There is no better place to market and promote your business today than on social media. The popularity of numerous platforms and their dependence by consumers when seeking products has made social media a haven for marketers and business owners.

Twitter, for instance, commands a very large following, with millions of active users each day. That, coupled with its design that differentiates it from other platforms, it provides a unique experience to both users and marketers.

The unique nature of Twitter makes it difficult to manage your account, especially if you are a busy person who hardly finds time to promote your business online. As a result, people have turned into different methods to help them grow their accounts. Some of these methods include buying followers or using automation.

Buying followers is not recommended because you only end up with numbers that have little to no impact on your business. The followers you buy have no interest in your line of work and can hardly comment, like, or share your content.

As such, it’s safer to use some of the recommended automation tools for Twitter; such as a bot that lets you auto follow or a tweet scheduler, if you have limited time.

Even so, without the right approach and a well-crafted strategy, it can be frustrating to grow your presence on Twitter. To amass a large following, you need to plan well in advance and execute a strategy that is in line with your marketing needs and goals. This article looks at some of the best ways to improve your Twitter experience and grow your account as a graphic designer.

Be keen on competition

Just like in any other environment, competition is so rife when it comes to social media marketing. Thus, to have an edge, you need to always be one step ahead of your competitors.

Following them keeps you updated on their undertakings and helps you understand different dynamics of how they market their business. Look into their marketing campaigns and see the kind of messages they send, the type of promotions they run, and who follows them and also who they follow back.

Such information can help you improve how you use Twitter for your business and even remodel to make it better and more captivating to your followers. That will, in turn, generate more followers because your content will be more fascinating and well-sourced. The idea is to spy on your competitors and see what works for them, take the positives and implement them if they can work with your business model.


As a graphic designer, it’s imperative that you have a website to promote your business and showcase your work. Having a working website also exhibits professionalism on your part. You can drive more traffic to your site and generate more followers by linking your site to your Twitter account as well as your pages on other social media platforms.

By doing that, you are increasing the visibility of your brand across numerous platforms, hence increasing the likelihood of generating more followers and more traffic to your website at the same time. Twitter has easy mechanisms to integrate their platform to your site. Through various codes, you can easily place a twitter widget on your site, and also set up a follow or a tweet button. Taking advantage of such mechanisms as a graphic designer can improve your business and enable fans to connect with you with ease on Twitter.

Exclusive offers

Everybody loves offers, be it a discount, a free gift, or vouchers. When running your marketing campaigns, come up with offers that are only exclusive to your fans. You can as well go an extra mile and include other terms that may improve the presence or visibility of your brand. For instance, you could be running a contest or offering discounts to your followers.

However, the catch will be that each entrant should be your follower and must tag at least two friends who do not follow you to qualify for the freebies or discounts. Considering that people will be driven by the urge to win something, they will tag their friends who might as well follow you in order to enter the contest. By the end of such a campaign, your following will have bloated considerably.

Adopt a business approach

You have to be business savvy on Twitter if you want to achieve any meaningful success. The primary idea is to sell your brand, attain more followers, and convert them into customers. Hence, mentioning your brand name often is the easiest method to sell its name. Be it a criticism, recommendation, or praise, every mention of your brand on Twitter improves its visibility.

You can also achieve this by using Twitter automation to retweet positive mentions and replying to customers directly where they have mentioned your brand. Promoting positive comments, testimonials, and reviews is a great way of attracting new followers and potential future customers.

In a nutshell, Twitter is for everybody. Whether you are a graphic designer, a small business owner, a musician, an artist or anything else, you can easily transform your brand into a household name with the right approach.

As a graphic designer, the tips highlighted above should serve as your baby steps to grow your business through Twitter.