Home to the gaming community, Twitch has more than 140 active users from all parts of the world, with more than 31 million daily users in 2022. 

There is one group of users that love playing computer games the most – children. 

However, you will be surprised to know that Twitch does not allow children on its platform – either as an audience or a streamer. 

As we know, Twitch is not only filled with children-friendly games. As streaming platforms are growing in popularity, there is also a rise in non-gaming channels and other types of entertainment. 

Therefore, it is safe to say that Twitch is not the best place for young children. 

In this article, we will look into how old do you have to be to stream on Twitch. 

Twitch – What Is It?

What Are Gifted Subs on Twitch

If you did not know already, Twitch is a live-streaming platform that can be downloaded as a mobile app or a website. 

Twitch is mostly used by gamers that stream live games while engaging with their audiences in real-time. 

However, there is no compulsion that the live videos should only revolve around gaming; these videos can feature almost any activity, like cooking, music, etc. 

Twitch is very popular among the younger generation. You can either watch or create live videos playing popular games or watch influencers and celebrities interacting with their fans.

When you are watching gaming videos, you will see the main video where the game is being played and a smaller screen of the gamer. This way, you will hear the gamer’s commentary as well. 

You can also leave comments for the streamers to answer or interact with within a stream.

Why Has Twitch Become So Popular? 

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As we have mentioned before, Twitch has more than 140 million users globally. You can connect with other users by sharing a common interest online. 

By watching the streamers play new games, young people will have a new way to view and enjoy their favorite games and also learn new skills. 

Viewers can also preview new game releases before downloading or buying them. 

Since all the videos are streamed live, it makes them less edited than other visual content.

Viewers can get involved with what is happening at the moment as well as talk with the streamer and/or content creator. 

The interaction is not just about subscribing; as a viewer, you can do so much more to show your support and encouragement to the streamer. Additionally, it is more fun too!

How Old Do You Have To Be To Stream On Twitch?

Based on data, nearly 34% of Twitch users are between the ages of 16 years and 34 years. As you can see, most viewers are teenagers. 

However, this does not answer the question – how old do you have to be to stream on Twitch? Here are the rules related to the Twitch age limit:

  1. Users should not be below the age of 13 years to use the Twitch services.
  2. Users between the ages of 13 years and the maximum legal age of the state or country will need to be supervised by an adult whenever they use Twitch. 

Overall, any child that is under the age of 13 years cannot create a Twitch account. They also cannot use another user’s Twitch account. 

Once the child crosses the age of 13 years, he/she can create a Twitch account. However, they will need to be supervised by an adult when they use Twitch if the user is still under the legal age. 

Once you have reached the legal age, you can start using Twitch with no restrictions. 

Why Does Twitch Have An Age Limit?

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As we have mentioned before, Twitch has a rather younger demographic with their own Twitch accounts. 

Parents need to be aware that Twitch does contain adult themes before allowing their kids to use the site. 

While such adult content is rarely seen on Twitch, you will regularly come across violence, drug use, and adult language in video games. 

Since Twitch is a live-streaming platform, it is impossible for the site to be moderated. And, children can get exposed to such content accidentally. 

Here are some reasons why Twitch has an age limit:

1. Adult Language

The use of adult language is very common among famous and more prominent streamers. 

Video games can pressurize even the most cool-headed streamers to use bad language in the heat of the moment.

Thankfully, Twitch offers a wide range of ways that can help prevent you from viewing and listening to such content if you do not wish to. 

For instance, you can label your channel as ‘for mature audiences’ to cover themes and languages that you might not want to see or hear. 

Also, the Twitch chat contains a lot of adult language. Kids can easily get exposed to these slurs, lingo, and strong languages. 

Even if the streamer has banned the usage of profanity in chat rules, it is likely that the rule will be broken by many users. 

Even though Twitch may ban these users or issue warnings, the site does not have dedicated support to monitor the same and keep things fair and accurate. 

2. Use Of Drugs

Twitch streamers often talk openly about drug use. Of course, they do so concerning local or international laws. 

For instance, content streamers that reside in places where marijuana is legal to talk about it on their channels. While it is not illegal, it can still be inappropriate for some users. 

This is another thing that parents need to supervise if their children are using Twitch services. 

3. Violence In Video Games

In today’s time, you will find a wide range of video games. Most of these games are violent in nature because they feature shooting and killing opponents. 

In fact, FPS (First-Person Shooter) games have been very popular since the last decade. Now, there is also the emergence of the horror video game genre that includes gore elements and torture. 

While most of these games have smaller followers than most other mainstream games, they can still be accessed and streamed on Twitch. 

Your child could just as easily switch from a streamer that plays Minecraft to another who streams such violent games. 

Since these games cannot be banned from the site, it becomes the responsibility of the parent to keep an eye out for their kids.

4. Toxic Environment 

Gaming is very competitive. Therefore, there is bound to be toxicity on Twitch. Hateful speech, bullying, etc. all come with the territory. 

All these can cause psychological and emotional damage, especially among young children. 

While these streamers can be banned, muted, or reported for their actions, the damage would have been already done. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, children below the age group of 13 years are not allowed to create a Twitch account. 

Even if your child is above 13 years, your responsibility as a parent is to monitor what content they watch until they reach the legal age.

As a streamer, it is also your responsibility to follow the community guidelines on Twitch. 

If you have any more questions, you can let us know in the comment section.