OnlyFans promotion on Reddit is one of the easiest ways to get more traffic to your page and earn more passive income.

Over the past few years, OnlyFans has become a top social media resource that allows you to monetize your content, while adding free and paid subscription-based content.

The thing is that you need to know how to promote OnlyFans on Reddit to be successful.

  1. Are you using Reddit yet? 
  2. Are you just getting started on Reddit? 
  3. Are you promoting on Reddit, but not getting the return you expected? 

No matter where you are in the learning curve for Reddit, we will help remove some confusion.

Once you know how to use it to promote OnlyFans, or anything else, you will be glad you took the time to learn.

In this guide, we will show you how to go from not “getting” how Reddit works to understanding enough to promote OnlyFans on the platform.

If you’re a newbie, this guide will help you catch up with the pros. If you’re a pro, this guide will show you some new tactics. 

Let’s get started!

What is Reddit? 


First, let’s discuss what Reddit is and why it was created. Oddly enough, Reddit is a social media outlet underutilized by creators. 

The Reddit website markets itself as “a network of communities where people can dive into their interests, hobbies, and passions.”

Creators should use it more since it’s one of the most highly effective methods for converting followers into subscribers for OnlyFans creators.

Inside Reddit, you will find subreddits that have content about specific niches. There’s a subreddit for every niche, hobby, passion, interest, etc.

No matter who you are, where you’re from, ther are subreddits created for you.

What is a Subreddit?

Subreddits have a prefix, which is r/. This r/ represents a subreddit. For instance, a subreddit about OnlyFans might be r/onlyfansuser. 

Reddit user accounts use the prefix u/ for user. An example of a user could be U/onlyfans-cutie.

Subreddits each have their own group of users and their own set of rules that users must abide by.

The rules in a subreddit are found in the “About” section in the subreddit. You should always read the rules before you post in a subreddit.

Subreddits have moderators who enforce the rules.  If you break a rule, you can be removed or even banned, depending on the rules in the subreddit. 

Some moderators monitor multiple subredddits for rudeness and whatever content is considered inappropriate. 

Remember this: Never argue with a moderator.

You can request another chance, but read the rules again, ask for a second chance, be nice and polite, and you might be allowed back into a subreddit. 

As a Reddit user, you can also create your own subreddit, which means you can also set your rules.

Reddit has a setup of various rules from which to choose that you can start with. 

Your subreddit should be something you have along with your user profile. It’s separate from your profile as its own “forum”. 

Why Would You Create Your Own Subreddit?


Part of building your following on Reddit will include creating your own subreddit. Naturally, you want it to be a subreddit related to your OnlyFans page. 

How do they work? Each subreddit competes with others for top placement.

That’s where you find what’s called the “hot page”, which is where you want your content. You need to achieve the highest score to get there. 

Reddit’s Voting System: Karma

Karma is how you up or down vote comments and posts on content. It’s similar to liking and commenting on any other social media platform.

Every time someone upvotes your content, you get a point to your karma. Downvotes decrease karma. Your karma points are visible on your Profile. 

Something to remember: Karma is not the most vital metric on Reddit. Your followers are your most important metric. 

That said, every time you post something, you can get an instant 10, 50, 100 upvotes, which seems pretty powerful. 

Reddit doesn’t show how many followers you have because they prefer your reputation to relate to your karma, not your followers. 

Redditt’s top creators literally have tens of thousands in karma upvotes and comments that get their posts into the top positions where they can be seen by new users on Reddit.

What happens next is that it delivers more followers and potential subscribers to your OnlyFans page.

So, it’s important that you consistently post “special” content for your Reddit followers on Reddit, or in your subreddit. 

Even if you gain followers that don’t subscribe to your OnlyFans, they are still invaluable to you on Reddit.

When you’re using Reddit to promote your OnlyFans page, you’re working towards long-term results.

It can take some time to build your followers on Reddit and then OnlyFans, but it’s worth your time. 

One of the mistakes that creators have been making is using the exact same image for multiple subreddits.

Each one needs its own unique picture and content. 

The biggest thing you need to know about karma is that there are some subreddits where you need specified amount of karma to be allowed to post.

What you need to be focusing on is that the karma scores on your posts are what determine their positions in subreddits.

Also, focus on your followers since they are the people who will help you reach the “hot page”.

Things to Know About Promoting Your OnlyFans on Reddit

How to Start an OnlyFans Without Followers

Most of Reddit’s subreddits will not allow you to sell or advertise anything on them, so avoid that notion.

Only when it’s allowed, as it may be in an OnlyFans promotional subreddit, should you even think about bringing up selling.

