  • SEO optimization and PPC Management
  • Website and Graphic Design
  • Consulting and Coaching
  • Product Photography
  • Content Marketing

There goes the allotted space, but check their website for a total list of services. Don’t worry, they aren’t just massing a list of services for the sake of having it all; the amount of positive reviews warranties their efficiency at each branch of their service.

Basically, LYFE will make your life on LinkedIn much easier. Okay, that was bad, we’ll see ourselves out…

Clutch rating: 4.6/62 reviews



An award-winning LinkedIn marketing agency that has been on a mission to make brands look more friendly, outgoing, and likable, Firebelly Marketing comes from Indianapolis, Indiana to boost your business to its fullest potential.

A small but dedicated team runs the company for seven years, and has already garnered quite a reputation for itself. What does Firebelly Marketing do? They go out and above to handle everything social media media and create a surge in your ROI charts.

By committing to a detailed analysis of your LinkedIn channels they’ll deliver insights like performance benchmarks, content analysis, and overall LinkedIn habits that can be changed or improved.

In addition to this, they are more than ready to handle the management of your social media and social media ads for honed targeting and creative development.

Cost-effective pricing combined with a highly-personalized service comes like icing on an already mouth-watering cake.

What more can you ask of a social media & LinkedIn marketing agency? Not much, if you ask us. Give Firebelly Marketing a chance and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 

Clutch rating: 4.8/23 reviews



Looking for a stable boost of your business? Well, you should consider Boostability!

A Utah-based small-to-medium business LinkedIn marketing agency, Boostability’s domain of expertise lies in helping companies reach more (and more diverse) audiences, both online and offline.

Boostability is at its strongest when it comes to helping you optimize and manage your LinkedIn account, writing superb content, generating leads, and making links to your site from big brands through LinkedIn. 

A neat package, won’t you say? This includes, but isn’t limited to, a massive boost of SEO optimization, micro-precise targeting, a surge in traffic to your social media, and an absolutely handsome campaign that will raise you among your LinkedIn peers.

To increase the diversity of their offer, Boostability has made separate packages for small and medium businesses due to them recognising distinct needs and challenges that each type of these businesses have to face in both digital and real world.

The pricing reflects that, as they have offers for various budgets and custom requirements, which we applaud.

Their commitment to equality and global solidarity is a badge of honor that raises their status in our eyes by quite a lot, to be honest. Boostability is the workplace of more than 400 employees, making them quite big in comparison with a lot of LinkedIn marketing agencies listed here.

Having a company this large backing you up can be quite an insurance for most, and this trust hasn’t been let down, at least judging by all the positive reviews out there. 

What’s more to say? They’re good, try them out now!

Clutch rating: 4.7/42 reviews



An Iowa contender for the top LinkedIn marketing agency, Sculpt stands for a B2B firm that helps businesses reach and exceed their revenue goals.

However, they don’t only aim for goals, but also our hearts, especially when their slogan is: “marketing with Hustle & Heart”. That’s cute!

But what do they do? Let’s go step by step:

  • Growing Awareness, Growing Audience. Big national and regional names have a place in the Sculpt family, so they know what they are doing. These guys pretty much wrote the social media playbooks! Grandmaster campaigns ensure that you’ll excel at every social media field.
  • More Leads, More Followers. ROI issues or bigger wishes? Sculpt people got you covered. Paid social advertising campaigns coupled with creative ad production and marketing automation ensure that your conversion rate gets tangibly higher.
  • Sculpting Your Team. Sculpt doesn’t selfishly keep their social media knowledge for themselves. That’s selfish! Instead with their services comes their mentorship, as they’ll pass on the tricks of the trade to your management team, thus preparing you for self-sufficient growth. Amazing, isn’t it?

LinkedIn is just one of Sculpt’s three leading platforms for paid ads.

The team advises you to make use of it to target employment-seekers, grab eager decision-makers, and convert high-quality leads from LinkedIn, the biggest professional database of businesses and clients on the globe.

How’s that for a conscious company?

Clutch rating: 4.8/17 reviews

Division of Labor


A woke advertisement agency from Sausalito, California, Division of Labor is pretty aptly named since they have quite a portfolio behind them.

In fact, they specialize in social media marketing, advertising, and video production for businesses of every size in the entertainment, marketing, and business services.

Check the first thing you see on their website: “Division of Labor is an ad agency, not a government agency. (So we won’t ignore the virus and pretend everything is normal.)”

It’s their work summed up, really. Aware of the context, prepared to spice things up, ready for super-creative solutions, and, most of all, eye-catching. And they promise they will fix your business up similarly!

As they host a gang of writers, artists, social media brainiacs, designers, developers, and whatnot, they have a major and diverse answer to pretty much everything you pitch them against. 

