Verizon Wireless is a multinational telecommunications corporation that got its start in the states. It has been successfully operating for 36 years now, and it offers clients a wireless service.

Let’s do a deep dive on the company’s history, as well as its current net worth.



Verizon Wireless was officially founded back in 2000, and has headquarters in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

The idea for one company came from two, namely American Bell Atlantic, and Vodafone. The two companies owned the corporation until 2015 when Verizon was purchased by Vodafone, who now owns it solely.

Verizon is a multinational corporation that has more than two thousand retail stores, and more than 130,000 employees in 150 locations around the world. Verizon Wireless is officially in second place when it comes to the worlds list of top telecommunications providers.

The first in AT&T. The company has an overarching goal to implement new technology that is going to make the lives of their clients easier. The leading people of this company are Ronan Dunne, and Hans Vestburg.

The Network

Verizon Mobile

Verizon currently operates a 4G network that covers 98% of the United States. The company has started a Rural America Program, through which it is dedicated to covering most rural locations in the states.

Because the implementation of the latest technology, 5G, is growing, the company has started developing a network that fits in with this update. The company spent more than 200 million dollars last year on the development of telecommunications technologies.

They offer services on cellphones, TVs, telephones, and whether you own an iOS phone, and Android phone, or BlackBerry still, you can make the most of their services. If you don’t own a phone that is compatible with 4G, you can still make the most of their 3G network.

Verizon prides itself on offering its clients a high level of voice and data services and prefers cellular networks over traditional landlines.

As well as working hard to implement the latest technology when it comes to telecommunications, Verizon is determined to improve their customer experience as well, which is why they are heavily involved in additional socially beneficial activities.

This includes helping nonprofits and students, and the company as a whole has donated more than 8 million dollars to nonprofits in the process.

Verizon Net Worth

Verizon Net Worth

Verizon is easily one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the U.S., not to mention the rest of the world as well. With such a huge influence on this area of technology, it’s no wonder that they have huge net profit.

Currently, they are sitting at more than $291 billion, and with everything they do for the community as well as their work with 5G, we only see this number going up in the future.

They have a stronghold over the telecommunications technology sector in the U.S., as more and more customers sign on to their books every day.