Ready to discover how to private stream on Twitch? It’s surprisingly straightforward and useful.

It guarantees you privacy when you don’t want anyone watching what you’re doing.

Or, it allows you to create personalized content that only a specified few can view.

That’s great for chatting with colleagues and friends or for earning additional funds.

However, if you’ve already tried this you’ll have noticed there is no official private stream facility on Twitch!

How To Private Stream On Twitch


Fortunately, there are several options available to you that will ensure you have the privacy you need.

1. Create A Different Account

The main reason to create a private stream on Twitch is to keep yourself hidden from your regular users. Or, you may wish to create limited-access content, a perfect way to increase income.

Although anyone can find your account, the secret to a private stream is to use a new account and provide minimal details.

You’ll then be able to give your dedicated followers, friends, or paid subscribers the details of your private account.

To create your secondary Twitch account:

  • Open Twitch
  • Create a new account
  • Add a nickname – think carefully about the impression the name makes and how easy it will be to find
  • Decide on a solid password
  • Enter and confirm your email address. It must be valid but make it different to your main account
  • Take a good look at all the terms to make sure you can stick to them. If you’re sure then there is an option to sign-up.

Remember, this is intended as a private stream on Twitch, you need to keep profile information to a minimum. This ensures only those who you want to access the service will find you.

Normally with a Twitch account, your user name needs to be relevant to help locate followers. When creating a private stream you can choose a vague nickname.

It will make your account harder to find and, therefore, more exclusive.

Don’t forget, a blank account with very little information is going to be easily lost in the thousands of Twitch accounts. That virtually guarantees privacy.

2. Use the Subscriber Option

Another way to create your private stream on Twitter is by using the subscriber option. It’s possible to use this feature with brand-new accounts and existing ones.

At the top of your screen you’ll find an image of a person, click on this. Then, choose to view your dashboard.

You’ll be able to see the edit stream info and can opt for subscribers only.

In other words, your viewers will only be able to see your stream if you add them to your subscriber list.

You can use this to create a friend-only area. More importantly, it allows you to monetarize the Twitch stream. In short, subscribers will need to pay before being granted subscriber status.

It’s the most effective way to increase the income from Twitch while providing the best possible service.

However, you should note that you must have an affiliated or partner status with Twitch to be eligible for the subscriber option. You must have adhered to all the Twitch guidelines and been broadcasting for at least 90 days to be allowed to have subscribers.

Affiliates can earn income through Twitch, partners have more benefits, such as the capability to negotiate the percentage of revenue received from subscribers.

To become an affiliate you’ll need a minimum of:

  • 500 minutes of broadcasting from at least seven different streams
  • A minimum of 50 followers
  • Each broadcast must have at least 3 consecutive viewers within the last 30 days

In other words, the subscriber option is the perfect way to earn money but you need to have a following first.

3. The Test Option

This is an unusual approach but can work.

In effect, the test option allows you to privately test how good your internet connection is and lets you view your streams before uploading.

You simply need to select the stream test option.

When you do this you’ll be allowed to let limited people watch your test. This can be used to provide private content, but you’ll need to run the test every time you want to load this way.

It will also be visible to others after you go live.

4. Consider A Different Platform


If the above options aren’t working for you then you don’t need to give up on Twitch. Instead, consider an alternative platform to effectively create a private stream on Twitch.

Here are some of the most popular options


It’s easy to create a YouTube channel, you simply need a Google or YouTube account. Once you have the account, make the audience unlisted and the only people able to see your content will be those you choose.

You send them the link and only they can view it. This can be to earn funds or simply to keep things private.


Most people and businesses have a Facebook account. If not, you can create one in minutes.

Then, choose the live button and you can broadcast your content onto the web. Best of all, you can choose who gets to see your content.

That means you can have a private stream viewable only by friends or paying followers/customers.

You should note, when you limit access you’ll need to individually add each account allowed to view your content. It takes time but it’s worth it.


This is a much newer arrival on the stream but you’ll find this can make it a better option.

You’ll want to create an account and a video channel. Then allow specified viewers access before creating your stream and going live.

Summing Up How To Private Stream On Twitch


Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms at the moment, and for good reason.

If you’ve become an affiliate or partner then it’s simple to boost your income and create private content.

However, if this, or the other options listed to help you learn how to private stream on Twitch, are not attractive, you can still use the channel.

Simply create a channel on a third-party platform and have the best of both worlds.

But, to keep your account going and the income possibilities, make sure you always conform to the guidelines.