Of the various social media platforms that attract users in droves, OnlyFans stands out with its revolutionary features.

The 40 million users of the platform are attributed to the content monetization process used by the company.

In 2019 and 2020, the platform saw an over 510 percent increase in its users.

Due to the platform being focused on adult entertainment performers and sex workers, the question Is OnlyFans safe is a constant thought among users.

Here is a breakdown of the platform’s various features including its safety which is a big concern to users.

About OnlyFans

About OnlyFans

Before we go into the safety features of the platform, let us see about the platform, its users, and why safety issues arise for users.

OnlyFans is an online platform that hosts content generated by users enabling the connection of creators with their audiences and supervising interactions.

Launched in 2016, OnlyFans became popular in 2020 and 2021 when many celebrity and high-profile users became members of the platform.

Their existing audiences helped them increase their popularity on OnlyFans.

Creators on OnlyFans can provide access to their content only via subscription format. They can also receive tips from their subscribers, make personalized content, and also post material on a pay-per-view basis.

The content can be posted at regular intervals such as monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

Creators are also able to monetize interactions including calls, text messages, and private conversations.

The monetization feature made the platform popular among sex workers and adult entertainment performers.

The commission charged by OnlyFans is lower than the existing commission rates by similar adult services.

Besides adult entertainment performers, the platform also has cooking and fitness videos, gaming live streams, makeup tutorials, and other different content forms.

Is OnlyFans safe to use for creators and subscribers?

Can OnlyFans See Your Name

Due to the huge popularity that the platform has received in recent times and the nature of the content it shares, many people wonder is OnlyFans safe to use.

Why are there concerns about the platform’s safety?

Since the service helps in the monetization of sexually explicit content, it is natural for subscribers to be worried about safety and privacy here.

The platform uses several protective measures to keep all user accounts secure.

Measures used include a 3D secure checkout that helps safeguard the payment procedure.

But subscribers have to provide info like their name, government ID, and address while subscribing.

As per the privacy policy of the service, it can share user info with affiliate partners and law enforcement, if necessary.

Further, transactions on the platform appear on the financial statements of users.

Regardless of the above factors which are common to a majority of similar platforms, OnlyFans is safe to use because of the following considerations.

  1. The payments are processed securely using a secure SSL connection.
  2. All passwords are encrypted and the platform uses two-factor authentication for security
  3. A fraud detection process is used to avoid unauthorized account access.
  4. The platform uses a dedicated support team that works 24/7 to address user concerns and queries.

Security risks for OnlyFans users

Security risks for OnlyFans users

Despite the use of strong security measures, there are some risks involved that users should be aware of.

To avoid exposure of a creator’s images or personal information on the web, users should know the risks present and take necessary steps to avoid them. The risks involved are:

Hacking into user account

The use of common passwords puts many online accounts at risk and this applies to the subscribers and creators of OnlyFans also. 

The use of an easy-to-decipher password can provide easy access to the user account leading to identity theft and fraud.

The hacker can change the email linked to the account and access sensitive content as well as finances linked to the account.

Hacking is a security issue that affects content creators and subscribers as their accounts can be accessed and money linked to the account can be stolen.

Data theft

Another risk associated with the online service is the possibility of data theft. Although there have not been any data breach reports so far on OnlyFans, the company accepts it as a possible risk.

As per reports, there were complaints about former employees of the platform being able to access the data of the creators such as their images, passport info, and more.


Online stalking and harassment are issues of concern as they are difficult to monitor and control.

However, OnlyFans uses a moderation service that identifies offensive phrases used on an account.

Creators can block accounts or report accounts that are harassing them.

Repeated reports can result in the offenders being banned from the platform.

Insufficient legal safeguards

An individual can become a member of the platform only if the person’s age is over 18 years.

Further, all users need to follow the guidelines and terms of their service.

But due to the lack of proper legalities related to the use of explicit content, there are incidences like revenge porn that occur on such platforms.

Further, due to the use of explicit content, a disgrace is attached to account holders.

