OnlyFans was launched in 2016 as an online app and platform where users can charge for exclusive content or pay to watch exclusive content.

In this article, we will discuss how to promote OnlyFans in different ways. 

You’ve likely heard about people making a very good living using OnlyFans, but you haven’t figured out how.

If this is you, the information in this article will help you learn more about it, how to use it, how to promote it, and more. 

Creators have enjoyed this platform and app for a few years now, which has made it a favorite among many creators.

While it’s most popular for sharing content that is “not suitable for work” (NSFW), there is content people will pay for that isn’t considered NSFW.

OnlyFans toyed with banning NSFW content, which left creators searching for alternatives to the platform. However, OnlyFans retracted that idea and continues to allow NSFW content.

The main reason they considered banning NSFW content was because creators that shared non-NSFW content were concerned about sharing their content with friends and family. 

Since there is a way to promote OnlyFans anonymously, so that you can use an identity unknown to your friends and family, the concerns about sharing content are lower.

That said, let’s move forward with some tips and ideas for promoting your OnlyFans that almost anyone can use. 

How to Promote OnlyFans in 2024

How to Start an OnlyFans Without Followers

In this section, we will explain how you can promote OnlyFans in various ways and in various online venues.

Also, we will share how to anonymously promote your content without being known to others and to protect your identity.

1. Social Media 

We’ll start with the most obvious method for promoting OnlyFans, which is social media.

Social platforms can be used to post “teaser” content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and others to encourage people to join their page and to get subscribers. 

After all, subscribers are the key to making hundreds to millions using OnlyFans.

It’s wise to keep your expectations reasonable, so don’t expect more than 5% of your follower count to subscribe.

For instance, if you gain 20,000 followers, you can expect to gain about 200 subscribers.

If you charge $10 for your subscription to your OnlyFans content, that can range from $2,000 up to $5,000 each month.

On platforms like Instagram, where you can’t post adult content, you can post modeling content to get noticed.

Twitter does allow explicit content (at least for now – that could change soon) but using the g-related hashtag ideal is prohibited. 

The key to promoting OnlyFans on any social platform is consistency, just like any other kind of content. Also, engage with your followers and answer questions from them.

Tips for Promoting OnlyFans on Social Media

  • Place your OnlyFans link on the social platforms you use.
  • When you can only share one link, use Linktree across your social media accounts. *Linktree allows you to share multiple links via one link.
  • Engage and respond to your potential OnlyFans subscribers.
  • Post at least 3 days per week
  • Recycle relevant content.
  • Use private DMs to reach out to potential subscribers. 
  • While staying relevant to your niche, use trending content.
  • Do not share your personal information (name, address, financial account information, etc.).

2. Forums and Niche Communities 

Next, use forums and niche communities where you can find new potential subscribers.

You may at least find some new followers, who ultimately could become subscribers in time.

How to Promote OnlyFans on Reddit

Reddit is one example of a space where you can promote your OnlyFans.

If you’re not on Reddit, create an account and get started. Join subreddits related to your content. 

Each subreddit has a moderator. Reach out to the moderator and ask what the rules for promoting your OnlyFans are before jumping in there. 

That said, Reddit users are some of the most welcoming people online, so it’s worth a try.

How to Promote OnlyFans on 4Chan

For OnlyFans adult content, 4chan is the ideal place to promote your content.

Please know that this venue is riskier than Reddit, but worth learning about. 

You must become a member of one of the subforums on the site and then gain their trust. Engaging with these users is a good way to get your foot in the door. 

They don’t discourage or judge OnlyFans users, but if they don’t like you, you aren’t going to get subscribers from this resource.

There are other online communities and forums you can use. The above are just two examples of using this method for promoting OnlyFans content.

3. Dating Apps Like Tinder



You can promote your OnlyFans on Tinder and other online dating apps or sites.

How to Promote OnlyFans on Tinder

Tinder is a wildly popular dating app and social media venue. So, if you are sharing riskier content on OnlyFans, Tinder is a good place to promote it.

Also, Bumble is a good online option.

You will need to upload images, pictures, and create an engaging bio on Tinder or Bumble. Using the app just for just a few minutes each day will get you seen by thousands of users. 

The biggest risk here is the potential of running into an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-spouse, or an unexpected friend. So, just be aware of that. 

The promotional problem from using dating apps is the lower conversion rates. You are likely to run into users who want to date you rather than pay to watch your content. 

Again, it may not be as safe to use dating apps as other venues.

If you know your way around, and don’t mind giving up some things related to your personal and private life, it’s an option.

4. Twitch

Twitch is an online streaming service for gamers, entertainers, athletes, musicians, and other content. So, why not use it for your OnlyFans. 

While you may want to use it for something other than adult-themed content, it can be promoted on Twitch.

The only way to use Twitch is to promote according to their guidelines and not try to circumvent their rules. 

5. Collaborate with Creators

Using collaboration to promote your OnlyFans with going to social media is an effective method when you want to keep it exclusive.

Come up with ideas by contacting other creators and see what you can come up with by brainstorming.

The project(s) don’t need to be something you do together, but you can create OnlyFans shout-outs in reciprocation for the confab.

Shout-outs are an effective, efficient, and easy way to scratch each other’s backs (so to speak) on OnlyFans. 

One idea for promoting through collaboration is to cross-promote another OnlyFans creator (after contacting them).

