Getting famous on YouTube can be as simple as going online to buy monetized YouTube channels.

When you are looking online at monetized YouTube channels for sale, always do your background research and go through their client reviews.

Also, check how new they are in the game because it is not easy to trust new sites. But there are a few good ones listed below.

Best Places to Buy Monetized YouTube Channels Cheap in 2024

1. Fameswap

Fameswap Youtube Channels for Sale

Fameswap is your go-to option.

Since YouTube has picked up its popularity, it has become a culture to watch information on the platform. YouTube was once very small with only a niche audience, but now it is the opposite.

👉 Buy YouTube Channel with Monetization

If you want to be on YouTube but do not have content of your own, then you can buy cheap monetized YouTube channels from Fameswap.

You will get an audience without having any videos of your own, and this is a great way to kickstart your career on YouTube.

Once you buy from Fameswap, you can buy YouTube channels that are made by experts who also match your interests.

Whether you want a channel for food or travel, the platform has got you covered for all types of niches. It guarantees active subscribers who will add up to your watch hours of any video on their site.

How Does Fameswap Work?

Fameswap works with high-quality YouTube channels with authentic subscribers. They do not offer mediocre channels, which is by far their best quality.

The channels on sale are aged, monetized, and very successful. So, if you buy a YouTube channel(s) from them, rest assured it will be of a large volume and of very good quality.

They set their price according to how many subscribers the YouTube channel possesses. Furthermore, they assist their clients in running background checks into the account they are buying, to ensure it is legitimate.

Hence if you are skeptical about buying from any of these platforms, Fameswap helps you eliminate any or all suspicions.

This platform will not just help you buy monetized YouTube channel cheap, but it also helps you buy other social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram.

  • Great Price offering
  • They are safe
  • They help you do background checks
  • They help you secure your website
  • Has access to many industries and niches
  • Received many great reviews from third parties
  • Fameswap’s prices can be very expensive

2. UseViral

UseViral Buy Youtube Channels

UseViral is widely known as a company that sells monetized YouTube channels. So if you want to buy  monetized YouTube channels, this site is the best option for you.

UseViral is a great platform as it also allows you to start making a dime right away.

You will be able to achieve 2000+ subscribers and 4000+ watch hours just to get a kickstart on your journey to become a star.

Once you buy from UseViral, you will be able to access the channel website, authentic videos related to this industry, and other support materials like banners and graphics for advertising purposes.

If you have made up your mind to buy a monetized YouTube channel from UseViral, you will make the purchase and will have to wait for two to three weeks.

Meanwhile, your channel gets approved and updated to your requirements and in compliance with YouTube’s policies.

You can have access to free content from YouTube, which is otherwise paid for by a normal user; this allows you to save money on storage.

Hence this is a great platform if you want to buy YouTube channels.

How UseViral Offers Its Services

UseViral is known to be great with clients. It starts off its journey with its potential buyers from a short questionnaire.

The questionnaire is about the kinds of YouTube channels you want to buy, and you are required to tell them what it is you are looking for and the kind of niche you want in your YouTube channel.

You are asked whether you want to do video production or not. After the questionnaire is complete, they will assess your requirement and estimate how much your YouTube channel may cost you.

They will also explain the features that it will come with and you can add an official website to your Channel. Furthermore, UseViral claims that all their features are 100% safe.

  • One of the most popular platforms to buy monetized YouTube channels
  • You get 1000+ subscribers
  • You get 4000+ watchable hours
  • You get the best graphics in the package
  • You get the best banners
  • You get organic views and subscribers
  • There is no trial period

3. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Buy Youtube Channel

SidesMedia is a name most people have heard of; this is because it has been around for a while.

However, their primary business was not to buy and sell YouTube channels; rather, they were helping their clients with managing their social media accounts.

They specialized in social media engagement growth and visibility. They had great content and marketing strategies to help their clients stand out on social media.

However, these days are long gone, and the company realized that there is great potential in buying monetized YouTube channels.

They have now entered this brand-new industry and are making the most of it.

How Is SidesMedia Helping Its Clients?

Now that they have entered this new niche, clients are able to trust them because they have a long-standing reputation of being the best social media growth strategist in the market.

The clients can trust that they can help them buy YouTube channel with monetization too.

They started off by connecting their existing clientele with authentic and original existing YouTube channels and now are giving themselves the start, they need to grow in this industry.

They are currently offering affordable prices to gain new clientele and are making many customized offers to the new buyers.

So, if you are someone with a tight budget but want to buy monetized YouTube channels, you can give SidesMedia a chance.

Furthermore, they may help you connect with other platforms like Snapchat, so you are not limited to just one type of platform.

How Do They Take Payments?

Once you have decided to buy monetized YouTube channels from SidesMedia, you can make payments through credit card, one of the safest online payment methods in the world.

This proves their credibility and allows new clients to feel safe.

They also have a chat box on their website, which allows any potential customer to feel safe and in communication with the platform at all times.

There is nothing better for a newbie who is skeptical of the online YouTube seller business, than to do business with SidesMedia.

  • They use secure credit card processing to keep your payments safe
  • You will get access to a lot of information
  • They have decent and affordable pricing
  • Their customer service is great
  • They have a chat box on their website
  • Some of their reviews are average

What Can You Do To Get Eyeballs On Your YouTube Channel?

