Instagram may have started with a small following, but today it has grown into one of the most used social media channels among individuals, businesses, brands, and influencers. This visual platform is full of amazing content like quality images and videos related to almost every business you can think of. 

Something everyone should is that once a social media website goes global, there is a higher risk of issues with privacy breaches. These apps promote the idea of content sharing and provide options to keep their profiles private, the risk is still present.

Bloggers, influencers, celebrities and other famous or semi-famous people do not make their profiles or lives private. Why? Because one of their objectives for success is in having a high follower count. Many people using Instagram nowadays want to be public and get as many followers as possible. 

Oftentimes, these users gain their massive followers by means of buying Instagram followers and engagement. Buying their engagement is a strategy that is accepted by Instagram users and marketers regardless of the risk to their reputation, credibility, and the potential of getting suspended or banned from the site. 

Buying followers opens the doors for fake accounts and profiles that generate spam. However, there are certainly safer companies from which to buy followers that do not deliver fake followers. It is just wise to be aware of this issue. Be aware of those sites that offer deep discounts or cheap followers even if your follower count is lower than you prefer. It is hardly worth that risk.

Creating an Instagram Account: Public vs Private

Instagram Account

When you create a new Instagram account, it is automatically set as public as the default. That means that anyone, anywhere can see your profile, engage with you,  and contact you. If you want your profile to be private where only certain people have access to your profile, you have to manually change that in the Instagram privacy settings. 

Public profiles are easy to find and view, but private profiles are not as easy to view. There are valid reasons a person might want to view a user’s private profile. For instance, a parent who wants to maintain their child’s safety on social media or a boss who wants to know what an employee is sharing to social media (certain things regarding work-related information are illegal to share). It is not always about being controlling or nosy. 

Public Profiles

Instagram public account

Public profiles are completely visible and open for public viewing. That means whatever content the user shares is accessible to anyone who wants to see it. These profiles are easily found with a username search. Not only can you view the content, but you can interact with it by leaving comments, sharing the content, sending direct messages, and liking the posts. 

Public profiles are also easily accessible through third-party searches (Google, Bing, etc.). When someone searches a name associated with a public Instagram profile on a search engine, the link to that profile will be generated in the search results. That link will redirect you to your Instagram app where you will see the account you searched. All the images and videos from a public profile also show up in Google images and other similar applications.

Private Profiles

Private Account

People who want to have more privacy and set their profiles to private through the Instagram settings are usually just trying to avoid unwanted interactions and messages. Some people do this for nefarious reasons, but that is another story. 

The user with a private profile has control over who sees their shared content. Only those who the user wants to have see their content are allowed access. You would have to send a follow request to a private Instagram account user and wait to be granted access to their profile. Only then could you view their whole profile.

The following information will touch on the easiest ways to view private Instagram accounts. 

How to View Private Instagram Profiles

  1. Search Engine Searches: The first method starts with a Google search of someone’s username. First, you need to search their username. Once you scroll through the generated content in your search, you can choose the profile you wish to view. Even when a profile is private, there are often “footprints” of their profile and username left behind from before they changed their privacy settings. Even this little tidbit of information, when it is available on Google search, can help you find the profile and see their profile image. Plus, you can also find the user’s unprotected Twitter, Facebook, or other social media information.
  1. Send Follow Request: Sending them a “follow request” is another way to get access to a private profile. This is a bold move that if you are accepted in their realm, you will have access to their profile. If they know you already, chances are they will accept your request. 
  • If your request is not immediately accepted or rejected, there are some ways to get them to accept your request to be a follower. 
  • Wait for some time to pass before you send a second follow request. It is possible that the user is not too active on their Instagram account or they do not commonly check their pending requests daily. Your request could go unnoticed for a while.
  • If days have passed without having your follow request accepted, try using direct messaging to contact the user. You will want to explain why you want to follow them, tell them who you are, and see if they have an interest in accepting your request. Interacting with them this way helps for some private user accounts because they are prone to ignoring requests from people they do not know.
  • If you know the user from somewhere in the past, share with them how you know them or how you met them to help encourage them.
  1. Create a Fake ID: If these methods fail to work, you can create a fake profile, However, be advised that this is highly unethical and it could put your account at risk for suspension or banning. 

One of the most common ways people use to create fake profiles is to use a female persona and share some female-centric content first. Look at what female influencers are sharing to brainstorm and create your own content. Follow some public profiles of trusted friends so that you do not look fake. Once you are set to go, send a follower request to the user.

If you still do not get a response, try to build some trust via Instagram DM by introducing yourself and chatting nicely about mutual friends and such.

  1. Try an IG Viewer Tool: When all else fails, there is a last resort. There are third-party viewer tools that will allow you to see private Instagram account content. These tools are not 100 percent safe or genuine, so you may put yourself at risk online by using one. These websites require information like your Instagram credentials (username, contact data, your name, credit card info, etc.) and they are not free to use. You must pay a fee to use these services. Buyer beware: This kind of website may create risk for getting your data stolen. 

Some of the websites that offer this kind of service include:

  • Instagram Private Profile Viewer
  • PrivateInsta
  • InstaRipper
  • InstaLooker
  • InstaSpy


All social media channels allow users to share things about themselves and their personal lives to their chosen audience. Some people love to openly share publicly, while others prefer to be private and to protect some of their content. Some of them just want to keep their online persona private and limited to just a small social circle. They want to avoid having their privacy breached by inviting unwanted followers interacting with them by leaving unwanted comments on their content. 

Much like the idea of websites that allow you to access and download premium versions of movies, television, software, games, and other such content for free, there are tools that allow you to gain access to private Instagram accounts. Anything that allows you such access comes with risks that threaten your online security that results in spyware that will allow people to steal your personal information. They are known as “crack” tools that require people to provide their personal information in order to use their “tools”. 

The second you submit that information, you are putting your privacy and personal information at risk. There are also fake sites that sell Instagram followers that you need to avoid since there are better and safer ways to buy followers without that compromise.