Are you trying to buy YouTube watch hours to monetize your channel?

Obtaining the sought-after milestone of reaching 4000 watch hours across your YouTube videos is easy for some yet a challenging task for most others.

There are a wide variety of methods and tactics you can implement to reach this achievement, but if you buy YouTube watch hours, you can quickly expedite this process.

Best Places to Buy YouTube Watch Hours Cheap for Monetization in 2024

This article will provide more insight on the best places to buy YouTube watch hours for monetization purposes.

1. Media Mister

Media Mister YouTube Watch Time Hours

Stacking up watch hours on your YouTube videos can be a long and drawn-out process for many people, but there’s a way around some of the wait, thanks to modern technology.

Media Mister is a website that provides a vast range of social media marketing services, and they’ve made it extremely easy to buy YouTube watch time.

👉 Buy YouTube Watch Hours

They also have one of the most secure platforms for such services and never ask for sensitive personal information.

Working with Media Mister allows you to reach eligibility for the YouTube Partner Program much faster.

Furthermore, these marketing services will remain entirely anonymous, and you’ll be able to see your results in your YouTube account’s analytics.

How fast your order is processed is done in an organic manner to avoid any detection of spam or terms of service violations.

To this date, Media Mister has never received a complaint about this, and they continue to keep their safety practices up to date with YouTube’s TOS.

When you buy YouTube watch hours from Media Mister, all of the views you receive will be from authentic accounts with real users, and depending on your order size, the views will always total the number of watch hours you ordered.

Unlike much of their competition on the internet, you can find plenty of positive reviews about Media Mister on their website.

They also provide a detailed FAQ section that answers some of the most common questions regarding their services. 

You’ll also find a stellar customer support team if you run into any issues with their website or services and provide a money-back guarantee for all orders.

Media Mister is comprised of experienced social media marketers who have years of experience in navigating the social media world.

You can get started with this particular service for as little as $99 per month. Their website also has one of the most seamless UI’s you’ll find, making your entire order process a breeze, with very minimal information required. 

Aside from the various YouTube services they provide, Media Mister also has tons of information about how their services and social media marketing work together.

It’s evident that they’re experienced in their field and care about their customer’s safety, and that’s precisely what you need when it comes to such services.

Looking online to buy 4000 YouTube watch hours can be tricky, but Media Mister works hard to make it efficient and stress-free.

2. GetAFollower

GetAFollower Buy YouTube Watch Time Hours

Before you decide on where to purchase 4000 watch hours on YouTube, it’s vital that you research a few other reliable social media marketing services as well.

GetAFollower is a standing leader in its own right and provides excellent YouTube marketing services that always perform.

👉 Buy YouTube Watch Hours

Similar to Media Mister, working with GetAFollower will help you obtain YouTube Partner status in a much quicker time frame. 

Relying solely on the YouTube algorithm to get you there is entirely possible, but it could take a few months up to years before you reach that milestone.

You can quickly buy YT watch hours from GetAFollower, and enjoy the results without worrying about authenticity, payment protection, customer service, or data protection. 

Once on their website, you’ll notice they also provide plenty of info on how their services work, in addition to education on YouTube’s Partner Program.

They also dive into how their marketing tactics are effective and keep your YouTube account safe at all times.

GetAFollower is known for making their clients feel comfortable using their services and based on the reviews, and they always follow through on their claims.

On another note, you can also buy watch hours and subscribers together so that you can apply to be a part of the Partner Program that much faster.

It’s known that acquiring 1,000 subscribers is much easier than obtaining 4,000 watch hours, but both are a challenge on their own.

It makes it even better that; all of the YouTube marketing services that GetAFollower provides come from 100% authentic accounts managed by real users.

They never utilize bot accounts with no actual user history on the platform. Furthermore, once your order is placed, you’ll start to see results immediately, and the entire order will be processed within just a matter of days.

3. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media YouTube Watch Time Hours

With years of marketing experience, Buy Real Media covers all major social and media applications and has the tools necessary to increase engagement.

