In today’s time, creating and operating a YouTube channel is one of the most rewarding projects that you can undertake. However, it can also be quite challenging. 

Most creators often start their YouTube channel as a hobby.

However, there are a handful of YouTube personalities, like MrBeast, who is known to earn roughly $14 million on YouTube ads alone. 

Monetizing your YouTube content is quite a big topic for all creators.

Whether you are just a beginner or already an established name, you may wonder – how much does YouTube pay per view?

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View?

YouTube money

Yes, it can be quite useful to understand the exact amount of money you can make per view on your YouTube videos

However, it is easier said than done. YouTube algorithms tend to be complicated and you will only be able to calculate the pay-per-view in averages. 

One good rule to observe is that YouTube videos with ads enabled will get more money on the views as compared to those without. 

However, the total average you get per view will also depend on various factors like the category that your channel/video falls under, your location, your niche, etc. 

For instance, you will find many types of videos related to technology, personal finance, real estate, making money online, etc. tend to make more money than videos related to lifestyle, pranks, etc. 

So, why does this happen?

One reason is AdSense, which is an auction-based advertising engine. Here, advertisers bid on keywords that are worth more than others.

This means that your ad revenue will be controlled by the AdSense platform.

Then, there are other factors. For instance, there are some users that do not see any ads at all.

This is because people are now using ad blockers, which can have an impact on your YouTube revenue. 

Now, let us check how much money you can make on the number of views on your YouTube videos:

1. 1,000 Views – Between $2 and $12

According to the data from AdSense Calculator, your earnings can be roughly 7x higher if your video falls under the category of competitive keywords. 

Additionally, viewers should not use ad blockers to block ads.

Generally, the cost per thousand views (CPM) can be anywhere between $4 and $24, depending on the industry and region. 

However, 1,000 views on your videos cannot be considered the same as 1,000 views on your ads. 

It is always better to consider that only half of the total number of views on your YouTube videos will be monetized. 

In short, you can get between $5 and $7 for every 1,000 YouTube views on average, regardless of the industry. 

And, you also need to note that the revenue calculations are done based on a single video. Therefore, you need to schedule your videos accordingly and not at the same time.

2. 100,000 Views – Between $120 and $800

Even if your YouTube channel grows, it does not mean that your ad revenue will increase linearly.

There are always certain factors – for instance, lesser people will be engaged with your videos, and some may skip your videos halfway or even altogether. 

In such cases, the CPM for your YouTube videos will fall to anywhere between $1.2 and $8 per 1000 views or between $120 and $800 for 100,000 views on your videos.

3. 1,000,000 Views – Between $1,200 and $6,000

Of course, every YouTube creator dreams of hitting the magical million views on their videos. Once you have achieved this dream, it means that YouTube is no longer a hobby. 

Once you start hitting this number, you can start calling yourself an influencer. Apart from running ads, you can start monetizing your followers in several other ways. 

For instance, you can look into some options like live streams with donations, selling online courses, channel memberships, influencer marketing, etc. 

When it comes to CPM, it is unlikely that it will fall below $1.2 per 1,000 views if your channel is influential and famous. 

For every 1,000 views, you can expect at least $6. This means that you can get anywhere between $1,200 and $6,000 for every million views on your videos. 

This means that you can start making YouTube videos professionally and full-time once you start getting a million views. 

How Can You Start Monetizing Your YouTube Videos?

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View

Of course, earning through YouTube is so much more than simply posting videos and hoping that the money will be deposited into your account. 

There are some steps that you need to get done before you can start monetizing your videos:

1. Enabling Monetizing For Your YouTube Account

In this step, you will have to enable the monetization option on your YouTube account. Additionally, you also need to agree to the terms and conditions of YouTube monetization. 

2. Connect AdSense To Your YouTube Account

As mentioned previously, you will have to connect your AdSense account to your YouTube account. If you do not have one, create a new AdSense account.

3. Review The Ad Formats And Video Criteria

According to YouTube, you can start monetizing on videos that are ‘advertiser-friendly’. This means you cannot monetize videos that have nudity or violence. 

