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Instagram is slowly taking over the internet, one new feature at a time. Their latest attempt at this is in direct competition with YouTube.

They’ve just announced at a conference in San Francisco that they will be allowing their users to upload videos up to an hour in length.

Introducting IGTV

Instagram will launch IGTV as the foundation of their new feature-length video app. You will be able to access this feature by merely clicking on a button found on your home screen, or within the app itself.

IGTV itself will showcase favorite videos from the likes of celebrities and politicians.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom says that it’s high time the video feature on Instagram evolved to something that accommodated for more content.

Simply put, IGTV has been made so that you can enjoy longer-form content from your idols and influencers.

How Does IGTV Work?

So, how is IGTV going to work? IGTV will be accessible to anybody – not just celebrities. People will be able to upload longer videos through the app itself. There will be a TV-shaped button above the Stories section.

Because it’s a dedicated app in itself, you are able to enjoy these new videos without any other Instagram distractions.

Within this app, users will be able to swipe through featured videos, based on their personal interests.

They can also swipe up to the Browse app which will allow them to look at recommended videos. Users will also receive notifications from the IGTV button app, updating them on all things new.


Another interesting feature that IGTV is launching is the ability to create entire channels on Instagram, dedicated to showcasing all your personal videos. Friends and followers can subscribe to this channel to stay up to date.
Naturally, the question of ads is going to come up when it comes to videos – just look at YouTube.

So while Instagram says that there won’t be any ads in their videos initially, they see the opportunity for users to monetize them in the future. Additionally, Instagram doesn’t plan on paying any content creators for their videos.

IGTV is going to be a popular new feature, where lots of Instagram users will be able to make feature-length movies to showcase their original channel and expand their user audience.

This feature is also bound to attract advertisers themselves, so watch this space when it comes to potential content.


What’s been made clear from this latest Instagram feature launch is that they are far from their initial platform of filtered images.

Now that screens have become sophisticated enough to cope with feature-length videos, Instagram is ready to take its social media platform to the next level, allowing you to get even more creative with the content that you publish.

While YouTube is always going to have more content, Instagram could be the new place to watch great content on the smaller screen.

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