Protecting the safety of creators

OnlyFans safety of creators

Apart from the safety measures employed by the platform, content creators can ensure the safety of their private information in the following ways:

Personal Information

To prevent stalking and harassment, content creators need to be careful about revealing their identity and location.

While posting images, ensure that they do not have information that can track you or identify your location.

  • A separate business account will help in tracking the income made on the platform besides helping to create a protective barrier for your chief bank account.
  • Use a VPN while you are using the service. This will protect your data and IP address when you are online.
  • Do not open links that you receive from subscribers unless you are certain they are safe. Opening scam links can make hackers access the devices connected to your cloud and also damage your system.
  • Remove metadata from your content before you add them to your profile. Metadata contains your exact location which is not necessary to reveal.
  • Two-factor authentication helps in securing your account from hackers. While it may take a little longer to access your account, the security measure helps protect your information.
  • Make sure you use a strong password and change it frequently to protect your profile.

Separate email account

To keep the OnlyFans account private, an effective way is to create a fresh email account for using the service. 

Using the same email address for various social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, etc. will lead to the platforms linking your accounts to your contacts.

This can be an issue if you want to keep your OnlyFans account private.

Influencers who wish to post adult content will find the exposure less disgraceful if their identity is protected.

Some of the ways to keep your account private include

  1. Create a business email account for use on the platform. Most email accounts allow users to have multiple email addresses free of cost. Make sure you set up two-factor authentication for this account also.
  2. Create a new user account on your device and use it for the activities on the platform including transactions you do on OnlyFans.
  3. Avoid posting info on the OnlyFans account or other social platforms that can lead other users to your location or identity. Stalkers use every little info to identify the location of a user.

Safeguard your social media accounts

Pay close attention to the safety and privacy settings of your account on OnlyFans and other social media. Some of the steps you can take include

Profile picture: Be cautious in choosing your profile image. If you are a public figure looking to generate publicity with the platform, having a prominent profile image is okay.

But if you want to keep your personal and professional life separate, it is best to have a profile picture that is not seen clearly.

Or, you can also hide it from public access on the platform and provide access only to friends there.

Privacy settings: Make sure you have proper privacy settings that keep you safe on the platform. Ensure your list of friends is not easy to access by the users. Also, make sure you are not easy to find via other people’s friends list.

Name: Instead of using your full name, use your middle or first name. This will give you additional safety. A pseudonym is also a way to safeguard your privacy on the platform.

Report content leaks

You should be aware of the ever-present risk of your images and videos being stolen and distributed. If this occurs, you should alert the DMCA team of the platform immediately.

The OnlyFans support team will assist you in removing the content that was posted without your permission.

Contact the team via the official site and state the issue clearly to ensure prompt and appropriate action is taken.

 To prevent your content from being stolen use a watermark and ensure your content is trademarked to prevent stealing.

Many platforms have stringent policies for uploading content that can prevent your content from being resold.

Such strict measures can prevent people from stealing content and also reduce piracy.

Block subscribers

If you are uncomfortable with a subscriber you can block the subscriber for your safety.

Some subscribers push creators for information or demand special attention or services.

Many instances of content creators being stalked or harassed because of their online activities are present.

As a creator, you need to be aware of the potential risks so you can navigate them without being affected.

Since you have full control over who can view your content on OnlyFans, you can avoid people from stalking or intimidating you on the platform. 

Even though a subscriber has paid, if you are not feeling safe by their actions, you can block them and even report them if you feel the issue is serious.

To avoid dealing with toxic people, make sure you use the safety measures mentioned above so your interaction with other subscribers is not affected.

Reality check

Even after taking all the precautionary measures to ensure your privacy on the platform, you may be exposed publicly.

If you are an influencer with ample support this may not be an issue.

But if you guard your privacy, you should have a contingency plan to tackle such a situation.

Have a backup plan to counter the impact of being exposed on the platform.

Although there are plenty of safety measures used by the platform, it still has all the weak points that social media platforms have.

Is OnlyFans a legit service?

OnlyFans has become a popular content subscription service in the past few years.

Since its inception in 2016, it has proven to be a legitimate site considering the vast number of userbases it has.