Also, you may want to avoid promotional OnlyFans subreddits. 

You can mention it on your profile. That said, most Redditors are averse to promotions.

It’s important to allow them to find you organically and naturally through liking and commenting on your content and profile. 

It’s wise to leave them wanting more, which is how you can more easily direct them to your OnlyFans page. 

How does that work? What you’ll be doing is posting regularly to NSFW (not suitable for work) subreddits without mention of Onlyfans (at all). 

As your posts rise in their subreddits, more people will navigate to your Reddit profile.

This is where they will gain access to your OnlyFans.

Now, let’s dig into the good part. 

How to Promote OnlyFans on Reddit


Your goal should be to use best practices when you’re promoting OnlyFans on Reddit. No matter what or where you post, these will remain the same.

Here are your first tips.

  • Post different images. Avoid the excessive use of the same pictures to all the subreddits you’ve chosen on the same day will kill your engagement. 
  • Create an interesting and diverse profile on Reddit, understanding that Reddit has been coming down hard on spammers. Even if you manage to get away with it for a brief time, you could get banned in the first week of your registration. Just don’t do it.
  • You can reuse images and share them to several subreddits if you spread these shares over three days to a week. Wait a bit before you submit the same images.
  • Never ever use advertising language of any kind in titles or comments. Unless the subreddit’s rules give explicit permission to do so, don’t advertise in the title or comments. Use your profile to attract users instead in various subreddits.
  • Always read subreddit rules before you post anything. Only submit and share relevant content to related subreddits. Look for pinned posts that include the rules. 
  • Avoid using promotional subreddits and concentrate on building your followers through regular NSFW subreddits. Subscribers are converted this way.
  • Write attention-grabbing titles without repeating them. Asking questions is one way to get attention. You can be witty, cute, smart, or ask about something that fixes a problem.
  • Post special pictures in your profile that are exclusively for your followers only. Be sure to mention that you have exclusive images for followers in the title. 
  • Post at the best times for individual subreddits. Watch how the subreddits you’re choosing are timed. Look at the best times to post by using subreddit analysis to find the times. 

The Best Content Practices

Here are some pro tips and tricks for promoting your OnlyFans content on Reddit. 

  1. Use short clips of your full-length content from OnlyFans and upload them to different subreddits. Remember not to flood different subreddits with the same content near the same times. Spread it out and use different short slips or images.
  2. Engage with users who engage with your content, especially those who comment. 
  3. Your OnlyFans link can be used in your Reddit profile, but not in your subreddits or in subreddit posts. Remember this!
  4. Create an interesting, pinned post on your Reddit profile to introduce yourself.

Optimize Your Reddit for Gaining Subscribers on OnlyFans

How Much Does OnlyFans Take from Creators

Reddit is a competitive social media platform, so it can be challenging for the newcomer.

One of the things happening now is that some new creators are getting suspended or banned from NSFW subreddits due to not reading the rules of these subreddits.

Don’t let this be you.

Let’s discuss how to optimize your Reddit profile to attract more OnlyFans subscribers.

  1. Use your OnlyFans page link in your Reddit bio, but nowhere else on the platform where it’s not allowed.
  2. Post consistently on Reddit to build your followers. Likewise, post regularly in subreddits to build your trust and authority among NSFW subreddits.
  3. You can use one short clip of a long-from video across several subreddits. This is sometimes better than just images. Be careful about doing this too often and in too many subreddits. 
  4. Use custom captions to gain engagement and viewers on your articles.

It doesn’t take much to optimize your Reddit profile, as you can see. 


Is It Legal to Promote OnlyFans on Reddit?

There are no current rules that say it’s not legal to promote OnlyFans on Reddit.

Yes. You can use Reddit to promote your OnlyFans page if you follow the above guide.

Why Use Reddit for OnlyFans Promotion?

Reddit is already known as the most effective online venue for converting Reddit followers into OnlyFans subscribers.

What’s the Best Time to Post Content on Reddit?

The best days for Reddit posting are Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays.

Users are the most active in the early mornings between 6 and 9 AM.

However, keep watch subreddit analysis to learn the best times on specific subreddits. 


That does it for this guide on how to promote your OnlyFans on your Reddit.

It’s wise to treat this like a business that takes time to grow because it is.

While Reddit is an excellent way to promote OnlyFans, it’s also very competitive, so you need the edge.

The above guide can help you gain an edge, especially as a newbie on Reddit working to get more OnlyFans subscribers

Reddit is a massive platform with many nuances and subreddits to explore.

Be careful about following the rules, optimizing your Reddit profile, and never use advertising on subreddits.

Now you know all about promoting your OnlyFans on Reddit the right way.