Top Instagram Growth Tools

#1 Top Rated
NitreoGrow Real, Organic Followers


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KickstaGet Active Followers


#1 Top Rated
NitreoGrow Real, Organic Followers


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UseViralBuy Instagram Followers


More and more people flock to Instagram as the social media platform evolves and expands over the world. As of now, more than 1.3 billion people possess an active account, and the numbers don’t stop there.

So, how do you lead those new users toward your account page? Simply enough, if you follow our guide on how to get more Instagram followers in 2024. Read on!

How to Get More Instagram Followers in 2024

1. Your Own Aesthetics

How to get more Instagram followers? Aesthetics of course! Instagram is the eye-catering social media. If you can say it in visuals, don’t put it in other forms. Every ambitious brand should, therefore, strive to invent their own unique take on Instagram aesthetics.

Aesthetics can be described as a style, a feel, a vibe of your account. It may sound elusive and something not easily attainable, but with proper planning and strategy, it’s easily doable by anyone.

Instagram color palettes

Think of a characteristic color palette. By sticking to it, you will ‘train’ Instagram audience to recognize your content at first glance. Your pictures, videos, and stories should all be streamlined to your preferred aesthetics.

Before you know it, the value of your Instagram presence will be enriched by that bit of extra people won’t be able to name, but will certainly be able to see. You’ll become attractive, and that means attracting more followers.

In any case, try paying more attention to what aesthetics your Instagram portrays. More attractive means attracting more followers!

2. Discover (and Keep Track of) Your Ideal Audience


Jack of all trades is a master of none. This particularly goes for social media. If you strike too wide you’ll appear as bland and uninspiring, and you certainly don’t want that. By specializing you get ample opportunities of reaching niches that would otherwise be missed.

This is just one of the reasons why discovering your ideal audience should be your priority number one. Targeting the wrong audience is equal to selling agricultural tools to city-dwellers and yields similar results: business failure

However, by getting insights into what audience would be most suitable to your goods, products, or services, you become able to fine-tune your campaign to strike the right chords or the right people and maximize your output.

Remember, as time goes by your ideal audience may evolve, and age, location, business field, and interests may change. Conduct frequent research into your followers to keep those changing trends in check. Consider a follower tracker to keep tabs on your current followers.

Hitting the right people will naturally bring more of them, and keep the old ones satisfied with you. And that’s your goal, if we aren’t sorely mistaken.

3. Gamify Your Community


You’re the manager of your own brand, and you decide whether you make your brand interactive or not. Spoiler alert: your engagement will be much, much higher if you gamify your Instagram presence and make your followers actively seek to increase their own participation in your brand building.

Reward frequent activity with tokens of gratitude or public shoutouts. Conduct giveaways, quizzes, give rewards each month to most active participants, assign badges, organize user-generated content contests… There’s no limit but your own creativity. The only rule is to make participation in your brand fun and rewarding.

In return, your community will become a beacon of happy users that will attract increasingly more users that will get bored with passive brands. Stay ahead of boring competition and their followers will follow you instead.

4. Optimize Your Captions and Hashtags


When’s the last time you carefully planned your hashtags in advance? It might not seem as that big of a deal, but what if we told you that the reach of your content directly depends on hashtags that you use?

Good use of hashtags can increase your reach several times. Bad use of hashtags will make your content shown to less people than usually. This is due to hashtags’ mechanics: they act as tags on which Instagram algorithms sort content and forward it to eager content consumers.

Task Ant

Stay ahead of the game by employing automated hashtag generation software. Our recommendation here is Task Ant, a hashtag generator built for the future.

By having access to top-performing hashtags globally, as well as an insights-gathering intelligence that can track your niche (or anyone’s niche, actually) and scan for successful hashtag strategies, Task Ant will fix all your hashtag needs.

Pick Task Ant and win at hashtags this year.

5. Collaborate


Instagram as a social media makes you benefit from sharing your business with others. A successful collab brings more followers to all the participants, so there’s no reason not to reach out to fellow content creators and join forces temporarily.

Being portrayed on someone’s profile opens you access to a whole audience you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. Free marketing? Well, you have to share your audience with someone else. However, since you don’t lose your followers by sharing them, it’s a win-win situation.

Cooperate often for maximum results. Feature us on your profile once you’re an Instagram star! 🙂