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Designers that create amazing work represent a big source of inspiration to many people.

They also give you something to look forward to each day by posting designs that are good to look at.

There are different designers on Instagram doing different things– ranging from those that create designs for web, print and packaging to those that share the projects that they design.

Any graphic designer worth his or her salt knows that a design portfolio means everything because it showcases your skillset and your work.

Instagram gives you all the tools to upload images that more than 1 billion users will access each month. However, it also gives you the chance to get inspiration in your journey to graphic design stardom.

The good thing is that graphic designers are turning to Instagram to showcase their work.

Remember that times have changed and at the moment a client will ask you for your Instagram handle first before they ask for a website showing your previous work.

If you are one of those people looking for a designer to inspire you to great heights, then you need to follow these graphic designers on Instagram.

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Best Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram in 2024

We have taken the initiative to find and review the best graphic designers to follow on Instagram so that you don’t have to waste a lot of time searching the platform to get the ones to follow.

1. Joel Beukelman (@bklmn)

Joel is a native of Southern California currently working as an Interaction Designer for Google.

Over the past 10 years, he has continuously taken part in various products and apps from start to finish. Prior to joining Google, he worked as a designer for Netflix and directed design for AppStack.

With all this knowledge, the designer’s Instagram account features an interesting mix of tech and personal life images.

The photos he features on his Instagram account have interesting camera angles and a host of visual combinations that you might want to check out. For sure he is one of the best graphic designers to follow on Instagram.

2. Dina Rodriguez (@lettershoppe)

Dina describes herself as “a lettering artist that will create value for your business using creative marketing and hand-drawn designs”.

She runs her business from Portland, OR, USA in the Letter Shoppe. She has worked as a graphic designer and art director for a variety of companies in the country. She uses custom typography to come up with an illustration or a unique logo design for your business.

She runs a podcast monthly to help budding artists to learn more about crafts. You can get sample designs each day on her Instagram page or check out her page for educational content that she posts regularly.

3. Neil A. Stephens (@neil_a_stevens)

Neil Stevens is an image-maker and a graphic illustrator who is based in Hertfordshire. His specialties are book covers, animation, design, lettering, mixed media, montage and many more. He boasts of a wide range of clientele including The Guardian, Audi, New Scientist and Virgin.

Some of his work has been recognized in various publications such as The Daily Telegraph, Computer Arts and Digital Artists. You can check out some of his work on his Instagram account and follow him for more inspirational pieces.

4. Mike Kus (@mikekus)

Having over 810,000 followers, Mike Kus comes across easily as the most popular graphic designer on the platform. And if you are looking for images of the British countryside and beaches, then this needs to be your starting point.

Based in the UK, Mike Kus started out as a graphic designer and illustrator but now does web and UI design. He has been in this industry for more than 15 years. The designer combines his illustration skills, graphic design and frontend development skills to come up with amazing works.

His work is featured regularly in magazines and publications. He works for clients all over the globe. You can check out his Instagram page to see some of his works and get inspired, especially if you love artistic shapes, dramatic photography and bold geometric lines!

5. Mike Perry (@mikeperrystudio)

When you visit Mike Perry’s Instagram feed, you are bombarded with an explosion of animation, color and handcrafted designs. He uses his skills to come up with projects for his clients.

Based in Brooklyn, the animator is the brain behind the hugely popular animated series “Broad City” that airs on Comedy Central.

You will notice the quirky and colorful illustrations that are the trademark of this designer on his page. And if you wish to check out more about what he can do, go to Hulu and watch Broad City.

6. Mr Doodle (@misterdoodle)

Just like the name says, Mister Doodle is a graphic designer that specializes in unique handcrafted typography. He uses scenic photos and incorporates though provoking quotes. The quotes are handcrafted to blend beautifully with the background.

You can access the different designs on his Instagram feed, and with such a huge collection posted over the past few years, there is definitely something for everyone to marvel at. Apart from typography, he also specializes in T-shirt design.

