Finding the best ways to declutter your closet and make some extra cash can be a game-changer.

With a plethora of apps available for selling clothes online, you can effortlessly turn your gently used garments into profit.

In this article, we will explore 15 of the best apps to sell clothes online that cater to your specific needs, whether you’re selling designer pieces, vintage finds, or everyday clothing.

Selecting the Right App to Sell Clothes Online

Defining Your Target Audience

target audience

When choosing an app to sell clothes online, it’s essential to consider your target audience.

This will help you identify where they are most likely to shop, and it will ensure that your items get the attention they deserve.

If you’re selling new and used clothes, especially vintage clothing or high-end designer brands, look for apps that cater to these specific markets.

There are plenty of platforms that accept a variety of clothing types, including men’s, women’s, and even maternity clothing.

However, some apps specialize in certain categories, such as vintage pieces or designer items.

To attract the right buyers, focus on apps that cater to your specific type of clothing.

For example, if you’re selling women’s clothing and accessories, it would be best to choose a platform popular with female shoppers.

Conversely, if you’re selling men’s clothing or accessories, select an app that has a strong male user base.

When looking for the best app to sell clothes online, consider the following:

  • Brand popularity: Research which apps cater to the specific brands you’re selling. Certain platforms may be more popular among users looking for particular designers or types of clothing.
  • Ease of use: Before committing to an app, ensure that it’s user-friendly. You want an app where uploading photos, setting prices, and managing your inventory is simple and efficient.
  • Fees: Make sure to check which apps charge fees for listing or selling items. Factor these costs into your decision-making process to make the most of your profits.

By keeping these points in mind while selecting the right app, you can optimize your online clothing sales and target the ideal audience for your items.

Developing a clear understanding of your target audience and their shopping preferences will help you make the most informed decision.

15 Best Apps to Sell Clothes Online in 2024

1. Depop

Depop app

Depop is a trendy, mobile-friendly app that caters to a younger crowd.

With its social-media-like interface, you can showcase your items and discover what’s popular in the community.

Depop offers a secure payment option with PayPal.

2. Poshmark

poshmark app

Poshmark has a large and active user base, which makes it a great platform to sell clothes online.

Create your virtual closet and attend “Posh Parties” to promote your items.

Make sure to provide accurate measurements and clear pictures to increase your chances of selling quickly.

3. ThredUP


ThredUP is perfect for those looking to sell women’s and children’s clothing with minimal effort.

They send you a prepaid shipping bag to fill with your items, and they handle the listing and photography.

They also give back to the environment by recycling clothes that don’t sell.

4. Etsy

etsy app

Etsy is well-known for selling handmade and vintage items.

If you’re selling unique or vintage clothing, Etsy can connect you with a global customer base.

Make sure you check their guidelines to ensure your items qualify for their marketplace.

5. eBay

ebay app

eBay is a reliable platform for selling clothes online.

It provides you with the option to list items as auctions or “Buy it Now” sales.

With eBay’s vast reach, you can sell to a large audience and benefit from the secure payment options available.

6. Tradesy

tradesy app

Tradesy focuses specifically on high-end and designer items.

If your closet consists of luxury brands, consider listing them on Tradesy for a potentially lucrative return.

The site offers a simple selling process and provides a pre-paid shipping kit.

7. The RealReal

The RealReal

The RealReal is another platform dedicated exclusively to luxury items.

They authenticate your items and handle the entire selling process for a percentage of the sale.

Their experts ensure your items are accurately priced and described.

8. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is an excellent platform for local selling.

You can easily create a listing through the Facebook app and share it with your Facebook friends or local buy-sell groups.

This option is especially useful for selling bulk items or larger pieces without shipping concerns.

9. Mercari

mercari app mac

Mercari is a user-friendly app where you can list a variety of items including clothing.

Their nationwide reach allows you to sell to a larger audience.

Plus, Mercari provides prepaid shipping labels for your convenience.

10. Grailed

grailed app

Grailed is tailored specifically for men’s designer and streetwear fashion items.

This platform connects you with an audience interested in high-end fashion.

Take advantage of their user-friendly interface and protection services that ensure a smooth selling process.

11. Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is a leading platform for pre-owned luxury fashion.

With a presence in over 50 countries, they connect you to a global market of fashion enthusiasts.

They authenticate every item to guarantee its quality and offer a secure payment platform.

12. Vinted

Vinted app

Vinted is a user-friendly app for selling pre-loved clothes, shoes, and accessories.

With no selling fees, you keep 100% of your earnings.

Vinted also offers a safe payment system and shipping support, ensuring a positive selling experience.

13. app is an online consignment and thrift store that focuses on women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing.

They accept a variety of brands and styles, handle the selling process for you, and pay you a percentage of the sale.

14. Craigslist


Craigslist provides a simple platform for selling clothes locally.

You can create a free listing and sell in your area without worrying about shipping costs.

Keep in mind that safety precautions are necessary when meeting buyers in person.

15. VarageSale

Varage Sale

VarageSale is a community-based app for buying and selling items locally.

With a focus on transparency and safety, members must verify their identities through Facebook.

Sell your clothes within your community and avoid the hassle of shipping.

Creating Effective Listings

When looking to sell clothes online, creating effective listings is vital.

A well-crafted listing can attract more potential buyers and increase your chances of selling your items.

Taking Quality Photos

taking photos

Taking high-quality photos of your clothes is a crucial aspect of creating an attractive listing.

Follow these tips to capture the best images for your listings:

  • Use natural lighting to showcase the true colors and textures of your garments.
  • Clear the background to keep the focus on your items.
  • Capture multiple angles, including close-ups of any specific features or details.
  • Remember to take pictures of any tags, logos, or labels to verify the brand and authenticity.
  • Consider using a mannequin or a model to showcase the fit and style of the clothing.