If you have always aspired to be YouTube famous, but you do not know where to start, then take a deep breath and relax.

Not everyone has got it figured out, and there is now an industry that is making big money online, and they may be the answer to all your questions. You can purchase monetized YouTube channels!

Did we ever think that buying and selling YouTube channels would actually be a thing?

Believe it or not, there are companies out there that are making millions of cash by just selling YouTube channels, and you can just be one of their clients too.

Note that this industry is young, and people are still skeptical about how it works, but its authenticity and popularity are growing each passing day.

So, you might want to explore this option if you are sure you want to become a YouTube star with as minimal effort as possible.

Things To Know About YouTube

If you do not know what YouTube is and how it works, keep reading. This is a video platform that allows people to present their content digitally.

You can be anyone from any profession and any age as long as you are presenting legal content. It is a great way to earn an extra dime especially if you are a young student or a professional.

Some people even work full-time on YouTube as they earn quite a lot of money through their content. The platform is supported by monetized programs like ads and sponsored posts.

Nowadays, people buy monetized YouTube channels to enhance their annual income and they have started to trust these new sites that are offering them pre-monetized accounts.

There are other popular networks available, too; however, they are fairly new and often die out due to new apps coming in every day.

What Happens On YouTube?

YouTube is undeniably the most popular video platform in the world, and it has millions of users and a variety of content.

If you have a problem and need an instant solution, you can easily search for it on a YouTube channel and find an answer.

YouTube has over 2 billion users, and this is only increasing by the day as it is the second most searched engine online.

You can be part of it with a good following if you buy monetized YouTube channels.

The YouTube videos are watched every day for billions of hours, and are watched worldwide. They have some popular tv shows and channels that have a mass following.

What Are The Challenges of Buying Monetized YouTube Channels?

If you want to find a monetized YouTube channel for sale, there are some challenges associated with it. It is a difficult task to find the right company that sells legitimate monetized YouTube channels.

Many sites claim to do that, but not all of these are authentic. This is the reason why we have compiled a list of names that are popular and are known to be genuine.

Many people often ask whether this online purchase is legal under the law. The answer is simple, yes, it is completely legal.

People have been doing it for ages, and many famous YouTube stars have made their way to the top by simply buying YouTube channels.

It’s a digital asset, so there’s no issue whatsoever; if you want to buy monetized YouTube channel(s), you can go ahead without a second guess.

Many companies have built their business solely by buying a variety of YouTube channels that are already up and running.

Furthermore, YouTube has a great relationship with those companies; hence you do not have to worry about getting into trouble.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy Monetized YouTube Channels?

Monetized YouTube Channels

This question is very subjective and depends on various factors. However, you may want an idea of how the prices are usually calculated.

Please note that these are just some of the things considered before giving a potential buyer a price quote. 

  • The price often depends on whose face is linked to the current YouTube Channel. So if you are buying a YouTube channel that belongs to a popular star, you will naturally pay more.
  • The price often depends on the type of audience you want to buy; if they are very active members, then you will be paying more.
  • The price depends on how many existing videos the channel has at the moment; if there are more videos, you pay more.
  • The price depends on how many strikes the channel has.
  • The price also depends on how old and mature the YouTube channel is. If the channel is mature with many subscriptions, you will have to pay accordingly.
  • The price also depends on whether the channel is monetized and how regularly it earns. Monetized channels cost more than those that are not monetized.
  • The price also depends on how many subscribers the channel has.

All these factors are essential to determine the actual cost you will be incurring if you decide to buy monetized YouTube channels. But we can go deeper in this discussion

Whose Face Is Linked To The Channel?

If there is a face associated with a YouTube channel, it will be difficult for you to make the same kind of content for the viewers because the viewers are used to watching that particular personality.

However, if no face is attached to the channel, you can easily start posting content, and the transition shall be smooth.

If a face is worth more, naturally the YouTube channel shall cost more.

What Is The Audience Like?

This typically means where the subscribers are located. If the subscribers are from the US, then the channel will be worth more than if they are located in Africa or South America. 

How Many Videos The Channel Already Has?

If the channel has more videos with great content, then the channel shall be worth more.

If there are very few videos, such as only two as opposed to a channel that has about two hundred videos, the channel with the most videos shall be worth more.

Does The Channel Have Strikes?

If you were wondering what strikes are, they are strikes given by YouTube to your channel. The reasons can vary and often include illegal content or copyright infringements.

YouTube gives three strikes, and after three strikes are given, you are banned for a lifetime. Each strike is written off after three months, so it will cost less if a channel has received more than one or two strikes. 

How Many Followers Does The Channel Have?

The more followers the channel has, the more it will cost. However, sometimes some YouTube views and subscribers can be fake; hence you will have to see which ones are fake and which ones are real.

The channel’s worth depends on its “real” subscribers. 

Is the Channel Monetized?


When YouTube Channels are making money, that means they are monetized.

Most companies like to buy and sell monetized YouTube channels to get a return on their investment.

However, you have to have at least 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers to be monetized.

Key Takeaways

It would help if you did your background checks before buying any channel. However, some companies are helping you buy a monetized YouTube channel at a great prices.

So if you want to be a YouTube star, or want your content to be noticed, these platforms can help you reach your ultimate goal.