Visit this lettering genius to see how he has changed the face of illustration and creative design. You will most definitely love his work.

7. Timothy Goodman (@timothygoodman)

Based in New York, this multitalented artist is worth following on Instagram. Some of his talents are well documented on his Instagram page.

To make the creative journey even more enticing, he recently released a book with his fellow designer Jessica Walsh. You can learn about past projects under his belt, upcoming tasks and see samples of his work from his feed.

8. Jon Contino (@joncontino)

A creative artist and designer, Jon Contino has over 31, 000 followers on Instagram. He is a designer who wears many hats – from working as an artist, apparel designer, illustrator and a branding consultant. He sums up his talents in one word – Alphastructaesthetitologist!

To cap it all, the New Yorker shared snapshots of his designs, illustrations and collaborations for the whole world to see.

The good thing is that whatever he does, he does it well enough to gain a slot on this list. Follow his account or check out his Instagram feed for creative posts across all the fields.

9. James White (@signanoise)

Signal Noise is a studio that has come up with a lot of inspirational designs over the years. One of the brains behind the studio and its works is James White. The designer has worked for many notable clients, which just tells you that you need to sit up and notice.

Going through the feed, you will notice that the designer makes proper and an innovative use of light in the various works. This is subject to his understanding of how light and shadows make an image better.

10. Neil Secretario (@neilsecretario)

Based in California, Neil is a typographer who produces carefully thought out and elegant type for his clients. He then posts some of his works on his feed to make sure you can appreciate what he does and get a lot of inspiration from it.

He goes through a meticulous plan when posting his images – from the time he gets the job order to the sketch, then to the digital development and finally to the final design. This gives you an idea of how top designers do their work, which is a big plus for you.

11. Chris Labrooy (@chrislabrooy)

Many designers do their work in 2D, but if you plan to get into 3D designs, then you need to follow Chris. He uses 3 dimensional designs to communicate his ideas. The designs are sleek and well-thought our, meaning the designs will capture your attention and keep you hooked for some time.

If you are looking for some inspiration, look no further than Chris’ page.

12. Sean McCabe (@seanwes)

Typography is a tough game since there are very many people that have taken it up and the competition is high. But when someone takes the design further to make it stand out, and then he stands to be recognized.

Sean uses creativity to come up with the best typography pieces that you need to look at. He also gives advice on how to make it in this industry.

Well crafted and carefully-thought out, be sure to follow Sean and check out his page.

13. Leta Sobierajski (@letasobierajski)

Based in New York, this designer combines art and photography with a touch of a more traditional outlook to give you amazing and unique visuals.

If you are in for a little bizarre, but very inspiring images then Leta should be your next stop.

14. Ornamental Conifer (@ornamentalconifer)

An alias of Nicolai Sclater, Ornamental Conifer makes design look simple from all angles. The designer specializes in typography that makes you wait patiently for the next post.

The designer makes use of strong lines, shapes and infuses a lot of bright splashes of color.

If you are looking for inspiration to take you to your creative journey, then you need to follow his page and check out the various posts.

15. Cody Saya (@radbuddha)

Cody is a designer, artist and photographer who have a keen eye for composition. He combines a mix of design and photography, coming up with images that can inspire you to take better images.

However, most of the pictures that Cody posts are more of personal, while others are his professional designs. However, you will still get a lot of inspiration from the photos on the feed.

16. Andreas M Hansen (@andreasmhansen)

Working from Copenhagen, Denmark, Andreas is a self-taught artist who specializes in Calligraphy. He also does web design, brand identity and art direction for many companies globally.

Due to his artistic designs, he has a huge following on Instagram with many users looking up to him for inspiration to do art. If you are a fan of black and white combination, then Andreas’ Instagram page will be a huge source of inspiration, and a definite favorite for you.