Additionally, ensure that the videos do not break any copyright laws, especially when you are using background music. 

You will have the choice to select the types of ads that you want on your videos, like skippable video ads, overlay videos, display ads around the video, etc.

4. Setting Up Monetization On Your Videos

Now, you need to select the videos that you want to monetize. You also need to select the ad formats you want to use on the videos. 

5. Wait For YouTube To Finish Its Review

After you are done, YouTube will start checking whether everything meets the monetizing requirements

After your videos are accepted for monetization, you can start promoting your videos and even start making new ones. 

What you need to know about this process is that it can take anywhere between a few days and a few weeks. 

Once everything is processed smoothly, you will start seeing ads on your videos after the processing time is done. 

Factors That Affect The Revenue Of Your YouTube Channel

Money on YouTube

Here are some factors that can affect the revenue of your YouTube channel:

1. Location Of Your Channel

The geographic location of your YouTube channel can determine the revenue of your YouTube channel. 

Some countries have better and larger economies than others. For instance, let us compare the revenue between the US and Nigeria. 

The cost of living in the US is higher than in Nigeria. This means that the US has more money to spend than Nigeria.

This means that the companies advertise different products on American and Nigerian channels. 

These products will cost more in the US; this implies that advertisers will spend more money for their ads to appear on your videos.

2. Age Of The Audience

In most cases, the videos that you create can be divided based on the age of the viewers or subscribers. 

For instance, the viewers can be divided into different age groups like 13-17, 25-34, 55-64, and 65+. 

Taking the example of the US and Nigeria, older and wealthier Americans will spend more money than other age groups. 

Let us consider another example – for instance, you have a gaming YouTube channel and your audiences are mostly teenagers from the US. 

Since this demographic do not have as much spending power, there is a possibility that advertisers are not spending as much to market their products on your gaming videos. 

3. Your YouTube Industry/Niche 

Typically, YouTube industries that are considered the most profitable are online marketing, insurance, real estate, investing, business, health, and auto reviews. 

If you want to start a trend, there are certain topics like real estate, health, and investment will not attract all types of viewers. 

Most of the audiences that use YouTube do not think about these topics until they reach a certain age or salary figure. 

Therefore, your YouTube niche or industry will affect the revenue you can monetize from your YouTube channel. 

4. Seasonal Changes

Apart from all the factors mentioned above, seasonal changes can also affect the revenue you can monetize from your YouTube account.

Let us consider Christmas as an example. It is the season when people buy gifts and are always making purchasing decisions.

This will increase the CPMs of fashion, tech, and other gift-related YouTube channels.

Next, we have the New Years’ season, where fitness and food channels will increase their CPMs.  

As soon as the Holiday season ends, the CPMs of these channels will start returning to normal. 

5. The Safety Of Your Videos

Do you have videos that show violence or guns? Do they contain adult content? All these factors are called CPM killers. 

In most cases, advertisers would want to show their ads on videos that are PG-13 and positive. 

Therefore, any video that falls outside these categories will have lower CPMs and limited monetization. 

The list of non-advertiser-friendly categories is quite lengthy; some of them include dangerous and harmful acts, adult content, inappropriate language, controversial issues, sensitive events, etc. 

If you have any doubts, it is always better that you read YouTube Community Guidelines, which will help you gain a better standing on the platform as well as earn more revenue from your channel. 

Final Thoughts 

Monetizing your YouTube channel and videos is considered one of the best ways to earn some extra money. However, this method is not easy. 

You will still have to create great content that can appeal to your audiences. And, you have to do so consistently. 

However, if you manage to do so, you will get lucrative rewards. 

You also need to remember that YouTube is and should never be a get-rich scheme. It will take dedication, effort, and time to create and maintain a successful YouTube channel

With the help of everything we have mentioned in this article, you will learn the answer to the question – how much does YouTube pay per view?

One thing you need to remember is that you should never expect you can start earning thousands overnight. 

Overall, it will take a lot of creativity, hard work, and ingenuity to start earning big bucks as a YouTuber.