Instagram has come a long way. What started simply as a social media platform for sharing photos has now become the top platform for all things entertaining. 

In the last decade, Instagram has rolled out one feature after the other, captivating users in new ways. Stories, Reels, Chat notes: you name it. 

However, another feature that catapulted Instagram to its success is the Business or Creator account feature.

Users can change their personal account to a business one and get insights on how their profile and posts are performing. 

But, what if you have no interest in that anymore?

Maybe you just wish to go back to your personal account because you no longer want to run your business or continue being an influencer with an ordinary account. 

Whatever the reason for your decision, the good news is that you can change back your account into personal mode quite easily.

Regardless of whether you are a business owner or an influencer, having a business account can be quite overwhelming sometimes. 

Hence, in this article, we will look at how to turn off business account on Instagram. 

What Are Business Accounts On Instagram?

Instagram Business Account 312

Before diving right into how you can turn off your business account on Instagram, let us first learn a little bit about business accounts.

As you might guess from the name itself, these accounts are for businesses. 

Opposed to ordinary personal accounts on Instagram, business accounts come packed with a lot of features.

Features like contact buttons and promoted posts help brands and creators to expand their reach

However, the standout feature of the business account has to be the insights section.

You can get an idea about how your profile is performing and from there, you can deduce which areas need more work and which ideas are working. 

Overall, business accounts are very handy for brands and creators trying to establish themselves on the platform.

But, if you don’t want to enjoy such features anymore and want a simple approach to Instagram, you can switch back to your personal account and we’ll show you how in the following section. 

How To Turn Off Business Account On Instagram

Now that we’re familiar with the basic features of a business account, let us also learn how to turn off business account on Instagram. 

Follow the instructions below. 

Step 1: Launch your Instagram app and make sure you’re logged in to your account. Navigate to your profile and tap on the hamburger icon or three lines at the top-right corner. 

Step 2: Go to Settings from there and tap on Account from the menu. 


Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom and tap on Switch Account Type. 


Step 4: Next, click on Switch to Personal Account and confirm your decision. 

Switch to Personal Account

That’s it! You have now changed your account back to Personal mode. 

When Should You Change Back Your Account? 

There’s no doubt that Instagram is a wonderful app full of fascinating features.

And, the platform keeps on introducing new functions every now and then to make the interface more powerful. 

The Business Account feature helps a lot of users to operate their businesses more efficiently on social media.

It helps them to analyze their performance and work on where they lack. 

However, all this can soon become too much. Perhaps you wish to take some time off from your business or shut it down altogether, in which case you can also delete the account if you want to. 

Or maybe you wish to conduct your business from the personal account itself and have a more simple approach to it.

Business accounts, while great, only work as long as you’re utilizing all its features to their full potential. 

Maybe you have already established your business quite well on social media and want to simply expand through word of mouth or through your clients’ contacts.

If that’s your idea, then switching back to a personal account can be a good thing. 

It will give you some time to focus more on your products and have a more hands-on approach rather than focusing only on your social media metrics. 

Should You Switch to a Personal Account on Instagram?

Instagram Business Account

So, should you switch back to a personal account? Well, it all depends on you, the user. 

It depends on how you choose to operate your business and which strategy you like to use for it.

If you are a new business that is trying to establish itself in the market, then the business account can do you a lot of good. 

The insights feature will inform you about your followers and posts and moreover, you can promote posts and run ads as much as you like. 

For others, switching back to a personal account might be more convenient. One big reason why you might want to do that is that you want to turn your account private. 

Having a business account doesn’t allow you to have a private account since it defeats the purpose.

However, with a business account, you will be able to understand which followers or customers are actually taking an interest in your brand. 

You will have a better chance at having an organic reach and cultivating and identifying brand loyalty more if you use your account in the right way. 

However, when talking about the cons of the personal account, it must be mentioned that you won’t have the contacts button anymore.

This means that your followers can’t access your account details. 

One alternative to that is you can just list your contact details on the bio. 

So, ultimately it all depends on the particular user. It boils down to how you wish to go forward with your business.

Take some time to think about it and go ahead with your decision then. 

Final Thoughts

Running a business on social media is difficult and it is becoming even more difficult on Instagram, which is becoming a crowded and competitive landscape. 

However, for brands and businesses trying to make a name, the business account feature can come in handy quite well.

The analytics and insights help companies understand where they stand, in terms of Instagram growth

But, not everyone can take the pressure of a business account.

There’s a lot to keep up with and some business owners just prefer to have a more natural and organic approach to their social media growth. 

So, if you are one such user, you can just switch back to your personal account.

That is why, in this article, we showed you the steps for how to turn off business account on Instagram.