17. Gabriela Alemparte (@gaap.dg)

Gabriela is a freelance designer based in Caracas, Venezuela. You get to check out videos that illustrate her process of doing work, and complete samples of her work.

She bases her work on various aspects, including real life objects as well as her imagination. She then draws her thoughts out, and you will sample photos right from animals and persons.

18. Erik Marinovich (@erikmarinovich)

You will notice the high profile clients of this artist then realize why you need to follow his page on Instagram. The client works for high clients such as Google, Nike, Facebook, Target and others.

The best thing about this designer is that he has time to manage his Instagram account. He has come up with an awesome collection of his design work on the platform. Take time to check him out if you wish to get some long-awaited inspiration.

19. RYLSEE (@rylsee)

The artist is a Swiss-based designer who is also a member of the MakeYourOwnSign group that teach people the techniques and art of sign-making. His Instagram page gives a sneak peek into what happens during the process of making signs.

His page included a lot of posts that show the process of coming up with signs, the tricks to use as well as how the signs look when they are complete.

20. James Victore (@jamesvictore)

James is an artist who has been featured in The Museum of Modern Art – which is a great achievement for any artist. He has handled design tasks for high-profile clients such as Adobe, TIME, and Esquire; he runs his own design studio and has even managed to write a book on design as well.

Even with such a busy schedule, he has still managed to maintain an active social media profile and a well-documented Instagram feed. You might even wonder if he ever manages to sleep at all. James is one of the best graphic designers to follow on Instagram, no doubt.

21. Not Kenze Wee (@emperor_wee)

Just at 16 years, this designer from Singapore is taking the first steps in design by storm. He has come up with some images that will leave your mind wondering and happy at the same time. The designer has chosen to use isometric illustrations, Photoshop manipulation objects and pixel art, which is shared on his Instagram page.

22. Maztrone (@maztrone)

With more than 14,000 Instagram followers, this designer focuses on illustration, typography and motion design as well as other things. He prides himself in doing a lot of things that make him one of the best designers to follow.

His Instagram feed is filled with carefully crafted designs as well as animations that make his designs amazing to look at. If you are looking for inspiration, this is the best person to follow.

23. IdeaStorm Studios (@alex247)

This is a group of freelancers who work from a studio. These designers focus on travel and design, art, postcards, calendars, pins and many other designs. You can check out their designs that are in a series. They focus on both retro and current designs, and you can get a lot of inspiration from the photos they post.

24. Luke Choice (@velvetspectrum)

Born in Australia and residing in New York, Luke Choice’s work runs across multiple aspects of illustration, design and typography. His designs are unique and stand out from so many.

His Instagram feed features his latest designs, and some of the best he has ever done. You can browse the various designs that he has done from independent designs to collaborations with other notable brands such as Nike.

If you are looking for quirky and colorful designs to inspire you, then this should be your next stop.

25. Steven Harrington (@s_harrington)

Coming from LA is a designer who uses bold lines to come up with interesting designs. He used his bold strokes to partner with Nike to come up with a summer footwear collection, and he has also worked on various other companies to come up with cartoon characters, visuals and more.

If you are into detailed sketches, bold and dynamic designs, then Steven is one of the designers to follow on Instagram.

26. Dschwen LLC. (@dschwen)

This is not one person, but collaborators who work under the name. The collaboration sees the team, headed by David Schwen come up with colorful, engaging and beautiful works. Most of these works are featured on their Instagram page.

The studio takes the whole spectrum of colors and blends them into a complex yet beautiful mix of design and minimalism that will definitely make you a fan at first peek.

If you are a fan of colors, some awesome animations and fun projects, then this is the perfect page to work with. Well, take time to find out how the collaborative studio of designers will take your feed to the next level of inspiration.

27. David Milan (@mdemilan)

David is one of the best graphic designers to follow on Instagram and he claims to be the best “typoholic” there is. But it isn’t far from the truth; because give David transforms words from any letters he comes across, and makes for a good source of inspiration for those designers that are looking to grow.