Writing Detailed Descriptions

A detailed and accurate description is essential for providing potential buyers with a clear understanding of the item you’re selling.

When crafting descriptions for your listings, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Mention the brand name, size, and color of the item. For example, “Chanel black dress, size 6.”
  • Include the material, pattern, and style details to give buyers a better understanding of what they’re purchasing.
  • Clearly state the condition of the garment, such as “like new” or “gently used.”
  • Specify any flaws, stains, or damage on the item, and consider including photos to show them.
  • Use relevant keywords, tags, and hashtags to make your listing easily searchable on the app or platform you’re using.

By following these tips to create effective listings with quality photos and detailed descriptions, you can increase your chances of selling your clothes online and attracting the right buyers.

Additional Online Selling Resources and Tools

When it comes to selling clothes online, there are numerous apps, websites, and resources available to help you navigate the process smoothly while maximizing your profit.

Many popular clothing brands, such as Nike, Coach, and Lululemon, have high resale value, making them ideal candidates for online sales.

Here, we’ll cover a few key tools to aid your online selling journey.

Clothing and Handbag Resale Marketplaces

clothes and handbags marketplaces

Apps like Poshmark, Tradesy, and thredUP are designed specifically for resale of clothing, handbags, and accessories.

These platforms not only ease the process of listing your items, but they also ensure that you’re selling within a dedicated fashion marketplace.

For instance, thredUP even offers a convenient “Clean Out Kit” to help you easily send in clothing items for consignment.

For unique or skilled pieces, you might consider websites like Etsy, which is well-known for handmade, vintage, and made-to-order clothing.

It’s a perfect platform for those who create their own clothing or upcycle existing garments.

Online Consignment and Designer-focused Shops

For more high-end or designer items, such as Tom Ford or pristine wedding dresses, shops like The Real Real and Tradesy App cater to a luxury market.

These online consignment shops allow you to list your items for a higher profit margin, targeting buyers that specifically search for luxury brands.

Trade and Recycle Options

Don’t shy away from exploring trade and recycle options, too.

Many apps and websites offer trade-in programs or recycling options for gently worn or well-loved clothes that might not have high resale value.

This way, you’re not only decluttering your closet but also contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry.

Marketing your Listings

Finally, remember that marketing plays a vital role in selling clothes online.

Take advantage of the built-in tools within the platforms to share your listings on social media and within the app itself.

Participate in virtual events, like Poshmark’s Posh Parties, to boost visibility and drive potential buyers to your products.

With a little effort and the right resources, your online clothing shop can be a thriving success.

Consignment Shops and Alternatives

women shopping clothes

When you’re looking to sell your clothes online, there are various consignment shops and alternatives that cater to different types of items.

Consignment shops are an excellent choice for selling clothing, jewelry, and designer brands.

Some popular online consignment shops include Poshmark, ThredUp, and TheRealReal.

For selling luxury brands and quality items, TheRealReal offers a premium service that focuses on high-end items.

They handle the photography and even offer direct deposit for your earnings.

However, they do take a percentage of the sale price as commission.

Another way to sell clothes is through locally-focused alternatives like Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, and Craigslist.

These platforms allow you to reach potential buyers within your community, making it easier to arrange pick-up or delivery.

You can also avoid shipping fees and auction-style listings, which can sometimes be challenging to navigate.

If you have a wedding dress or gently used textiles to sell, consider using a platform like eBay.

This well-known marketplace offers free shipping and flat fee options, making it a popular choice for sellers.

Keep in mind that the quality of your photography plays a significant role in attracting buyers, so make sure to highlight the details and condition of your items with clear and bright images.

For those looking for a more customized selling experience, creating your own online store with platforms like Shopify can be an option.

This allows you to have complete control over your store’s branding, customer experience, and pricing.

Sell your clothes in places where you think they will sell best, and don’t forget to provide accurate descriptions and professional-looking pictures to showcase your items effectively.


How do I choose the right app to sell my clothes?

You should consider factors like popularity, target audience, selling fees, and ease of use.

Some popular options include ThredUP, Poshmark, ASOS Marketplace, and Depop.

You might want to try using multiple platforms to increase your chances of selling your clothes.

Do I need to create an account to sell my clothes online?

Yes, in most cases, you will need to create an account on the platform you choose, providing information like your name, contact details, and payment method.

This helps protect both you as the seller and your potential buyers.

How do I price my clothes for sale?

You should consider factors like the original price, condition, brand, rarity, and demand for the item.

A good practice is to research similar items online and base your pricing on comparable sales.

However, be realistic and flexible with your pricing – you might have to lower the price if it doesn’t sell initially.

How should I describe my clothing items for sale?

Include detailed and accurate descriptions of your items, mentioning the brand, size, material, color, and any distinctive features.

Be honest about any wear or defects, as buyers appreciate transparency.

Make sure to include high-quality photos taken in good lighting, showing the item from multiple angles.

What are some tips for shipping my sold items?

Package your items securely to avoid damage during transport. Use clean, appropriately-sized packaging materials.

Include a thank you note or business card for a personal touch.

Make sure to use a reliable shipping service and provide customers with a tracking number, if possible.


Selling clothes online has never been easier, thanks to the numerous apps available.

These apps cater to a wide array of users with different preferences, whether you’re trying to sell high-end designer clothes or just looking to declutter your wardrobe.

It’s essential to take quality photos of your items, write accurate descriptions, and set fair prices for the best chances of success.

By using the best app to sell clothes online, you can sell your preloved clothes online and even turn your hobby into a lucrative side business.

Good luck, and happy selling!