OnlyFans is only going to get more mainstream.

Even if they stop with their intended ban on explicit adult content, this trend is not going to see any reversal.

If you’re a budding content creator, it is high time you looked for an OnlyFans alternative.

OnlyFans took the Internet by storm.

It has quickly garnered much popularity, especially among young adults, and has attracted quite a number of content creators who looked for a place to freely express themselves and post whatever content they wanted.

Ultimately, it offered a career opportunity with more liberty, freedom, and flexibility in choice than pretty much anything you could find on the conventional side of the Internet. 

However, as the platform grew in size, so did the critical voices who pushed for more censorship and control.

As a result of this, OnlyFans announced that it would ban explicit content back in August 2021.

Even though they reneged on the promise later on, the signs are clear – the era of complete freedom of content creation on OnlyFans is over.

That said, there are other platforms that offer that same freedom, without the shackles of conservative campaigns and restrictive measures.

There are good alternatives out there! Today, we’ll show you the best among them.

10 Best OnlyFans Alternatives 2024

1. Fanvue


Based in the UK, Fanvue is a content creator website the goal of which is to be the best platform for those who seek to monetize their content.

Even though it attracts all sorts of content creators, it also offers support for adult content. Chiefly, they commit to never banning adult content from their platform.

Although Fanvue is relatively new, it is rapidly winning digital space for itself and its users.

The main reason for this is the fact that Fanvue focuses on user experience instead of solely making profit. 

The process of signing up is easy – you just need to register and start building your fanbase. Your content will be accessible after subscription only, thus only available to your fans.

Fanvue is an eye-candy, with much effort put behind the usability of their site and its features.

Users will surely enjoy browsing and discovering new creators, which will also make you visible enough if you’re just starting. Good work!

Fanvue’s commission is usually 20% from every subscription, however you can easily find special offers that reduce this for the first year or so. It is absolutely worth it!

As a proof of their quality of service, Fanvue has no “clearing period” and allows you instant withdrawals.

In addition to this, their customer support is superb and available around the clock through their chat service.

With OnlyFans alternatives such as Fanvue, who needs the primary option?

2. ManyVids


ManyVids is a safe harbor for any eager photo and video content creator – both SFW and NSFW.

With multiple ways to monetize your content and expand your brand presence, ManyVids is one of the best OnlyFans alternatives out there without doubt.

How does it work? Similarly to OnlyFans, you have to set up a profile and upload photos/videos that your fans can access through a regular monthly subscription.

However, even more emphasis is put on one-off fees that focus on certain uploads.

Users can see a selection of videos for free (if you as a content creator decide so), then proceed to explore the rest of your content with exclusive fan videos and special-offer membership, as well as the option to reach you out by messages.

ManyVids charges a standard 20% fee on the payments you receive. On top of this, for any sold individual video you are charged a 40% fee.

The same applies to special memberships for your paid-for videos. The rest of the content is subject to 20% fee only, of course.

Although this 40% fee seems a bit steep, remember that this is income on top of the regular subscription.

This means that you earn more not only by expanding your audience, but also by making them more devoted to your content.

While your standard VIP FanClub can be charged $10/month, some users charge $200/month for the special Membership feature.

You can also charge for messages, online video calls, and receive tips.

Pretty neat for an OnlyFans alternative, right?

3. Unlockd


Unlockd was founded only recently, in 2020. Why would we talk about such a fledgling service? Because it is one of the best OnlyFans alternatives out there!

The premise will be quite familiar to you. Content creators take subscriptions in exchange for photos, videos, and other stuff.

Adult content included. Unlockd puts users at the top, with them being able to enjoy a streamlined and robust experience, and creators are incentivized to build reputation with the quality of service.

Sounds like something you want as well?

As long as the content is legal, it is allowed on Unlockd. Just make sure that you abide by the rules and don’t share anything that you don’t own the copyright to and it will be smooth sailing!

You are the one who decides what of your content will be free and what goes behind a paywall.

Unlockd takes just 15% of your earnings, which is lower than OnlyFans and most of its alternatives.

However, the minimum payout is $100, so you’ll have to accumulate a bit before you withdraw.

In short, whether you upload photos and videos, send private files to subscribers, or go on livestream, Unlockd is a perfect OnlyFans alternative, with clean experience and less fluff and spam.