More specifically, If you want to buy cheap YouTube watch hours, Buy Real Media is more than capable of handling your request.

👉 Buy YouTube Watch Hours

They keep a similar pricing structure to their counterparts and provide authentic engagement to your YouTube channel.

The site has over 50,000 satisfied customers on a global scale. Many individuals worry about the security of their personal data when interacting with such services.

Creators can rest assured that the team behind Buy Real Media knows precisely how to navigate social media and has spent years helping accounts reach their goals on YouTube.

When you review their YouTube watch hours service, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you’ll find a detailed FAQ section that covers the most pressing questions from the public.

Even if you happen to run into any issues with the companies website or services, their customer service team is on standby to resolve it.

They only require the URL to one of your YouTube videos, and they can start driving organic engagement.

All of the YouTube views you receive will count towards your total watch hours, inching you closer to the YouTube Partner Program.

In addition, Buy Real Media has a 100% satisfaction rate with their customers, which is reflected in their public reviews, in addition to a solid money-back guarantee, an entirely secure checkout process.

These are the types of features you want to look for when searching to buy YouTube watch hours.

Considering these services go against YouTube’s TOS, you want to protect your YouTube account as much as possible.

It is important to mention that they require the video that you provide to be at least 120 minutes long or more.

This is somewhat steep, as some others on this list only require a video of a few minutes, but this doesn’t mean their views aren’t top quality.

Buy Real Media is adamant about providing quality YouTube marketing services, and even if they operate a little differently, they’re still worth checking out.

4. UseViral

UseViral Buy Youtube Watch Hours

The next option on this list is another excellent site to source YouTube watch hours. They take a detailed approach, breaking down how their services work in full detail, leaving no questions to go unanswered.

With UseViral, you can purchase from 1000 to 4000 watch hours per order, and they offer some of the most affordable pricing structures. You can buy YouTube watch time and monetize your channel much faster through UseViral.

More importantly, they have an extremely prompt customer service team that’s quick to respond to your inquiries.

The marketing experts at UseViral also lay out exactly what’s needed from you to ensure your order is processed successfully without any delay.

Many websites online that provide marketing services generally don’t offer as much information and reliability to their customers.

Moreover, some don’t even provide any payment security and can leave most individuals reasonably skeptical. UseViral goes far and beyond the norm to ensure everyone’s safety.

Unlike a lot of the competition, they also claim a 100% acceptance rate into the YouTube Partner Program. All of their clients have been accepted into the program without a hitch.

Furthermore, the views you receive that go towards your total watch hours are high retention views with up to 30 minutes of watch time per session.

The quality of the views is just as important as the number of watch hours. It’s imperative that your YouTube account isn’t flagged for any suspicious activity, and UseViral always drives views at an organic pace from authentic accounts.

Following YouTube’s TOS doesn’t leave a lot of room for fast growth, as a lot of the algorithm is built to limit you in many ways.

Working with a company such as UseViral removes these limitations and allows your account to flourish in a minimal amount of time. 

Additionally, UseViral won’t ever ask for your account’s login information, and they only require your channel link to get your order started.

They make it extremely simple to order their services, but make sure you review all of their requirements before committing. Each company may provide similar services, but it’s common for their requirements to vary.

5. YTpals

YTpals YouTube Watch Hours

The last example on this list is one of the pricier options, but they’re top-of-the-line professionals nonetheless.

YTpals is a website that provides accurate and reliable social media marketing services for YouTube and other popular social and media applications.

You can quickly buy watch hours on YouTube as well as YouTube subscribers, although one of their unique differences is their pricing structure.

Their packages to buy YouTube watch hours start at $180 for only 500 watch hours. This may be considerably higher than the other options in this article, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t of the highest quality. 

Working with YTpals ensures an entirely seamless experience with no hassle on your end. The password to your YouTube account isn’t required when placing your order, and every order starts to process within 24-72 hours.

Additionally, they only offer up to 3000 watch hours per order, as opposed to others that commonly offer up to 4000 YouTube watch hours. 

