Dream is a popular content creator on YouTube and a streamer on Twitch.

His YouTube main channel has more than 31 million subscribers and over 2.79 billion total views as of December 2022.

Aside from his main channel, he has six other YouTube channels with millions of total views.

His Twitch channel has more than 6 million followers. Dream’s YouTube and Twitch contents are about Minecraft. Let’s find out Dream’s net worth.

Dream Net Worth in 2024

Dream is a gaming content creator from Florida. His first name is Clay and some of his fans assume that his full name is Clayton Ray Huff after he revealed his face.

He makes a living from his Minecraft videos on YouTube, streams on Twitch, Patreon, affiliate marketing, and personal shop.

This YouTuber, steamer, and Minecrafter did not disclose his net worth, however, some analysts computed his earnings and figured an estimated net worth of around $5 million.

Among his sources of income are his million views from his YouTube channels such as Dream, DreamXD, Dream Team Gaming, Dream Shorts, Dream Music, Dream Tech, and Minecraft Manhunt.

Another is his Twitch channel, which generates income from subscribers, advertisements, donations, and views. He also generates income on Patreon.

Dream opens a personal online shop where he sells limited-edition clothes, scarves, caps, beanies, iPhone cases, mousepads, pins, stickers, collection coins, and other Dream merch.

Dream YouTube Channels


Clay’s YouTube main channel, “Dream”, has 31.2 million subscribers, 111 uploaded videos, and 2,796,315,494 total views.

Below is a list of Dream’s YouTube channels aside from its main channel:

  • DreamXD channel has 4.51 million subscribers and 261,979,089 total views as of December 2022
  • Dream Team Gaming channel has 2.44 million subscribers and 33,694,443 total views as of December 2022
  • Dream Shorts channel has 2.01 million subscribers and 229,343,180 total views as of December 2022
  • Dream Music channel has 1.68 million subscribers and 73,300,228 total views as of December 2022
  • Dream Tech channel has 381 thousand subscribers and 4,438,838 total views as of December 2022
  • Minecraft Manhunt channel has 878 thousand subscribers and 3,796,059 total views as of December 2022

Based on the latest analysis and calculation, they assume that he gets $1 for every 1,000 views. In his video with 24 million views, he made $24,000.

For his second channel, his most recent video has 2 million views, and he made approximately $2,000 using the same rate and computation.

This represents a total income of $26,000 from his two recent Minecraft videos.

Aside from the income from the number of views, he makes money from YouTube sponsorships.

Sponsors pay an average of $30 for every 1,000 views. However, Dream rarely takes up sponsorship on YouTube.

Dream Twitch Channel

Income on Twitch depends on how many subscribers watch the stream and donate. Twitch pays around $2.50 for every subscriber watching a stream.

Dream currently has 6.2 million Twitch followers. His first 15-minute Minecraft game stream has a flush of approximately 750 subscribers.

This represents around $1,875 in income. After that, in his 153-minute stream, he has an average of 6 subscribers every minute, equivalent to 918 additional subscribers or a total of $2,295. For this Minecraft video stream, he earns approximately $4,170.

Based on estimations, Dream generates approximately $91,384 per month from Twitch.

Dream Patreon

Patreon is another way to get paid. Dream earns in Patreon by the supporters availing of different levels of membership.

Each selected membership has perks such as access to more than 70 videos, private supporter discord, a virtual hug, and a high five.

Membership level has 3 options, namely: “Supporter” worth $5, “Supporter+” worth $19.99, and “Supporter++” worth $35.

According to estimated data, Dream makes about $3,880 to $27,160 from Patreon donations. In October 2021, he had 776 monthly Patreons.

Dream Merch

Dream put up and operates his online shop, selling limited-edition clothing and different merch.

Some of his products are Dream stickers that cost $2.99, shirts at $24.99, and hoodies at $40.99.

The best-sold Dream products are hoodies. The estimated expense of a hoodie together with the operations is around $30, which means that he earns approximately $10.99 per hoodie since he is selling it for $40.99.

Dream Affiliate Marketing

Dream prefers not to put advertisements on his streams since he has affiliate links for a full-streamer setup.

The equipment is worth around $1,000. Affiliates get at least 5% of the price of the products, equal to approximately $50 for every set.

If about 20,000 followers bought a set annually, he will be getting approximately $1 million.

Dream Estimated Earnings


According to the latest data posted by YouTubers.me, Dream earned an estimated $18.5 thousand in November 2022.

Earnings depend on the published videos and the number of views.

Here are the estimated earnings of Dream from February to November 2022:

  • Dream had estimated earnings of $26.6 thousand in February 2022
  • Dream had estimated earnings of $44.3 thousand in March 2022
  • Dream had estimated earnings of $25.2 thousand in April 2022
  • Dream had estimated earnings of $15.6 thousand in May 2022
  • Dream had estimated earnings of $21.8 thousand in June 2022
  • Dream had estimated earnings of $33.8 thousand in July 2022
  • Dream had estimated earnings of $42 thousand in August 2022
  • Dream had estimated earnings of $9.29 thousand in September 2022
  • Dream had estimated earnings of $78.3 thousand in October 2022
  • Dream had estimated earnings of $18.5 thousand in November 2022


Dream is the world’s biggest YouTube channel with Minecraft content.

According to the latest report, his Minecraft Manhunt series and Speedrunner were his most popular videos. Dream’s exact net worth was undisclosed but he is certainly a millionaire.

Dream net worth continuously grows every time he posts his content on YouTube and Twitch, as well receives more support on Patreon and his online shop.


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