Is there an OnlyFans app? You will be surprised by the answer!

With its 170 million active users worldwide, there is a growing interest in knowing if OnlyFans created a dedicated app with similar features as the website. 

In this article, you will find out not only the answer to this long-standing question but also other interesting facts about the adult-site platform. 

Is There an OnlyFans App?

After raking in billions of dollars in revenue during the pandemic, CEO Tim Stokely decided it is time to launch the popular site’s first-ever app. 

Due to strict community guidelines on both Apple and Google, the application’s content is entirely free from sexual content. 

The app, called OFTV, features wholesome content from top creators like Mia Khalifa and Bella Thorne.

Users can access a lot of different content from the app including podcasts, original series on creators’ real-life activities, and fitness instructions.

All About OFTV

OFTV launched at the height of the OnlyFans craze in 2021.

To capitalize on its popularity while following the rules, OnlyFans management decided to make it safe from adult content and secured a “safe-for-work” rating instead of NSFW.

OFTV is a free-to-use and ad-free site available for global users. It is available for download on Apple and Google Play Store as well as on Roku, FireTV, and SamsungTV.

Getting the OFTV App


Despite veering off from the original “spicy” content, many users still enjoy the OFTV app.

Contents like cooking shows, instructional fitness videos, and up-and-personal daily life streams are among the most-followed series on the app. 

OFTV can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. We will walk you through the simple steps of how you can get it on each platform. 

Getting the OFTV App for Android Users


Step 1. Make sure your operating system is updated to a version that is compatible with OFTV. 

Step 2. After getting your operating sorted out, go to Google Play Store and type “OFTV” on the search bar

Step 3. Click “Install” and the app will automatically start the download process

Step 4. Go to your home screen and see the OFTV app logo. Click and scroll the features to make sure it is working well

Step 5. You can sign in using your existing OnlyFans account when tuning in to OFTV

Getting the OFTV App for iOS Users


Step 1. Make sure your operating system is updated to a version that is compatible with OFTV. Apple had just released iOS 16.1.1 in November.

Step 2. After the operating system update, go to Apple Store and type “OFTV” on the search bar

Step 3. Click “Get,” double-tap on the button on your side screen if you haven’t downloaded the app before, and the download process will automatically start

Step 4. Now, go to your home screen to find the OFTV app logo. Click and scroll the features to make sure it is working well

Step 5. You can sign in using your existing OnlyFans account when tuning in to OFTV

Will There Be an NSFW OnlyFans App in the Future?

OFTV is a great platform to know OnlyFans creators in a different persona, but it can’t be denied that a huge number of users still prefer the original, pay-per-view version to satisfy their kinks. 

Technology experts say it’s highly unlikely we will be getting an OnlyFans app that is “not safe for work” in the future.

This is because Apple and Google, two of the biggest service providers in the world, are strict when it comes to the observance of their community guidelines.

Here is What You Can Do Instead

Before you give me that frown, there is always a way to get around this hurdle and we will tell you how. 

If you are not familiar with shortcuts on your home screen, it is time to get to know about this feature as it will save you tons of time later. 

Just add the OnlyFans site on the quick-access sites pinned on our home screen. However, this trick is exclusive only to iOS users. Here is how to do it:

Step 1. Go to Safari head to the OnlyFans website

Step 2. Enter your OnlyFans login credentials. Do not skip this step as it will save you so much time from having to log in again later

Step 3. Tap the share button at the bottom part, right on the center of your screen. 

Step 4. Scroll through the available options until finding the “Add to Home Screen” tab

Step 5. Confirm your action and the OnlyFans website will automatically appear on your home screen whenever you open Safari. This way, you do not have to do the lengthy process of having to log in on your OnlyFans account

Moreover, you can always have screenshots from OnlyFans content. Since you are paying a paywall to *bless those eyes*, the platform gives you the right to “own” the content displayed on the site.

OnlyFans User Count Over the Years

OnlyFans only took the center stage during the pandemic. Before it, internet users have so much “better” to do than paying for their kinks online.

Here is the history of OnlyFans user count over the years according to Business of Apps:

  • August 2019 – OnlyFans only had 7 million users during the period
  • January 2020 – OnlyFans users are at 12 million during the start of 2022
  • May 2020 – OnlyFans users hit 30 million as governments started imposing country-wide lockdowns during the period
  • October 2020 – OnlyFans users hit 75 million during the period
  • February 2021 – OnlyFans sustained massive growth, with its user count climbing to 120 million during this time
  • May 2021 – OnlyFans users grew to 150 million which is the last significant leap before growth started slowing down
  • September 2021 – OnlyFans users are at 170 million during the period which is the same as the latest count in 2022

Why Did OnlyFans Launch OFTV?

Many are wondering about the purpose of OFTV if it does not contain the original NSFW content which is “frustrating” for some users. 

OFTV is nothing but a marketing strategy so OnlyFans can maintain its strong presence in the highly competitive “not safe for work” market.

Through OFTV, users can get to know more of their content creators which will gather greater interest and later would lead them to subscribe and pay on their OnlyFans account.


The world’s biggest third-party apps like Google Play Store and Apple Store remain strict about their community guidelines, leaving no room for explicit sites like OnlyFans.

Still, the platform managed to get around this hurdle by offering an app that is free from nudity.

Although not the same as the original site, OFTV is still a valuable platform showcasing a different side of OnlyFans creators.