Instagram’s goal is to keep you constantly communicating with your friends and followers; thus, the app recommends new accounts to follow.

While Instagram’s suggested users feature is helpful, it often suggests people you are not interested in following.

You should understand how to delete recommended profiles on your Instagram if you need to maintain your privacy or simply clean up your list.

Read on to learn how to clear Instagram search suggestions from your iPhone or Android smartphone.

This consists of suggested users to follow, conversations in DMs, and keywords for searches.

How to Clear Instagram Search Suggestions

How To Clear Instagram Search Suggestions
  • You may search on Instagram by tapping the search option at the app’s bottom.
  • To search, you can use the bar located at the top of the display. As you type, there should be a list of suggested queries beneath the input field.
  • To remove a search suggestion, press the ‘X’ on the right of the screen. 

You can eliminate all the search suggestions Instagram has made for you, but remember that it will make new ones the next time you initiate a search. Several suggestions as you like will be removed, but you cannot disable this feature.

Deleting Searches From The Search Page

  • Launch Instagram. 
  • You may quickly access the search option by tapping the search bar. The bottom menu can be accessed by clicking the second button from the left.
  • To search, use the bar at the top of the page. This will appear at the very bottom of your display.
  • Now go through the list of options and remove any you don’t want by tapping the X next to them.
  • Select “See All” from the menu. The upper right corner is where you’ll find it. For a complete list of your past queries, tap on it. You can now go through the list of search ideas and remove those that don’t work.
  • Use the Clear All button (optional). You can clear your complete search history by tapping the corresponding button in the upper right corner. There will be no further search results suggested to you.

Reinstall The Instagram Application

Reinstall The Instagram

If you have tried the solutions mentioned earlier and they haven’t worked, you may always remove and reinstall the program.

Clearing the cache and history this way is a great assistance.

It’s possible that you won’t be able to completely disable all suggestions due to data and cache storage limitations.

There is a chance that Instagram will continue to recommend accounts or hashtags depending on your prior activity even after you’ve deleted all the suggestions and cleared the history.

Instagram’s ability to store data and cache, which aids in the algorithm, is a major factor. If you deactivate the app, your device’s data and cache can be deleted.

This also allows you to remove all of the recommendations.

This strategy is easy to implement and recommended to eliminate the suggestions without cleaning your search history or doing anything else complicated.

The program can be removed if desired.

Apps on iOS can be uninstalled by holding down the icon and swiping it away. As a result, you’ll be able to receive yet another pop-up notification.

Select the option to delete the program from your device. Afterward when, you can select Confirm. When using this technique, the app will be deleted from your mobile device.

This process is also applicable to Android devices. To remove an app from your home screen, just press and hold on to it until a menu appears, and then drop it where the trash can is.

Your software will be uninstalled from your mobile device.

Reinstalling an application from the app store or Google Play is possible after deleting it from your phone.

To reinstall the Instagram app. Once you’ve signed in, go to the search page and enter your query in the search bar.

See if Instagram is still recommending the accounts. The search bar will not offer any options during the complete reset procedure.

Final Thoughts

This article explained how to remove Instagram results from suggestions. You may wish to remove search and direct message suggestions for a variety of reasons.

It’s simple to delete suggestions from your feed for any reason you may have, whether it’s for privacy, to get rid of folks you won’t be following, or to get things in order.

And Instagram will persist in recommending new ones, even if you delete them.