The team at YTpal doesn’t joke when it comes to security. Their services are structured and processed in such a way that your YouTube account will never be detected for any kind of suspicious activity.

Moreover, the website is relatively transparent with public opinion, as they’ve served over half a million customers and retain a 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot.

Aside from the trusted websites listed in this article, below, you’ll find additional information on YouTube watch hours and how to obtain YouTube Partner status.

YTpal also ensures that all of their services are entirely anonymous, and no one will ever suspect the engagement being driven to your YouTube videos.

All of their services are delivered in a “drip-feed” style to ensure your metrics and analytics look as organic as possible.

This is another significant feature, as the speed at which you receive engagement could be a red flag for the YouTube algorithm.

Considering you can’t control this metric, it’s crucial that it looks entirely organic and only comes from real accounts.

Any rush from bot activity will quickly land your YouTube channel in hot water.

Are YouTube Watch Hours That Important?

Each creator has their own reasons for wanting to buy YouTube watch time, but it generally comes down to a single point.

That is, to be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program. If accepted, you can then monetize your channel, which allows you to generate revenue from your videos. 

That alone seems like enough of a reason to buy YouTube watch hours, but there are a few other elements some may not consider.

To make any money through the program, you’ll need pretty consistent engagement on your videos, and there are plenty of tools to use for this hurdle.

Just like if you were to buy 4k watch hours and 1k subscribers to meet the Partner Program’s requirements, you could also purchase views, likes, even shares to boost your engagement on YouTube continuously.

As always, just make sure the service provider you choose has a good standing with their clients, a proven track record, and the necessary security measures in place.

Buying YouTube Watch Hours a Safe Practice?


Accumulating watch hours on YouTube is a daunting task for many creators. Those that have been on the platform for years may not have this issue anymore, but new creators are signing up every day, and they have plenty of competition to worry about.

That’s why social media marketers are trying to level the playing by allowing others to buy YouTube watch hours. 

Unfortunately, YouTube’s TOS goes against this practice, and every account is at the mercy of YouTube’s algorithm. Additionally, you never know when YouTube’s algorithm changes; it can be challenging to know when to switch marketing practices.

Working with any one of the companies listed in this article will ensure you never have to worry about this. As marketing professionals, they always stay updated on any current changes in a platform’s TOS or algorithm and adjust their marketing tactics accordingly. 

Utilizing websites like those listed in this article will help you bypass their sensitive algorithm and accumulate watch hours on your channel in an efficient way.

There’s always the chance that your account could get flagged by the algorithm, but this would only happen if yo

u use bots to boost your numbers. The websites we’ve spoken about only utilize authentic accounts that are currently active. So, although there is some minor risk, buying watch hours for your YouTube channel is a lot safer than it seems.

Does This Method Always Work?

This is somewhat subjective and entails a variety of factors. In short, working with a reliable service provider for YouTube watch hours is step number on. If they’re professionals, they’re going to stay up to date on what’s needed to keep their services running and clients satisfied.

The websites just looking for a quick money grab generally have a questionable track record and only utilize bot accounts to pump up numbers.

Those that work with a network of actual people that provide authentic engagement will always be the best bet for your YouTube channel.

Ensuring the watch hours you receive are from real accounts will keep your channel safe from any TOS violations. Essentially, as long as you never trust your account with a questionable service provider, you shouldn’t have any issues.

The websites listed in this article are all very transparent about how they operate their services.

To Conclude

It’s understandable to be skeptical about buying engagement for your YouTube channel.

Some deem it necessary as obtaining 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers could take some creators years.

Boosting your watch hours through the services mentioned can also bring plenty of organic engagement, as it’s somewhat effective at social engineering and influencing potential viewers.

Seeing someone’s engagement increase over time generally garners interest from many others and could create a snowball effect for the growth of your YouTube channel.

Always perform your research on a company before committing, but don’t shy away from the numerous benefits buying 4000 YouTube watch hours has to offer.