Why do marketers fear change?

Why do they wait to try the new ways and stick to the old ways that are becoming less and less effective in the digital marketing world?

As a marketer, you should be virtually fearless and ready for new changes that will positively impact your marketing efforts. After all, aren’t all marketing strategies experimental in the beginning? Shouldn’t we all be ready and willing to experiment with new tactics?

Success in marketing is often obtained by taking a few chances. It’s how you can tell the difference between a novice and a marketing professional. The problem isn’t in experimentation, but in being able to tell the difference between fads and taking educated risks.

These five digital marketing strategies may be risks, but they are worth trying.

Try Inbound Content Marketing Over Outbound Marketing

Until this new age of marketing, it was enough to highlight your services or products with their great features. Nowadays, you must add value to your products or services and your brand through content. You need to be an authority in your industry and provide content that shows it. Your content should teach, inform, and make a positive lasting impression on its readers. It should make them see how much you believe in what you are selling.

Incorporate Interactive Marketing Tactics

Interactive content is engaging, fun, interesting, and dynamic. It draws attention to your message and enhances your social media engagement.

Interactive content includes infographics, quizzes, and ROI calculators to name a few. It helps to extend your reach, drive more traffic, and garners high-quality links to your blog and website. You can also use bots and tools to encourage engagement on these.

Try New Social Media Channels

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will probably be around for a long time. Exploring new, up-and-coming social media channels allows you to reach out to consumers in exciting ways. Instagram, Snapchat, and Instant Articles on Facebook are opening new channels where you can experiment with marketing. Snapchat and Instagram are perfect for interactive content as mentioned above.

Forget Algorithms and Create Content for Real People

For so long, we marketers have habitually concerned ourselves with algorithms to the point that we may have forgotten who we’re developing content for; people. Marketing should be more than getting on the top of search engine results. It should be about building strong relationships with consumers who are potential customers. Take a small step outside that box and consider your readers over algorithms when you’re curating content. Consider their worries, desires, needs, and fears. Use your keywords to highlight your points, but write and curate content for people.

Reuse Your Best Content

It’s smart to reuse and repurpose in today’s marketing world. Touch up older and still relevant content and share it across multiple channels. Repost old blog posts with new titles, fresh graphics, and some newly added content. You need to be updating all your content regularly anyway, so this isn’t as much experimental as it is common sense, but most marketers fail to do it.

Get past your fears and worries of thinking outside the box and experimenting with these marketing ideas. You may find that one or all these ideas work well with your brand and marketing efforts.