The majority of us are into video content these days so let’s find out how many videos are uploaded to YouTube a day.

YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms today.

It leads the online video-sharing market all across the board, despite the arrival of popular competitors like TikTok.

There are a lot of reasons why people love YouTube. One of these is the versatility to watch any video from any genre on demand.

There seems to be content for any topic on the platform, with millions of content creators taking an interest in anything under the sun.

If you are up for some freshly-made content about YouTube, this article about how many videos are uploaded to YouTube a day in 2024 is for you.

How Many Videos are Uploaded to YouTube a Day in 2024?

There is no definitive answer to how many videos are uploaded to YouTube a day in 2022, in terms of the exact number of videos.

But in terms of the number of hours, approximately 700,000 hours of videos make it to the platform every single day.

This means it will take you close to 80 years to finish watching all the videos uploaded on a day in full, YouTube ads aside.

It could take much longer if your internet connection is bad! That is way longer than the average life expectancy globally which is only 72.74 years.

Number of Hours Uploaded to YouTube per Minute

The overall uploading landscape drastically changed from YouTube’s early days to where it is at the moment.

Here is a history of the number of hours uploaded to YouTube every minute between 2007 to 2020.

  • June 2007 – 6 hours of videos are uploaded per minute
  • May 2009 – 20 hours of videos are uploaded per minute
  • March 2010 – 24 hours of videos are uploaded per minute
  • May 2011 – 48 hours of videos are uploaded per minute
  • May 2012 – 72 hours of videos are uploaded per minute
  • May 2013 – 100 hours of videos are uploaded per minute
  • November 2014 – 300 hours of videos are uploaded per minute
  • July 2015 – 400 hours of videos are uploaded per minute
  • May 2019 – 500 hours of videos are uploaded per minute
  • February 2020 – 500 hours of videos are uploaded per minute

The number of hours uploaded to YouTube per minute drastically jumped between May 2013 to November 2014 from 100 hours to 300 hours.

This is at the time when vlogging, or the videos to show or describe one’s activities, became the new talk of the town.

One in Three Children Aspire to Be a Vlogger

YouTube kids

The popularity of the site to all people of all ages says so much about the growth in the number of videos uploaded to YouTube.

Nowadays, almost everyone would like to jump into the craze and become “vloggers”, the term used to describe video creators on YouTube and other similar platforms.

A survey conducted in 2019 shows one in three children aged between 8 to 12 would like to make a living out of video content creation.

The results changed depending on every country. Some 29% of survey participants from the United States and 30% from the United Kingdom affirmed to be aspiring vloggers or YouTubers.

Meanwhile, the result is much lower among children in China, with only 18% of them wanting to take the path.

Most Popular YouTube Videos of All Time

The reason why many children would want to jump into the vlogging bandwagon is their exposure to popular videos and channels on the site which spike their interest.

As of April 2022, here are the most popular videos that clocked the highest views on YouTube.

  • Baby Shark (nursery song) – 10.86 billion total views
  • Despacito (pop music) – 7.8 billion total views
  • Johny Johny Yes Papa (nursery song) – 6.20 billion total views
  • Shape of You (pop music) – 5.60 billion total views
  • See You Again (a song tribute to the late Paul Walker) – 5.40 billion total views
  • Cocomelon Bath Song (nursery song) – 5.20 billion total views
  • Learning Colors from Miroshka TV (nursery song) – 4.60 billion total views
  • Phonics Song with Two Worlds (nursery song) – 4.50 billion total views
  • Uptown Funk (pop music) – 4.50 billion total views
  • Masha and the Bear (nursery song) – 4.49 billion views

The top ten list of videos with the highest YouTube views are dominated by nursery songs and pop music. Seven out of ten are targeted to young viewers using YouTube Kids.

Most Popular YouTube Channels Worldwide

Meanwhile, below is the list of the most popular YouTube channels in terms of the number of subscribers, as of the first quarter of 2022.

  • T-Series (India) – 206 million subscribers
  • YouTube Movies (United States) – 150 million subscribers
  • Cocomelon (United States) – 130 million subscribers
  • SET India (India) – 130 million subscribers
  • Music (United States) – 115 million subscribers
  • PewDiePie (Sweden) – 110 million subscribers
  • Gaming (United States) – 92 million subscribers
  • MrBeast (United States) – 92 million subscribers
  • Kids Diana Show (Ukraine and United States) – 91.7 million subscribers
  • Like Nastya (Russia and United States) – 89.2 million subscribers

Once again, the list of YouTube’s most successful channels, in terms of the number of subscribers, house content creators targeting the younger population.

Longest Video Ever Uploaded on YouTube



The longest video ever uploaded to YouTube came in 2012, and it will take you more than three weeks to complete watching.

Moldy Toaster Media’s curator has uploaded the longest video on YouTube which can only be completed after 596 hours or more than 20 days of non-stop watching every day.

YouTube Guidelines show that verified channels can upload a maximum length of 10 hours for a single video.

But as long as the file size does not exceed 128GB, regardless of the length, this could be more.


Many people turn to YouTube to search for recipes, find nursery rhymes for a sleepy baby, discover the latest pop music, and answer our curiosity about anything under the sun.

It is true that YouTube has replaced the good old television set for good, given its convenience and versatility.

Everyone loves that they can watch any video at any time about any topic that they like, on-demand!

This is why more and more videos are uploaded on the site year after year, and many people, especially young children, aspire to be video content creators these days.

We hope you enjoyed our article on how many videos are uploaded to YouTube a day in 2024.


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