Are you looking to buy YouTube live views from a trusted company?

We are bringing some of the best companies that offer top-quality YouTube live views in 2024.  

YouTube live views are one of the best methods to interact and earn the trust of your followers.

You can use various strategies to engage your live audience, like Q&A, live games, music, live performances, live ASMR, reviews, etc. 

It is important to have a good amount of live views during the session to make an impact on the session. 

When you buy YouTube live stream viewers, you are getting more attention from an organic audience.

It will influence the YouTube algorithm and increase your video ranking to the top charts.

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Live Views in 2024

  1. Media Mister
  2. GetAFollower
  3. Buy Real Media

1. Media Mister

Media Mister Buy YouTube Views

When you obtain YouTube live views from a service, make sure you are not getting spam views from artificial methods.

YouTube has high-quality filters that will identify fake views generated by fraudulent accounts. 

👉 Buy YouTube Live Views

It is a tactic to overcome the artificial paid promotional methods. Media Mister is offering 100% natural methods to provide you with great results. It ensures a strict- no-spam live views policy for YouTube. 

As a result, you are getting real human live views in a short waiting time. 

They have various other packages also to promote the growth of your YouTube channel. It is better for your account if the views are increasing gradually rather than in a second.

2. GetAFollower

GetAFollower Buy YouTube Views

We found plenty of reasons to put GetAFollower in our list of best sites to buy YouTube live views in 2024.

Most importantly, GetAFollower offers top-quality views, a high retention rate, and a money-back guarantee. 

👉 Get YouTube Live Views

Our experience says that if a service confidently offers a money-back policy, then they know what they do.

GetAFollower allows you to gather a good live crowd during your live stream without using fake accounts.

So genuine user profiles in a YouTube live stream will attract more people and end up getting maximum views for your live video. 

GetAFollower ensures credibility, and your YouTube account will not suspend the live streaming.

3. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media Buy YouTube Views

Buy Real Media offers attractive price offers to buy YouTube live views. 

You can start the live video stream and paste the URL into the Buy Real Media page to purchase the required live views. 

👉 Get YouTube Live Views

Please note that you have to complete the transaction before the live video ends, or you will never get a refund from the site. 

Once the payment has been done, you can expect live stream views as per your order in 5-10 minutes. 

Buy Real Media offers 1000 to 10,000 live views plans for you. All live views are from real accounts and of high quality.

The combined force of expertise and experience makes Buy Real Media a real deal compared to many fake view providers in the industry.

4. UseViral 

UseViral Buy Youtube Live Views

If you want to buy YouTube live views from a trusted service, try UseViral.  UseViral packages start performing quickly after completing the payment. 

It will boost your YouTube live session in a productive process to encourage maximum reach. 

We also noticed on UseViral the availability of different packages related to YouTube views. 

YouTube live views-related plans in UseViral are pocket friendly compared to other websites.

It never uses Auto-bots or automated chat setups to interact with customers.

Hence you can expect a human at the other end of the screen if you are looking for an extra pair of helping hands. 

5. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Buy Youtube Live Views

You can expect a value-for-money package while using the SidesMedia service to buy YouTube live views. 

The best method to avoid any kind of risks in boosting YouTube live viewers is by depending on real user views. SidesMedia has set up a large network of real accounts owned by real people. 

So whatever YouTube live views you are getting through the service are legitimate. Hence you can grow your YouTube channel without any fear of policy violations. 

There are client testimonials on online sites that ensure the credibility of SidesMedia. 

Some reviews claim that the whole process was easy to set up, and the results are sublime.

6. QQTube


QQTube offers about 14 different plans to purchase Youtube live views.

Each plan is based on the total live duration, and the speed of availability of genuine accounts in your YouTube live streaming. 

For instance, when you choose the 15 minutes plan, the live viewers boost starts showing in the first 5 minutes of live streaming itself, and it stays till the end of the session.

QQTube offers similar plans to 12-hour YouTube live streaming as well. However, it specifically mentions that the views may not be interacting with you on the stream.

And the orders are non-refundable once placed. Similarly, there is a set of specific situations mentioned on the site where a refund is not applicable. 

Also, you should note that the live streaming views counts may not be sustained after the live video session ends.

7. SMO.Agency


SMO.Agency is a fully automated company that offers YouTube live viewers.

It offers real-time statistics to keep track of all your social media promotion requirements covered by the company. 

Since the 24/7 customer support is effective, you can always ask for assistance to choose the best plan suitable for you.

SMO.Agency provides you 15 minutes of YouTube live streaming support where you can purchase 2000 to 20000 genuine live views instantly. 

When compared to many other companies in the market, SMO.Agency has affordable rates reasonable to the service they provide. If you want any other YouTube-related services, 

SMO.Agency has the right choice for you on their website. We find it easy to locate the options on the website.

8. ViewsExpert

ViewsExpert YouTube Views

Social media marketing is best done by a few companies in the world, and ViewsExpert is one among them.

ViewsExpert is an active player in the media marketing industry with years of expertise. 

