OnlyFans can be a challenging social media outlet to promote without being creative.

Therefore, this article will focus on how to promote OnlyFans on YouTube to help you make that happen the right way. 

OnlyFans is home to over 190 million registered users. Of these users, OnlyFans has more than 2.1 million creators.

Some niches besides adult and NSFW content include cooking, music lessons, fitness and workouts, live gaming streams, and makeup tutorials. 

YouTube is a free video sharing social media and streaming website where users watch videos.

There are over 2.6 billion active monthly users on YouTube. Also, it has more than 51 million channels. 

Some creators have multiple channels and YouTube accounts, so it’s hard to pin down how many creators are on the platform. 

That said, we want to provide you with information that will help you promote OnlyFans on this enormously popular video streaming and social platform.

The following will address the best practices for promoting your OnlyFans profile on YouTube to get more subscribers.

Also, while you’re doing this, you will likely create a large following on YouTube. Therefore, this is a win-win deal.

Let’s get started.

How to Promote OnlyFans on YouTube

We will be focusing on the most legitimate ways to promote OnlyFans on the YouTube platforms.

Top Influencers with OnlyFans

1. Post a Link on Your YouTube Profile and In Video Descriptions

The first way to promote your OnlyFans on YouTube is to put a link on your YouTube profile.

You can share your OnlyFans account directly with your YouTube subscribers, but not a referral link. 

You can also promote OnlyFans (your profile link) in your YouTube video description box.

Both ideas help you get attention to your OnlyFans page. 

2. Add a Welcome Message to Your YouTube Bio

While you’re at it, record a welcome message and upload the video to your YouTube channel.

Use this video as your pinned video on the channel. 

Your welcome message shouldn’t be any longer than a couple of minutes long.

Alternatively, you can upload a teaser or another video from your best OnlyFans content. 

Your YouTube subscribers can reach out to you about your OnlyFans page and content through your YouTube channel.

3. Collaborate with Other YouTubers and OnlyFans Creators

Collaboration has been used enough to show that it’s an effective way to get more exposure to your YouTube and your OnlyFans page and content. 

Be sure to choose creators that are within a similar or related niche to encourage the best targeted audience for all creators involved. 

When you collaborate, you also get to share in others’ subscribers on YouTube and OnlyFans.

Likewise, those with whom you collaborate will enjoy the same benefits.

4. Hire YouTube Influencers to Help Promote Your Channel

The top OnlyFans and YouTubers pay influencers to promote their YouTube channel, which boosts their followers and viewers. 

It’s wise to initiate contact with these professionals before you upload tour content to YouTube.

This will improve your chances of a successful YouTube content launch. 

Also, you need to record videos in a neutral place to avoid recording in the same spot all the time. You can rent a location if you want.

When you’re seeking YouTube influencers to help you, make sure you choose those with the largest following.

The larger the following, the faster you will grow. 

5. Use Relevant Hashtags and Tags in Your YouTube Videos

When you’re learning to promote OnlyFans on YouTube you need to make sure you use the most relevant hashtags and other tags to attract the targeted audience you want. 

We can’t stress enough to do your research on this. Avoid using spam hashtags because that makes you look untrustworthy.

You need to be trustworthy to your audience if you want YouTube followers that can be converted into OnlyFans subscribers.

Keep your eye on the prize and avoid using hashtags that can cause you to get suspended or banned from certain social media platforms.

On OnlyFans, you need to use specific hashtags to your brand and content.

Even some general hashtags will help you gain followers and then subscribers/

On YouTube, you need to use the right hashtags to promote your YouTube videos that will get watched so that viewers can see your OnlyFans link and follow or subscribe to you there.

Proper hashtag usage is essential on YouTube and across other social media outlets.

Hashtags help to make your content more relevant to your niche and will get you more viewers.

6. Make YouTube Shorts for More Views

How Long Does It Take YouTube To Process A Video

Right now, YouTube shorts are trending and popular. Therefore, creating YouTube shorts is going to help you boost your YouTube views.

When you boost your YouTube views, you will also boost your OnlyFans exposure on the platform.

YouTube shorts are succinct and brief like Instagram or Facebook Reels and TikTok videos. These shorts are no longer than 60 seconds long.

If you don’t have time to immediately create YouTube shorts, you can use the “Edit to a Short” feature and cut your long-form videos into smaller bites. 

Doing this will help build your YouTube and then your OnlyFans.

7. Engage with Your YouTube Audience

When you’re using YouTube to promote your OnlyFans page, you need to engage on both platforms.

Here, we are focusing on engaging on YouTube to boost your following.

As you boost your YouTube following, your OnlyFans link is seen and clicked.

When that happens, you have the opportunity to get followers and then subscribers for OnlyFans content. 

Engaging by talking directly to your YouTube followers and by responding on chats and in comments are how you get their attention.

The more engaged you are with your followers, the more they trust you.

That trust can result in more followers and in OnlyFans subscribers. Remember to also engage with your OnlyFans followers and subscribers.

8. Share YouTube Content to Other Social Media Sites

When promoting OnlyFans, you need to follow the guidelines of all social media platforms.

You can share your YouTube content easily on other social media outlets like Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Cross-promotion has been a suitable and effective method of marketing since before the internet was around.

Today, it’s just faster and easier to do. 

The more exposure you get to your YouTube channel that promotes your OnlyFans link, the more successful you can achieve your goal.

9. Analyze Your Content and Performance

As you should with any kind of promotion or marketing campaign, you need to check your analytics often.

YouTube offers tools for analytics that tell you how videos are performing and data that relates to demographics and other tools. 

If you need more, there are other data analytics tools you can use for free on YouTube, or you can also find paid subscriptions to help you see how your content is performing across social platforms.

Why Should I Promote OnlyFans on YouTube?


YouTube’s massive, registered user base is one of the best reasons to use it for OnlyFans promotions.

You do need to know how to promote your OnlyFans on YouTube effectively, efficiently, and successfully to achieve your goal of OnlyFans subscribers.

Regardless of your niche, you can get more YouTube followers and subscribers that results in boosting your OnlyFans follower and subscriber base.

You need to leverage OnlyFans so you can offer your subscribers exclusive content they can’t get on YouTube or other social sites. 

Extra, exclusive content can include such things as digital products, extra video content, PDF products, etc.


Follow YouTube’s rules and guidelines to protect yourself.

Doing the things mentioned in this guide will help you build your YouTube and ultimately your OnlyFans page. 

Most of these methods have to do with building relationships with others so that they feel comfortable subscribing to your YouTube and your OnlyFans content.

Keep in mind that these things don’t happen overnight in most cases.

Just like any business model, it can take weeks, months or even a year or more to achieve your goals for OnlyFans subscribers.

You should see progress as you go. If not, you need to check your analytics and make some changes.

While YouTube is known to be a good video streaming service where you can make money from ad revenue and for promoting products and services, OnlyFans allows you to share content you can’t put on YouTube, or exclusive content that requires longer videos.

OnlyFans was created to help content creators to quickly monetize the content they want to share with others.

Whether it’s NSFW or non-NSFE content, you can provide exclusive OnlyFans content to offer to subscribers. 

Don’t put anything you want to use for exclusive content on YouTube or for free on OnlyFans.

Teaser content is helpful to get people to subscribe, but if you share your content freely, why would people subscribe to it? 

For instance, if you teach voice lessons, you wouldn’t want to put free videos up of all your lessons.

Share tidbits on YouTube Shorts or OnlyFans for free to get people to subscribe to your paid OnlyFans content.

Then, you give them study notes, worksheets, and full voice lessons on livestream or through other video promotions.