As if that’s not enough, they also come with a freelance agency of their own. If you like what you see on their website, you are more than welcome to have one of them come and enrich your employee composition for a while.

As they radiate a wacky and positive energy, they’ll be a reinforcement for both your project and your spirits.

Labor can be Fun, especially in Division. So, pick Division of labor as your agency of choice. It’s one of our agencies of choice, for sure!

Clutch rating: 4.9/13 reviews

PBJ Marketing


Washington D.C. gave birth to PBJ Marketing back in 2011 and since then they’ve been on a roll.

Digital marketing strategy crafting and social media marketing, with an emphasis on LinkedIn, have been closest to their (business) heart, but they also dabble in retargeting marketing, creative advertisement (Text? Yes! Image? Of course! Videos? Betcha! Motion? For sure!), website crafting and insight gathering.

Quite a substantial amount of skills!

They need them all, of course. Why? Because, and we will quote them on this, you might have the world’s best website, but if your marketing strategy sucks, too bad.

Similarly, even if you have the universe’s best social media marketing, the call-to-action button that leads to a low-quality web page renders all your efforts futile.

It’s PBJ Marketing’s philosophy that in social media marketing, and especially those related to LinkedIn and business in general, your system is as strong as its weakest component.

According to this, you might polish an aspect of your marketing to perfection, if the one linked to it is tarnished, it’s most likely all in vain.

That’s why you hire PBJ Marketing, of course. They’re experts in everything digital marketing-related. There’s a stamp of our guarantee on that right next to their name. Thump!

Clutch rating: 4.8/30 reviews

Metric Theory


Metric Theory–”The Performance Digital Marketing Agency”–inhabits San Francisco and has begun working in 2012. And just wait to see all the types of brands they work with!

Where to begin? B2B businesses are welcome, just as retail brands, eCommerce, user acquisition companies, and startups. Do they come with a universal strategy for all of them? The answer is no, they don’t.

Each business is an individual entity for them as they customize their services to match specific prerequisites that they get asked to match.

What do they do? The list is extensive, but let’s try to convey it in full:

  • Search Engine Marketing. Make each word of your content echo and tap into reservoirs of leads and potential new clients.
  • Paid Social Ads. Each ad they do is optimized to such a degree that it aims true, extracting everything possible from every last penny of your investment. 
  • Display and Remarketing. Shopping Ads. Product Feed Management. Digital Video.  We’d need a separate article for all this! Their offer is that rich.

They might be Metric Theory, but they rock their social media marketing practice. Ta-da!

Clutch rating: 4.9/11 reviews



Smart, Enduring, and Powerful LinkedIn marketing agency from up north all the way in Canada (with offices in London and New York) takes the last place on our list. Of course, this isn’t a rank list; it’s enough of an achievement just to make it here!

But anyway, MediaForce. With 40+ employees they’re not the biggest around here, but they’re big enough to have provided services across the world.

The bearers of 2016 Consumer Choice Award, their skill set lies within the fields of social media marketing, automation, and optimization.

As pioneers of automation in marketing, they’ll make your business do itself, literally! Paid media, social media, and SEO are a classic, but listen to this: AI & personalization, chatbots & automation, as well as analytics software? That’s some high-tech gear that’ll revolutionize the way you deal with marketing.

Satisfied customers have lauded the scalability of their results, their ability to integrate and conform to your terms. As an approachable agency they have won the sympathies of both their clients and us, their reviewers.

MediaForce is indeed a marketing force to be reckoned with. Straight A+ from us, and the clutch rating agrees with us.

Clutch rating: 5/11 reviews



Sometimes, you come across a company that is so new it is difficult to know whether they are effective or not. Even more rare is when you come across a company like this that despite their young features, has managed to make a name for themselves already.

LeadGenService is one of these companies.

This LinkedIn marketing agency is proficient and effective at helping all of their clients with their LinkedIn growth needs, and one of the things that sets them apart from the rest is that they understand that each client is unique.

This means that they tweak their features to adjust to unique requirements, so that their clients can be successful in their lead generation campaigns that focus on a particular niche or industry.

We love that LeadGenService can help you figure out who your target audience is, and they can also make sure that more of the right people are checking out your LinkedIn profile.

With a two-week guarantee and the option to cancel whenever you need to, we think that this LinkedIn marketing agency is one of the best, and certainly deserving of being number one on our list.


The year 2022 will be better than 2020 & 2021 in every way, or so we hope. However, when it comes to top LinkedIn marketing agencies, we don’t need to hope, we know.

If among the parameters lies the quality of LinkedIn growth, the forecast is quite positive. In other words, now is the right time to invest in LinkedIn marketing tools and agencies.

Take our advice and pick your LinkedIn benefactor among these carefully selected contenders for your resources. You’ll never regret it, and that’s a promise.

Good luck and happy growing! 🙂