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#1 Top Rated
NitreoGrow Real, Organic Followers


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Instagram hashtags help you to reach your target audience, increase engagement, get new followers and develop your brand image.

The need for hashtags has grown over the past few years, and till now, they remain the primary tool to get content on Instagram.

Using the right Instagram hashtags helps your images get the reach you always desire. It doesn’t stop there; you can extend the reach outside the current followers, making it possible to sell more and build your brand.

But the Question Is, Which Hashtags Should You Use in Your Campaign?

Should you come up with just any hashtags and implement them?

Experts have two approaches to this answer – one school of thought recommends popular hashtags that are searched more, while the other recommends you to find and use specific and relevant hashtags to get targeted followers.

General hashtags have previously been in use, and you are sure that they are in being searched for, but the sad thing is that these hashtags are already in use by many marketers. Using them can make it harder for your content to be discovered.

On the other hand, using specific hashtags doesn’t assure you of success, though they help you get targeted followers.

So, Which Strategy Should You Adopt?

The truth is that most of these strategies work, which is why you need to use BOTH in your content strategy. Utilizing both the strategies allows you to enjoy an optimal reach while gaining targeted followers.

Using a host of tools and various strategies, here are three ways to leverage Instagram hashtags in your business.

Current Popular Hashtags

We have used various tools and sources to identify the top hashtags on Instagram today. These are general hashtags that you can use on your account TODAY.

If you need to extend your reach, then these are the tags that you can use. However, note that the hashtags that are trending today might not be the same tags that will trend next week.

#tbt (Throwback Thursday)

Hashtags to Increase Engagement and Followers

If your objective is to increase the number of followers so that you can boost your engagement, then you need to use a few specific hashtags.

These are less popular than the general hashtags. These tags work because many people search for these when they are looking for a way to interact or get people to follow them.

Here we go:

#l4l (Like 4 Like)
#FF: (Follow Friday)

Relevant Hashtags for Your Brand

If you need quality of followers as compared to quantity, then you need to get tags that are industry-specific and brand specific. You can get these tags using the following strategies:

  • Make use of a tool like Follow Adder that allows you to find out which tags are in use by the top influencers in your niche. These tags are most likely the audience in your niche is interested in and is searching for; using these tags places you in a position to get new followers in a given niche. These followers are looking for what you offer.
  • Use an expert service such as Task Ant to find the top hashtags in your niche. Being a service run by social media marketing guru’s, they might search for all the hashtags that relate to your brand on social media, not just Instagram.
  • Use a tool such as Task Ant to drill down further and find more hashtags that you can use. Use the hashtags in the two steps above to get more specific tags.

Make Hashtags Your Friend

When it comes to making it big on Instagram, you need to make hashtags your buddy.

You need to know which ones are relevant and which ones cant work for you. Make sure you understand the value that hashtags bring to your campaign and choose the right ones for the task.

Each hashtag falls in a given category and allows you to get more engagement, build followers or extend your reach. So, choose wisely!