Instagram is today amongst the elite of social media platforms with its amazing photo-sharing feature. With over 700 million subscribers, it has indeed become a popular and exciting app full of fun.  This high number of users together with the sky-high user engagement levels makes Instagram more appealing and user-friendly. Building or engaging following on Instagram is not as simple as it used to be in 2010 when the forum was created. Interestingly, there are quite many surefire ways of growing your Instagram account. With the advancement in technology, many new techniques arise every day. Many users no longer depended only on liking other users’ photos or contents, commenting, or following pages as used to be in the past. In this blog, I will show you how you can use Instagram blot to grow your account.

Beyond using some of these conventional techniques, Instagram bots have also become essential in building Instagram accounts. In fact, marketers and social media influencers also depend on this technique to draw a large audience to their profiles. While having a brand-friendly profile is also crucial, growing an Instagram account is not just reliant on a particular way of doing things. Lately, users have successfully grown their accounts by initiating some automation or auto liker techniques. With this, sharing, liking and trying new ways of growing Instagram accounts have perfectly been put into practice.

What are Instagram bots?

An Instagram bot is a form of automation that helps users to do all the liking, commenting sharing and other interactions like following other users. These are the actions that most users perform on almost a daily basis, even though they tend to take quite a lot of users’ time. The two most popular Instagram bots are Instagram auto-follow bots and Instagram auto like bots. Further, there are specific examples of Instagram bot services such as FollowLiker and Mass Planners. With the use of Instagram bots, you can add in other features or parameters like hashtags and leave it for the bot to do all the other work.

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Why Instagram users love Instagram bots

Taking a whole afternoon going through posts and commenting, or liking each of them can be quite tedious. Besides, the time you take following all the users you want to hit the 100 thousand followers mark can be such a boring task. But with the automation technique, you can certainly do all these without being there. You will have more time to attend to your offline works and only visit your Instagram account to see how it has grown immensely in a short span.