Digital marketing ranks as one of the top career choices in the modern economy. The international digital marketing industry reached an estimated value of $350 billion in 2020. Market forecasts suggest that it will grow much bigger in the coming years. 

Brands are expanding their digital marketing campaigns as we spend more time on the internet. The scope of digital marketing is getting so large that it is getting increasingly hard to define it and draw its boundaries. 

We will talk about some basic responsibilities digital marketing specialists undertake in their professional lives. For the sake of simplicity, we will try to avoid technical terms as much as possible. 

If you are an aspiring digital marketer, this could be a helpful read for you to expect what lies ahead on your career path.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Digital Marketing Specialist?

As we mentioned earlier, digital marketing is quite an extensive field. It entails Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, marketing analytics and other branches. A digital marketing specialist can specialize in any of these areas.

Here are some general responsibilities of a digital marketer:

Creating And Executing Campaigns

As a digital marketing expert, you will create and implement the company’s digital strategy. The development, organization, and execution of digital marketing initiatives across various platforms and channels will fall under your purview.

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Make Campaigns More Visually Appealing 

The graphic design department will do most of the heavy lifting, but digital marketers have to give their input to develop befitting visual assets for marketing campaigns. So, being skilled in Adobe Illustrator and other graphics designing tools is a massive plus for digital marketers. 


While some digital marketers may have access to writers or a budget to hire freelancers, the bulk of the responsibility for ad creation and content production for online marketing campaigns falls on the shoulders of the digital marketer themselves.

So, digital marketing specialists need to have strong persuasive writing abilities and a productive content creation process. This includes writing guest posts for digital PR campaigns and producing articles and other resources for organic search. 

Content Management 

Digital marketers run their companies’ websites and put out content to help their marketing campaigns. As a digital marketing specialist, you must be able to change HTML or CSS code to make technical website improvements. 

Keep The Leadership Up To Date 

If you work as an in-house digital marketing specialist, you will most likely report to a Marketing Manager or Director of Marketing in your company. You will need to generate reports, dashboards, or presentations to showcase the progress you made through your campaigns.

You will need to look at campaign results and show a positive return on investment from digital channels. A digital marketer may be expected to reach goals related to key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rates, new leads created, and interactions.

How Much Do Digital Marketers Earn?

Digital marketing salaries depend on multiple factors. As you add more experience to your résumé, you will be in more demand. Therefore, you can ask for higher compensation for your services. 

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Where you work is also a crucial thing to consider. For example, working in a Miami-based digital marketing agency should be more financially lucrative than working in a Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency. 

Still, we’ve taken averages from some websites that compare salaries to give you a rough idea. A digital marketer, on average, makes about $65,000 per year. 

Just to clarify, you will undoubtedly make less money in an entry-level position. The more you climb up the ladder, your pay will increase. Once you occupy a senior digital marketing position, your income will rise significantly. 

The $65,000 figure we had mentioned earlier applies to digital marketing specialists. Digital marketing managers make more than $94,000 annually. All of these numbers are estimates, but they give you a general idea of what kind of salary you can expect to get as a digital marketer. 

What Skills You Must Have To Become A Digital Marketer? 

Here is a set of non-technical and technical qualities that will help you achieve a successful career in digital marketing:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Experts in digital marketing must be proficient in SEO and have the skills to plan, implement, and manage organic search campaigns.

Project Management 

Specialists in digital marketing must be skilled project managers. They must be capable of steering a project through its many stages. At the same time, they must keep track of the project’s many deliverables and incorporate the ideas of a wide range of team members. 

Social Media Knowledge 

You must be familiar with the various social media sites, their functions, unique features, and the best ways to engage the audience on each platform. Since the sites are always changing, this is a skill that is also always evolving. 

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) 

CRO is a digital marketing tool that enhances landing page conversion rates and optimizes marketing funnels. Digital marketing experts should have substantial CRO knowledge to run successful marketing campaigns. 

Data Analysis 

Digital marketing professionals use data analytics to evaluate the performance of their campaigns. It’s essential to have analytic skills to come up with market insights and make data-driven decisions

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You’ll need to be able to develop a story that links all of your digital marketing activities, from social media image captions to blog entries to website layout. Words, pictures, and video, to mention a few, can all be used to convey stories.


You’ll need to be a skilled wordsmith, whether you’re managing the company’s social media profiles or drafting a brief for a graphic designer. Being flexible is necessary so that you can write well for various audiences.

Final Thoughts 

A digital marketing expert must use various methods to create campaign content and reach the audience through digital media. 

All this requires a network of complex tasks. A digital marketer needs to have a holistic understanding of the consumer mind to create the most effective advertising content using the magic of digital technology. 

Life as a digital marketer can be hectic, but it’s a fun ride. The opportunity for personal growth is immense as a digital marketer. If you want a career in creativity, digital marketing can be a fantastic pick.