He uses minimal illustrative elements and maximizes on the hand type. He puts his unique spin on the typography that will inspire you to get out your pens to do some designs.

28. Sergi Delgado (@sergidelgado)

Sergi is a graphic designer, typographer and artist with focus on saturated colors and sharp lines. The designer has a bold design and adds a lot of aesthetics in his designs. He focuses on strong shapes and transforms them into designs that are rich in illustrations and typography.

29. Tobias Hall (@tobiashall)

Tobias Hall makes digital type and hand-crafted designs look deceptively easy. He places a lot of attention to detail and comes up with intricate flow of letters that set his designs apart.

The Instagram page features snapshot of his works as well as the processes that make the work possible. If you love anything typographic, this is the best account to follow.

30. Suman Shantanu (@sumanshantanu)

Suman is a typography enthusiast who also directs the Asheville Open Door Design Studio. If you are hungry for stunning bold images and videos, then you can follow him to get alerted when something new comes up.

Most of the videos tell you how he interprets how the letters and numbers are presented in an elegant style.

31. Thomas Burden (@thomasburden)

This artist references anything from traditional art, folk costumes and souvenirs and anything else. Through this, he comes up with very recognizable and intricate, playful and multi-dimensional works. Trust me, you will sit and wander all over the page devouring the amazing designs that are on display on the page.

32. Matti Vandersee (@vndlzr)

Matti is a master of typography both onscreen and off-screen, due to his intricate flair for design. He works with many different typography styles and all of them come out shining in form of the designs he comes up with. If you have him on your feed, you won’t regret a moment why you did it.

33. Every Hey (@every_hey)

The brainchild behind collective Hey Studios, Every Hey take public features and characters and transform them unto illustrations to give you consistent inspiration.  The graphic studio specializes in editorial design as well as illustrations. The brand aims at pushing the creative boundaries through which they develop a passion that they inject into their clients’ work.

The Instagram feed for the studio gives you a wide variety of characters that you can browse through for inspiration. You notice that the designers take the most basic ideas and make them effective. Some of the big clients that the brand has handled include General Electric, Apple and the Wall Street Journal.

34. Gemma O’Brien (@mrseaves101)

If you have heard about or taken part in “The SpewBag Challenge”, then you have been inspired by Gemma.  this challenge is all about traveling artists and designers making use of paper sick bags that are common on flights by turning them into typographical works of art.

Gemma is a model, typography wizard and photographer that will amaze you with her designs. From handwritings to graffiti, contrasted snaps of architecture and what not, Gemma’s profile is a load of creativeness that is well-laid out on her feed.

You can visit her page and check out the various typographical spew bags as well as other works on her page.

35. Tad Carpenter (@tadcarpenter)

With the kind of flexibility that Tad Carpenter uses, you expect his designs to come out classy and with a strong style. And this is what you get when you visit his Instagram page. From playful illustrations to classy typography, Tad gives you something to admire as well as muse over.

Tad produces individual designs that work as standalones, but that can also work when used in tandem with others. Visit his Instagram page to see for yourself what we are talking about!

36. Zachary Smith (@zacharysmithh)

Authenticity comes into focus when you get to Zachary Smith’s Instagram feed. His work uses inspiration from natural things that are found in the outdoors to create classic and weathered designs which look as if they have been around for ages.

If you seek to find designs that have an undeniable ingenuity to it, then find your way to Zachary’s Instagram feed.

37. Leta Sobierajski (@letasobierajski)

Leta is one of the best graphic designers to follow on Instagram and she focuses on so many designs from many disciplines. She doesn’t just focus on the good, but the bad and the ugly as well.  You will see the wonderful side of art as well as its bizarre side.

Together with her partner Wade Jeffree, Leta interprets many portraits that will make you cringe, but when you look at the designs closely you will discover the message that is hidden behind the art.

