You wake up one day, fire up your Instagram app, and you realize you cannot access all your followers. This might point to several possible scenarios – some users have unfollowed you, they have deactivated their accounts, or worse, they have blocked you from their accounts.

Blocking someone is easy on Instagram. All it takes is tapping a button, and it is done.

It doesn’t take a lot to do this, but in most cases, these users have a reason why they block you in the first place.


Users might block you for various reasons.

Block someone on InstagramThe reasons may range from professional to personal.

Here are the top reasons why you might be blocked on the platform:

  • If the other party isn’t interested in your affairs anymore and want to stop your stories from popping up in your feed now and then. You get BLOCKED.
  • If the user doesn’t want to show their content on your feed due to one reason or another. You get BLOCKED.
  • If the professional policy of the user doesn’t allow him to have contact with you, for example, if he is working with your competitor. BLOCKED.
  • If you are spamming the other person through frivolous requests or you are trying to intrude into their personal space yet they don’t like it. BLOCKED.
  • If the other person sees your content as spam. Spam can be content that you post after a few minutes, which angers the user. BLOCKED.

Blocking limits the way you interact with the user, making it hard to see their content or comment on them.

Whatever the case, you need to know whether someone has blocked you or has just deleted his account on Instagram. Here are the top signs you have been blocked by a user.


Limited Visibility

Blocked on InstagramOpen up the app, then type in the search bar the name of the person you are looking for. If you find the person you are looking for, click on the name to enter the profile. If everything is good, you will be able to see his/her profile. If you don’t see the complete profile, then the person has deactivated or blocked you.

If the person you are checking has a public account, then you will be able to find the name but won’t be able to see the images even though the bar indicates that the person has images in their profile.

You can use external apps to know who has unfollowed you. One such tool is Unfollowgram, though someone might unfollow you and not block you.

If the person who has blocked you has a private account, you might not be able to see their name on the list, even if you search for it.

To make sure that the person has blocked you, try and search for the name of the person using another person’s Instagram app. If you can see the profile from the other end, then you are sure that you have been blocked.


What are the Implications of Getting Blocked?

So, what happens when you get blocked by another user?

First, they cannot receive a DM from you, which means there is no use sending them a message. However, you can get their attention by mentioning them in a comment using @username.

The user won’t be able to see your content in any way, and you also won’t interact with them at all. This makes it hard for you to market your products on the platform.

Remember, the more people block you, the fewer you have to market to, and the lower your engagement levels.