Every year, Instagram publishes a Trends Report for the platform to give brands, businesses, and influencers a heads up for the coming year.

Knowing the Instagram trends 2023 has coming gives you an edge for your Instagram and overall social media marketing plans.

According to the Instagram Trends 2023 Report, the coming year will see a shift among the Gen Z crowd on the platform.

This data is based on things like user surveys and usage insights. 

However, there’s more to it than that when gathering trends for the coming year. A lot of research goes into the report.

Therefore, we will briefly provide an overview to help you learn what’s trending for 2023 on Instagram.

The Instagram Trend Report gathers data and then shares it with the public to show who is going to be driving engagement and shaping the culture in the coming year. 

Let’s dig into this!

Instagram Trends 2023 That You Need to Know

1. Fashion


In the realm of fashion, Gen Z creators will show off their DIY clothing more than ever on Instagram.

In one Instagram study, Gen Z survey respondents said that’s what they’ll be doing for 2023.

Hint: There will be a lot of thrifty tips for the frugal-minded and the idea of recycling, reusing, and reconstructing in the Gen Z fashion realm on Instagram.

2. Social Justice

If you’re into politics, Gen Z Instagrammers will be driving social justice on the platform going into 2023.

This generation tends to be an activist sort, so they will be supporting causes that they care about through shopping and such.

Also, disability advocacy and Gen Z politics will take the wheel. Gen Z creators will make it clear what their passions are in the political realm.

Hint: Did you know that in 2022 Maxwell Frost was elected to Congress? Frost is the first Gen Z politician to get there. 

3. “Alt” in the Metaverse

Gen Z plans to build worlds where individuality thrives. Expect to see them expressing their individuality in the digital space.

According to one survey, Gen Zers think avatars should come in a variety of body types, skin tones, etc.

Hint: Gen Z Instagram users say that they plan to get their beauty and fashion inspiration from influencers and digital avatars in the coming year.

4. Beauty


Gen Zers are more interested in beauty products that give them more self-expression and protect their skin from the sun and excessive weather patterns.

The rise in higher levels of UV rays and air pollution are driving this change. 

Hint: Gen Z will be expressing their personalities more through makeup and beauty products.

5. Business & Finance 

In 2023, you will see “The Financial Renaissance”.

Almost two-thirds of Gen Z plans to be making money through social media platforms, including Instagram in 2023.

Hint: Financial literacy and side hustles will be commonplace in 2023.

6. Cuisine Exploration

Gen Zers claim that they will be exploring culture via global cuisines, according to the Instagram Trends 2023 Report.

This generation gets their information from viral food-related content.

Hint: A whopping 68% of Gen Z social media users plan to try (or continue to eat) foods from global cultures. 

7. Community-Minded Participation

Besides the excitement driving Gen z in the digital realm, they are also excited about in-person experiences such as meet-and-greets, and conventions with the influencers they follow. 

Hint: Around 40% of Gen Zers following influencers also plan to follow podcasts from their favorite creators.

8. Dating Profiles


Instagram is likely to take over as a dating app for Gen Zers through DMs.

They feel that communicating via DMs on IG is more honest and transparent than the idea of swiping right or left on a dating app. 

About 50% of Gen Z social media users say that they would use a meme in an initial message to find their match.

Conversely, 39% said that memes are in bad taste and unattractive. 

Horoscopes and astrology will make a big splash among Gen G based on one survey.

This survey showed that Gen Z respondents said they would not date a person born under an incompatible astrological sign. 

Hint: Direct communication will drive connections and conversations even more, according to the Instagram Trends 2023 Report.

More Instagram Trends 2023 You Should Know


We have gathered a list of Instagram trends for you going into 2023. Here is that list.

  • Authentic content will rule.
  • Social Justice is important.
  • Insta-Shopping experiences will thrive.
  • Tidbits of bite-sized social content are preferred.
  • Brand memes will be more popular. 
  • Dance challenges will be seen more.
  • Instagram influencers will have more influence on global culture.

Final Thoughts

Instagrammers said goodbye to the IGTV feature on the platform in October 2021.

It was replaced with the ability to post long-form content of up to 60 minutes to the main Instagram feed.

Now, everyone can add link stickers to their IG Stories. It will no longer be exclusive to creators.

Before 2022, only creators and influencers had access to this fun feature. Knowing this should make you want to go for it.

You may see more of this kind of content on Instagram moving into 2023. However, most content is likely to be short-form videos.

The attention span of today’s society (across generations) is shorter, so shorter videos have become a big thing.

The overarching trend for video content in 2023 will be short-form videos. You are less likely to see as many long-form videos unless they are needed for the content. 

While Gen Z is planning to make its mark on the world via social media (Instagram), Gen X and Baby Boomers will still be engaging and enjoying some of the same content.

Never count out the older generations. Everyone likes engaging content.

Communities, participation, social justice, Gen Z influencers, the financial Renaissance, individuality, DIY fashion, avatars, social media income, the digital space, self-expression, Insta-Shopping, bite-sized content, global cuisine exploration, and using Instagram DMs over dating apps are all part of the new 2023 trends on social media and Instagram.

If you haven’t started making your 2023 Instagram and social media marketing strategy yet, now is a great time to do it.

You have the information at hand to make the most of 2023 for your brand, business, or as an influencer. 

Gearing much of your content towards Gen Z is wise, but don’t forget about the older generations if they are part of your audience.

After reading this article, we hope you have a better idea of how to plan your 2023 Instagram and overall social media marketing strategy for the new year.