To get more, visit her Instagram page.

38. Jen Mussari (@jenmussari)

Jen is a designer and typographer with a keen eye for detail. With the kind of images the designer features on her page, she is worth a follow. She has some great projects under her belt and she delivers sample after sample naturally making it seem deceptively easy.

With such an astonishing eye for details and an amazing portfolio, Jen is one of the top designers in the industry who will inspire you.

39. Lucas Young (@lucasyoung)

Blending typographical elements with illustrative pieces, Lucas manages to come up with effective designs that will awe you and make you yearn for more. You also get to peruse through well-thought out business card designs as well. Use the designs as an inspiration to help you get to that level that you desire.

40. Joshua Noom (@joshuanoom)

A creative designer and illustrator, Joshua uses the skills he has in the two disciplines to create effective and simple works of art. He uses the colors boldly and makes it easy for you to appreciate the different aspects of art.

41. Brenton Clarke Little

A former visual designer for Verizon wireless, Brenton describes himself as a “human, believer and a professional daydreamer”, and you get to understand what he talks about when you get to his Instagram page. The designer showcases dramatic shots of the outdoors.

If you are looking for some inspirational pieces, then check out Brenton Clarke’s Instagram page.

42. I Love Doodle: Lim Heng Swee (@limhengswee)

If you are into illustrations, then you will enjoy the cute designs that have been created by Lim Heng Swee. Lim takes everyday objects and gives life to them, making humans fall in love with them. If you aren’t convinced yet, take the next turn to I Love Doodle and check out his Instagram page.

43. Tolga Girgin (@tolgagirgin99)

Tolga specializes in creating 3D illustrations, which is one of the latest perspectives of graphic design. Although he was born and bred in Turkey, his illustrations have made him a household name in the design industry.

44. Shiffa (@dashiffa)

The cartoons that Shiffa comes up with aren’t meant to be forgotten – and you won’t forget them. You will find that the art he churns out is a little bit peculiar and might not appeal to everyone, but only those that have a keen eye for detail and message-in-a-picture.

45. Lauren Hom (@homsweethom)

If you are awed by smart color combinations, typography posters and cheesy quotes, then don’t hesitate to follow Lauren Hom. She is a quirky artist that loves to tackle complex typography; she went ahead to write a book aptly named “Daily Dishonesty”.

If you have a heart for the quirky yet amazing, then Lauren’s Instagram account should be your next destination.

46. Jacob Eisinger (@yippiehey)

The art director, 3D illustrator and cat lover, Jacob gives you a diverse selection to choose from. And most definitely one of the pieces will capture your heart and quench your artistic hunger.

His attractive Instagram profile features three dimensional design, colorful art and food photography that will make you feel as if you are in a design studio. And that is just a sample of what he does – so if you are looking for a graphic designer who ingeniously blends photography with unusual bold colors, then Jacob it is.

47. Sam Larson (@samlarson)

If you are an expert or a newbie, Sam Larson’s profile gives you a peek into the amazing world of graphic design. All the pieces you come across give you a healthy dose of colors and designs, adding a lot of beauty to your feed.

The landscape drawings, watercolor art and the infusion of natural colors create a world that takes you beyond the normal Instagram experience that you are used to.

48. Jessica Walsh (@jessicavwalsh)

This list won’t be complete without mentioning Jessica Walsh, one-half of Sagmeister & Walsh. She is arguably one of the most renowned names in the world of design, both online and offline.

You will find images depicting her personal inspiration as well as past works on her feed.

Check out her page for daily inspiration, she’s definitely one of the best graphic designers to follow on Instagram.


There you have it – the definitive list of the best graphic designers to follow on Instagram.

Remember that to get what you want from these accounts you have to understand how Instagram works.

First, identify the right designer who is in the same niche as you are, then take time to find several that you can follow to get the inspiration you need.

Stay active on their profile to be able to receive updates on their posts as well as ask questions.