When you see an Instagram post and want to share it on Facebook, do you ever wonder how individuals do that?

The trick is to connect your accounts so that when you make a post (or change an existing one), Instagram will automatically send your video or image to Facebook.

Moreover, if you connect your accounts, your Facebook friends may be alerted that you have joined Instagram.

That makes it so you can get followers from that system without seeking them out actively.

Here’s the deal with connecting your Facebook to Instagram.

How to Connect Facebook to Instagram

After Facebook went Meta, a lot of things shifted.

Connecting your Instagram and Facebook accounts requires using the Accounts Center.

Accounts Center can be accessed from the Meta section of Settings.

To connect your Facebook account, go to the Accounts Center and click Setup Accounts Center.

You’ll be taken to Facebook’s sign-in screen, where you can enter the credentials for the profile you’d like to connect.

Click Continue as [your Facebook name] when prompted to do so. Complete the Accounts Center setup.

You have the option of having your name and profile updated simultaneously.

Your Instagram and Facebook profiles will be linked as soon as you click Continue.

How To Check The Current Connection

Facebook To Instagram
  • Visit the Facebook Page you want to link to your Instagram account while logged into Facebook.
  • Navigate to Settings > Instagram
  • Make sure your Instagram business profile is linked to the Page.

Ensure the right Instagram account is linked to start using later immediately.

Just scroll down to the “Instagram” section and click “Disconnect” if the incorrect Instagram account is linked to your Facebook account.

Then, to link a Page, do what’s outlined below.

Connect Multiple Accounts In Facebook Account Centre

You can only link a single social media account (Facebook or Instagram) to your control panel.

Some extra legwork will be involved if you wish to link several pages across both platforms.

You must first ensure that your Facebook profile (not the page) is either an administrator of all the necessary Facebook pages or the page’s owner.

You’ll have the option of publishing to your profile or any administrative site.

Instagram users who wish to merge many accounts into one must check in to each account within the app.

Up to five separate accounts can be logged in at the same time. 

Next, access your Logins by going to the Settings page and scrolling to the bottom, as mentioned before.

Select a profile from the drop-down menu, and its associated username and password will become your primary login credentials going forward.

So be wary of giving out login information to your team if you have more than one profile connected to the same service.

Why Link Your Instagram Account To Your Facebook Page?

facebook to instagram

You probably already have Instagram and a Facebook business profile, but you’re here because you’re curious about the advantages of combining the two.

Unlike operating as two independent companies, things flow more easily when your Instagram business account is linked to your Facebook profile. 

For instance, having your Instagram and Facebook accounts linked enables you to post images and captions to both platforms simultaneously with a single click.

Connecting your Facebook profile and Instagram account has many additional great advantages.

Building Customer’s Trust

Followers and potential buyers can rest assured they’re dealing with the same company when your Instagram business account is linked to your Facebook page and posts appear on both networks consistently.

Schedule Posts Across Platforms

By linking your two accounts, you can easily schedule posts on both Instagram and your Facebook business page simultaneously.

This is ideal if you don’t have a social media manager on staff.

Respond To Messages Quicker

You’ll get a consolidated inbox for all your direct messages when you connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

This gives you more options for managing your inbox, such as categorizing messages and responding quickly.

Final Thoughts

With the information provided here, you should be able to establish a connection between your Instagram and Facebook accounts successfully.

Those connected to their Instagram and Facebook accounts can share content simultaneously on both platforms. 

In case you’re already on Facebook, you may quickly access Instagram there. After Facebook went Meta, a lot of things shifted.

Connecting your Instagram and Facebook accounts requires using the Accounts Center.