The website is easy to explore, and you will see plenty of options based on different social media channels.

YouTube live views can be purchased from the site with a quick delivery option. ViewsExpert offers trusted packages at a reasonable price.

You can rely on their customer support to learn more about the ViewsExpert services and how they can be useful to promote the growth of your YouTube channel.

9. Viewsta


This site provides 8 different YouTube live views packages based on your requirements.

It offers 15 minutes live sessions for up to 1440 minutes, which is beneficial to people who interact with the live audience in short intervals. 

You can purchase genuine live views anywhere between 300 to 2000 for most of the packages, while there is also a specific option to get 1000-10,000 views for 15 minutes exclusively. 

Viewsta also provides options to purchase SEO-based YouTube views to improve traffic to your channel.

10. Tube.Biz


Tube.Biz is another genuine YouTube live views provider with 6 different options.

One specialty of Tube.Biz is that it can handle huge volume projects and charges cheap compared to other agencies in the market. 

Tube.Biz claims to provide live view services directly without involving any third-party services.

It ensures better credibility for your YouTube live streaming. Tube.Biz provides live views plans ranging from 15 minutes to 3 hours. 

You can easily gain 500 to 10,000 original views during your live session. Tube.Biz also allows you to boost your YouTube video likes, favorites, and followers count. 

Since all products from Tube.Biz are genuine, you don’t have to worry about YouTube agreement violation issues.

11. YouTube Market

YouTube Market

YouTube Market is one place to shop all marketing tools for your YouTube channel. There are flexible options for you to pick from the front gallery itself. 

YouTube Market ensures genuine viewer accounts that can push your rankings to the top during a live session. So, a YouTube live views purchase can increase live viewers and the total number of subscribers. 

It offers 256-bit SSL protection for your transaction and allows instant admission of views based on your package.

You can easily extend the live session from 15 minutes to 12 hours and get support from YouTube Market. 

It allows you to purchase 500 to 20,000 live views for your YouTube live session.

12. Socbooster


Socbooster specifically mentions that the live views engaged in your live session may provide likes, dislikes, comments, and shares. 

It means that when you buy YouTube live viewers from Socbooster, they are 100% genuine, and you are getting real human views on the receiver end.

Using the Socbooster service, you can purchase 100 to 50,000 live views at a fast speed. 

The website asks for the live video URL to be pasted in the required area and mention the exact amount of live views you need. 

Once you made the payment, you can see live views surging within 5 minutes.

Socbooster provides live views at an affordable rate. You can also download their android app from PlayStore.

How to Improve YouTube Live Views

It is proven that YouTube live viewers can help you gain the trust of your audience and promote the growth of your channel. 

There are certain things that you can do along with purchasing live views from the trusted sites mentioned above.

You can inform your followers about the date and time of your next live stream in your last YouTube video. 

Create a small teaser video that includes the major content shared in the live video session.

Use other social media handles to share and creatively remind your followers about the live session. 

You can announce certain games and prizes for the winners who participate in the live session. Most importantly, make sure you are engaging the audience during the session. 

All these simple steps can help boost your YouTube live views.


Is Purchasing YouTube Live Views Safe?

It is important to follow the YouTube guidelines while trying to boost the live views. 

People follow different methods to achieve a huge crowd for their live videos on YouTube. 

There are chances of getting demoted or similar legal issues if you are using fake views. 

Hence, it is essential to use genuine human views in YouTube live views. We suggest sticking with the most trusted companies on the list mentioned above. 

Why Should I Buy YouTube Live Views?

YouTube live views will ultimately increase the trust of people in your brand and channel. 

It is one of the best methods you can try to increase your credibility. Hence, if you are using a genuine service to boost live views, the chances of getting more robust followers are high. 

Another thing is related to the YouTube algorithm. If you are getting thousands of genuine views to your live session, you will get suggested to more people.

Since human psychology is to follow the large herd, your chances of getting genuine followers from the live session are high.

How Can I Engage People in YouTube Live Stream?

There are plenty of methods to make people stay with you during live streaming. 
The most common practice YouTubers follow is Q&A.

You can wait and answer the questions raised in the chat area during a live stream.
People will be able to learn more about your personal or work-related stuff.

This will build intimacy and help to retain a group of trusted followers on YouTube. 

If you have talents like singing, playing musical instruments, dancing, or any other creative stuff, use them in front of the live audience by interacting with them. 

Alternatively, you can conduct some live games or quizzes with your subscribers and announce gifts for them. 


YouTube live is one method you can rely on to gain genuine followers. 

Apart from the shows and scripted videos you provide on the channel, live streaming enables your followers to get to know you personally. 

Hence popular YouTubers practice the live stream at least once a week to generate more user interaction.

Studies have shown that live streaming in regular intervals can gain brand loyalty and helps in retaining YouTube subscribers

You can trust the companies listed here since we have accumulated the details through deep research and analysis. 

We hope to have helped you choose the best package to buy YouTube live views to generate more followers.