Are you an aspiring streamer looking to make it big on Twitch? You’ve likely heard of Twitch Affiliates and Partners, but do you know the differences? 

We’re here to help you understand Twitch Affiliate vs Partner so you can decide which is best for your streaming career.

In this article, we’ll go over Twitch Affiliates and Partners’ detailed differences and similarities in terms of eligibility requirements, monetization options, subscription fees, and more.

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Twitch Affiliate vs Partner

Here’s a detailed overview of Twitch Affiliate vs Partner:

Twitch Affiliate

Twitch Affiliate

It is a program that enables people to start earning money on Twitch. At the same time, they build their audience and work to get Twitch Partner status. 

As an Affiliate, you can earn income through Cheering with Bits, subscriptions, game sales, and video ads.

How Do I Qualify For The Affiliate Program?

To become a Twitch Affiliate, streamers must meet the following qualifications:

  • Have at least 50 followers
  • Stream for 8 hours in the last 30 days
  • Stream for 7 days in the last 30 days
  • Have at least 3 or more viewers over the last 30 days
  • Reach 500 total minutes broadcast 

Twitch Partner 

Twitch Partner

It is a program that allows streamers to make money from their content.

Twitch Partners get access to unique tools, monetization opportunities, and additional support resources such as custom badges, emotes, and other perks. 

Being a Twitch Partner also helps streamers build their brand and reach more viewers.

As a Partner, you’ll be able to share your passion with the world, earn money from your streams, and access exclusive benefits that will help you grow as a content creator.

How Do I Qualify As A Twitch Partner?

Twitch is looking for Partners who can act as role models to the community.

To qualify as a Twitch Partner, you must meet specific criteria, including:

  • Complete the Path to the Partner application
  • Stream on Twitch regularly and build a community of viewers
  • Have at least 25 hours of broadcast in the last 30 days 
  • Have at least 3 or more viewers 
  • Solid viewership numbers and interact with your audience
  • Follow Twitch’s Terms of Service, Community, and DMCA guidelines
  • Display high-quality production values in their streams

Once you’ve met these criteria, you can apply to become a Twitch Partner and start making money from your streams.

Differences Between Twitch Affiliates and Partners


Both Twitch Affiliates and Partners are ways to monetize a stream, but some key differences set them apart.


 Affiliates get paid through subscription fees from their followers, Cheering with Bits, advertisements, and game sales commissions.

On the other hand, partners can also benefit from emotes and channel subscriptions.

Subscriber Benefits

 Affiliates and Partners offer perks to their subscribers, such as custom emotes and badges.

However, Partners have access to certain benefits that Affiliates don’t, such as VIP roles and priority support.


Affiliates have more customization options than Partners, as Partners are limited to what’s available through Twitch.

Affiliates can add custom overlays and backgrounds, which is something that Partners cannot do.

Overall, there are some key differences between Twitch Affiliate and Partner programs that streamers should be aware of. 

While both programs offer ways to monetize streams, the differences in requirements, revenue options, and customization can be helpful when deciding which program is right for you.

Similarities Between Twitch Affiliates and Partners 

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Twitch Affiliates and Partners share important similarities that make them both valuable components of the Twitch streaming community.


Additionally, both the Affiliates and Partners have access to features like video uploads, Live Dashboard (for stream management), Video Manager (for organizing uploaded videos), and transcoding options for optimal stream performance. 

They are both able to monetize their streams through a variety of methods.

Community Engagement

Affiliates and Partners also share an essential benefit in terms of community engagement. They both have access to Stream Teams and can join or create their own. 

Joining a Stream Team allows them to benefit from increased visibility and the ability to communicate and collaborate with other streamers in the same team.

Twitch Chat 

Affiliates and Partners can embed Twitch chat into their streams, allowing viewers to engage with the streamer and one another.

This helps create a more interactive and engaging experience for viewers, which is essential in building a successful streaming career.

Twitch Affiliates and Partners have many similarities that make them both valuable assets to the Twitch streaming community. 

From monetization options to community engagement tools, they both have access to features that allow them to succeed as streamers on Twitch.


Ultimately, which program is best for your channel will depend on your goals as a streamer and how much time and effort you are willing to put into growing your channel. 

No matter which program you choose, courtesy and politeness should be most important when interacting with other Twitch users or companies who sponsor your channel. 

Following the rules of Twitch etiquette will help ensure your channel runs smoothly and make it easier for viewers to feel comfortable in your stream.

By understanding Twitch Affiliate vs Partner, you can set yourself up for success in your streaming career.