They also guarantee regular weekly payment and any issues with the platform to be resolved within 24 hours.

They do seem to be knowledgeable about the real stuff. Excellent work, Unlockd.

4. iFans


Biting into the same market as its biggest competitor, this OnlyFans alternative kicks way above its weight. While similar to OnlyFans, iFans does a number of things differently.

First of all, you will be discovered much more easily than elsewhere.

The core subscription model may be the same, but the number of opportunities for collabs and referrals isn’t.

You will engage with the audience more and you will get more from it – whatever content, sure, but the main target for iFans is adult content.

You know the drill – you post photos and videos, which are locked behind a paywall and require a subscription.

You set the price for the monthly subscription, of course. So what’s different?

Well, with iFans you can tag other creators in your posts or in private messages. If someone subscribes to their content with your referral, you get a portion of the subscription fee too.

You can go livestream – to your subscribers, specific list of fans, or public – which is perfect if you have that one person who desires your content for themselves.

Gifts and paid messages are included as well.

The subscription fee is normally 20%, like with the competition. This price is adjusted for the referral system fees, of course – you get more if referred, less if referred to.

This difference is 40%, but do not feel disappointed – yes, you will get 40% only, but you will get many, many more followers that you previously didn’t have access to.

This system is different from OnlyFans. Feel free to explore it and find out how much more you can earn here.

5. Flirtback


Most of OnlyFans alternatives work in the same model: content creators upload photos and videos, set up a subscription fee for access, and split the earnings 80%:20% with the website. 

Flirtback is different. There’s no subscription – Flirtback is a premium chat service where users earn cash by charging for messages.

You can also upload photos and videos, but you are charging a one-off fee for that access.

Yes, in its essence Flirtback is quite similar to a cam site. This is precisely why tokens are used instead of a fixed financial amount.

Users buy the tokens directly from the website while creators use the tokens for withdrawals. 

Flirtback’s token worth in cash is split 60% with users and 40% with the creator.

In contrast, most of the competition takes only 20% which is well below this platform’s fees, but here’s the catch.

The platform invests heavily from these 40% into promoting your profile.

That’s right, Flirtback does not leave you to fend for yourself but helps you promote and advertise your profile.

In practice this means that you earn less per cut but more over time, since more users visit your profile due to Flirtback’s direct influence. 

As you can see, Flirtback works quite differently from OnlyFans. We encourage you to check Flirtback and see whether the new model suits your content more.

6. MYM


MYM, which is short for Meet Your Model, functions as a “premium social media” website. 

What does this mean? This means that it works like other fan platforms by letting creators post content behind a paywall.

It pitches its services to customers by promising “behind the scenes” access to their beloved content creators. If you thought that this isn’t necessarily an adult content service, you are right.

A number of fitness trainers, chefs, clothed models, and singers also use the platform, but adult content does carve its niche on the platform. 

With MYM, users are allowed a private moment with some of their favorite stars.

To better conform to the idea, this platform delivers personalized content, with users being encouraged to send personal requests to creators.

Creators then choose to either accept the request or reject it.

In the mainstream market, this translates to a custom fitness routine or a personalized menu. Creators are not obliged to indulge these requests and can always block unwanted users.

When it comes to adult content, MYM offers a default blurring of private content.

While most sides use a big ugly black box, MYM blurs the image which leaves just enough to entice the viewer and help convert them into subscribers.

A push feature is included and it markets the content to both current and former subscribers. This allows them to return back into the fold!

MYM charges 25%, which is slightly above average, but it charges only 10% on tips. If you post and engage regularly, you even get some neat bonuses.

It is definitely more mainstream than other OnlyFans alternatives on the list, so if that is more within your line of field, opt for MYM and you won’t be making a mistake.

7. FanCentro


When it comes to subscription-based content platforms, FanCentro is perfect for aspiring models, seducers, and content creators as it allows them to start building their audience and paving the way to their future careers.

You only need to sign up, create a profile, then post photos and videos as much as you want to. Something can remain free, but most should be put behind a paywall.

What makes FanCentro different is the tiered approach to subscriptions.

Instead of a single fee, you can designate “layers” with more specific or private/sensitive content locked behind pricier subscriptions.

Creators are even allowed to add short-time promotions to help bring more followers to the flock.