However, as with any other social platforms, there are scammers here too.

Although the platform is good for content creators looking to monetize their content, subscribers can be scammed.

Creators control the subscription amount and method of payment.

Some creators do not provide the content that subscribers pay for.

To avoid such problems, users need to do their research before subscribing.

How to make safe payments on OnlyFans

OnlyFans 555

The service provides many payment methods to choose from like Visa, Maestro debit cards, prepaid Visa cards, MasterCard, and Discover.

But it does not allow PayPal, gift cards, and prepaid cards other than Visa.

Further to avoid money laundering, it does not allow the use of third-party methods. All payments should be made from a card that is linked to a bank account.

The platform uses 3D secure checkout to ensure all payments made are safe. The measure provides an additional security layer for safeguarding against fraudulent credit card purchases.

You need to provide an SMS code or temporary verification code for transaction authentication.

The additional confirmation ensures the payments are safe and done from your credit card with your consent.

But there is always a risk of a data breach when it comes to online payments. It is safer to use a card that is separate from your main payment card.

You can create a different account with minimal funds for such payments.

OnlyFans FAQs on Safety and Privacy

Here are some frequently asked questions on the safety and privacy issues that users have on the platform.

What are the main risks you face when using OnlyFans?

While unauthorized access and scams are common risks the main risks that content creators face include

● The content such as videos and images are uploaded without permission on other platforms and websites making the content go viral instantly thus stopping new subscribers.
● Subscribers with malicious intent can redirect users to malware-infested or phishing sites.
● Some users create websites that are similar to OnlyFans to steal sensitive information including passwords, credit card details, and usernames.
● Since a majority of the content on the platform is adult content, there is a risk of children accessing them without parental control. Using OnlyFans requires you to confirm your age is above 18 years on registration.

Is it safe to provide the credit card information to OnlyFans?

To use the platform, it is essential to provide payment information whether it is a credit card or another valid payment method that you use.

Providing such information is safe particularly when you have two-factor authentication set up.

What type of content is posted on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans allows creators to publish adult content and regular content also. Under the non-adult section, you can find tutorials, videos, photography, rapping, singing, training courses, and more. But the site is more popular for its adult content that includes adult images, audio, and videos.

The service has stringent rules concerning the adult content published on it. To publish adult content and provide access to it, you need to subscribe to the service.

You are not under any direct risk because of the content you post. The service is similar to sites like YouTube where you can stream content but cannot download photos, audio, or videos.

But some OnlyFans users save content using a third-party downloader. The use of such apps is risky as they are not endorsed by the platform. Further, they may have ads that carry malicious hardware.

Is OnlyFans safe from scammers?

As with any other online social network, OnlyFans users are also at risk of being scammed. Scamsters find new methods to access the personal information and content that you post on the platform.

However, if you are aware of the various security risks and the ways to counter them as shown in the above guide you can keep your personal information and account details safe.

What information is collected by OnlyFans?

The privacy policy of OnlyFans states that the platform collects user names, email addresses, passports or driving license numbers, IP addresses, and social security numbers.

Information related to your employment might also be collected. But the service does not collect biometric information.

Can OnlyFans get you fired from your job?

Employers have the right to fire you citing any specific reason including finding out about an employee having an OnlyFans account.

The explicit content of the account may be against the norms of the company which could get you fired.

Can you take screenshots without OnlyFans’ knowledge?

OnlyFans have no way to know if a person takes screenshots of a creator’s content. So, it does not notify the creator if such an event occurs.

This is one of the privacy risks related to the platform as you cannot prevent subscribers from taking screenshots of the photos of creators and sharing them.


OnlyFans is a content-sharing service that is gaining popularity in recent times.

Fans and creators can connect and creators get to monetize their content.

To the question, Is OnlyFans safe? its safety is on par with other social networks and sharing sites.

The risks and safety features are more or less similar.

To stay safe, you need to use the protective measures found on the platform.

In addition to securing your online account, you should ensure your content does not fall into the wrong hands.

By following the various safety measures in the above guide, you can keep your content and account safe on OnlyFans.