You promote a discount on your subscription via other creators through collaboration. 

It works both ways since the creator you’re collaborating with does the same thing. You can also offer 2-for-1 deals. 

Collaboration is by far the easiest and best way to ensure your content stays exclusive while creating interest among other creators’ subscribers and expired subscribers. 

6. Paid Promotions

Just like paying for advertising and marketing, you can use paid promotions for OnlyFans. 

Some websites, apps, and platforms will let you pay a small fee to promote your content. It can even be done for free. 

The low cost and free promotional options are well worth your time. You need to remember that you won’t be able to promote OnlyFans content without using social media.

Tips for Promoting OnlyFans Through Paid Promotions

  • Paid promotions are prioritized over regular social media posts. You may or may not get new subscribers, but you will be seen.
  • A reasonable expectation is 0.1% to 5% in new subscribers from paid promotions.
  • Targeting the appropriate audience can increase your odds of getting more subscribers. 
  • Targeting your audience involves the age, gender, hobbies, interests, marital status, and if they already support OnlyFans pages.
  • Twitter and Facebook have paid promotions that allow you to narrow your target audience more than other sites. 
  • Reddit is a good venue for paid promotions.
  • Offer special long-term or short-term subscription prices to bring in more subscribers.

When paid promotion is used right, it can help you get a lot of attention and new subscribers.

7. Let Your Friends Know

Depending on your content on OnlyFans and if you want your friends and family to know about it, you can let them in on what you’re doing. 

If you’re using adult content, you may or may not want to share this with your friends and family, or at least not all of them. 

The thing with telling your family and friends is that they are the most likely to promote your OnlyFans for you and lend you some support. 

This option is one way to promote OnlyFans without social media. 

We have provided you with seven options related to promoting OnlyFans. Now, we’ll discuss how to do this anonymously and give you some tips for your social media strategy.

How to Promote OnlyFans Anonymously

OnlyFans App 358


You can promote your OnlyFans without using social media and by remaining anonymous. 

You simply don’t show your face or use your real Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or other social media accounts to promote your OnlyFans content.

Tips for Promoting OnlyFans Anonymously

  • Create an alias by not using your real name, address, or personal information online. Create an identity that you use solely on OnlyFans. 
  • Start a new social media account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc. Use this new account to promote your OnlyFans content. You can use blocking to prevent certain regions/locations with the potential of running into someone you know.
  • Create two OnlyFans accounts. Use one for your content and one to promote your content. 

That’s how you manage to remain anonymous.

Tips for Social Media Strategies

Here is how to get started with creating a social media marketing strategy for your OnlyFans page and content. 

It’s important to have a plan before you promote your OnlyFans.

Digital Marketing and keeping up with trending content are the two primary ways to get your OnlyFans noticed.

Digital marketing concepts through social media, forums, communities, and paid promotions are mentioned throughout this article. 

Following trends related to your content on OnlyFans is a crucial element for promoting OnlyFans.

You can search for trends across social media, then use the hashtags that are trending. Remember to keep it relevant to your content. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time and effort. 

Create Your Schedule

Part of creating a promotional strategy is to create a schedule. You can write it on paper or type it into Excel, Word, or Notepad. 

Your schedule should include:

  • How many posts will you do for the week/month?
  • Will you post the same content across social media platforms?
  • Where will you post your OnlyFans link?
  • What kind of copy will you write for your posts? 
  • Will you offer a discount for the week, month, year?
  • What’s trending this week?
  • Are trends related to your content?

These are the main questions to ask and address when creating your digital marketing schedule for your OnlyFans promotions.


How Much Can You Make from OnlyFans Content?

When you’re creating exclusive content that subscribers are willing to pay for each month, you can expect at least an average of $180 per month.

Only the top 1% are making millions each month. That doesn’t mean you can’t become part of that 1%. This is just a cautionary note you should consider.

You can make more money (closer to $2,000 to $5,000 each month) if you are consistent and know how to promote your profile.

You have a lot of information in the above article to help you with that. 

Can You Pay Someone to Promote OnlyFans?

Yes. You can pay an influencer to promote your content.

You can also pay for promotions on various platforms on social media as was mentioned in the article.

Keep in mind that paying an influencer could be costly and may not offer you a good ROI (return on investment). 

Can You Remain Anonymous?

Yes. Just avoid using your picture, real name or information when you’re promoting your OnlyFans.

It’s also advisable to geo-block your location or regions where someone you know might find you.


Let’s face it, OnlyFans has opened the door to content creators from every profession.

Even though this platform is known mostly for its NSFW content, there are plenty of other types of content for people not interested in NSFW content.

NSFW and Non-NSFW content is being shared on OnlyFans because it’s such a great space for content creators. 

The above information will at least give you a jumpstart for promoting your OnlyFans content no matter what niche you are passionate about. 

You can promote your OnlyFans content as-is, or you can be anonymous while earning money on the platform. The key is to avoid using your picture or private information. 

For instance, avoid posting promotional content where you are connected to friends and family if you don’t want them to see it.

Instead, create an alias account without using your picture or personal information. It can be tricky, but it can be done.

Just like any business venture, it can take time to earn as much as you want on OnlyFans, especially when you’re new to the platform.

Don’t expect to make $1,000 in your first month. 

After reading this article, you should be able to get started promoting your OnlyFans.

Are you more comfortable doing that?

You should know how to promote OnlyFans now, so what is your next move?