FanCentro will take 20% off your subscriptions, one-off videos, teasers, messages, and tips as well, which is pretty standard for the industry.

Compared to OnlyFans, FanCentro is much more hardcore. If OnlyFans ever decide to commit to banning sexual content, it is going to be a nice alternative.

Even as it is right now, with different subscription tiers and having your account discovered much more easily, FanCentro is one of the best OnlyFans alternatives out there.

8. AdmireMe.VIP


AdmireMe.VIP is yet another UK-based social platform which allows content creators to set up a profile and launch content which people can see for a fee.

It’s pretty much straightforward about being an adult-themed site so you should never worry about them banning explicit content.

The concept should be familiar by now. The platform allows users to subscribe to photos and videos of content creators who earn money in the process.

What’s unique is that there’s a search bar with different keywords to help users navigate towards desired content.

Thus content creators can add keywords to help them stick out. Browsing by category is also a thing, and all creators who have minimum 50 standard posts will be listed.

You can also charge for messages and receive tips, which is a fairly standard practice in the industry.

AdmireMe can also link your Twitter handle to set automatic updates on when you are active to entice more people to sign up.

AdmireMe allows you to keep 80% of your earnings while taking its standard share of 20% for commissions. 

Compared to OnlyFans, AdmireMe is similar, but much more open towards sexual industry, with categories, grouping of content into role-playing settings, and so on.

This makes it one of the better OnlyFans alternatives, which you will know as soon as you try it.

9. JFF (Just For Fans)

JFF (Just For Fans)

JFF turns out to be one of the most apparent OnlyFans alternatives out there, with many things in common between these two, but there are a few very different aspects that separate JFF from the rest of the competition.

While it is based on subscriptions, just like OnlyFans, this platform was created by Dominic Ford, one of the best know gay porn stars out there.

This has been a decisive factor that gathered many LGBTQ+ content creators and audiences.

While it does accommodate straight content creators as well, it is best known for content related to the aforementioned communities.

Another difference is that JFF is mostly oriented towards adult content while OnlyFans displays a varied mix of styles and content.

That said, JFF takes a bigger cut from your earnings than OnlyFans, with 30% taken by the platform instead of the usual 20%.

On the plus side, JFF is a huge platform, beaten by OnlyFans only when it comes to popularity, so catching up with the total amount of earnings shouldn’t be that difficult.

In addition to these differences, JFF allows purchasing access to individual clips, selling customized items, and text messaging to individuals or portions of your audience.

Live streaming is not yet supported, so this turns these differences into a matter of your personal preferences. Pick what suits you best!

10. Patreon


A source of inspiration for OnlyFans, Patreon has been around for quite a while now.

As a membership platform it does have a number of similarities with OnlyFans, but usually requires its creators to have already formed a fanbase, usually on YouTube.

It works by offering exclusive content through a paid subscription, much like many other platforms that we have discussed in this article.

Even more, it provides ample opportunities for creators to devote themselves to their content with an extra revenue stream, while establishing a safeguard from YouTube demonetization.

Patreon takes anywhere between 5% and 12% of content creators’ earnings, depending on the pricing plan that you are using.

A number of additional fees apply during payment processing, so realistically you can expect the usual 80% to end up in your funds.

The key difference, though, is that Patreon does allow nudity, but it has to be carefully labeled and cannot include explicit content.

In other words, Patreon does not allow pure adult content, so for those content creators aiming their way in that direction, there are better OnlyFans alternatives on this list.

On the flip side, promoting content from Patreon is much easier and more social media-friendly.


While OnlyFans still dominates the content creation field, there have been signs of the platform going down the mainstream road.

This would spell an early end to many careers, but OnlyFans alternatives exist to help you evade this fate.

Alternatively, you can use many of these as a complementary feature or a way to earn additional income.

Who says you are limited to OnlyFans? Perhaps greater awards await you among one of the candidates from the list.

In any case, it boils down to finding ways to connect with your audience and deliver the type of content that they love and are willing to pay for.

Many of the best alternatives from the list have features that are not available there, so you can find yourself with more options or a more suitable style than the one that you are currently using.

From different payment models to different audience expectations, different niches, and different settings, a treasure trove of options opens in front of you when you decide to look for OnlyFans alternatives.

Why not use them to your benefit? Have fun streaming!