Have you ever opened your closet and found yourself staring at a pile of shoes you no longer wear?

Whether they’re out of style, no longer fit, or were just impulse buys, these shoes can actually turn into a surprising source of income.

With the rise of various online marketplaces and local platforms, selling shoes for cash has never been easier.

From high-end designer heels to casual sneakers, there’s a market for almost every type of footwear.

In this article, we’ll explore the best place to sell shoes for cash, helping you declutter your space while padding your wallet.

Best Places to Sell Shoes for Cash

Whether it’s the ease of online transactions or the immediacy of local sales, as we delve into the specifics, you’ll discover how to maximize your earnings and find the most suitable platform for your shoe-selling journey.

1. eBay

ebay Best Places to Sell Shoes for Cash

eBay is a versatile marketplace that allows you to reach a global audience.

It’s perfect for selling all types of shoes, from casual to designer brands.

You can opt for auction-style listings to potentially get a higher price, or use ‘Buy It Now’ to sell quickly at a set price.

eBay does charge listing and selling fees, so factor these into your pricing.

The platform also offers seller protection and a range of shipping options, making it a secure and flexible choice for selling shoes online.

2. Poshmark

Poshmark Best Places to Sell Shoes for Cash

Poshmark is a fashion-focused social marketplace, ideal for selling designer and trendy shoes.

It offers an easy listing process and a strong community of buyers.

When you make a sale, Poshmark provides a prepaid shipping label, simplifying the process.

They charge a flat commission on each sale, but the ease of use and active user base can make it worth the cost.

Poshmark also allows you to engage with potential buyers through comments and offers, enhancing the selling experience.

3. The RealReal

the realreal Best Places to Sell Shoes for Cash

The RealReal is a luxury consignment store specializing in high-end brands.

It’s a great option if you have designer shoes to sell.

They take care of the entire selling process, from pricing to shipping, but they do take a significant commission.

The RealReal is known for its authenticity checks, ensuring buyers get genuine products.

This platform is ideal for those who want a hassle-free selling experience and are willing to trade a higher commission for convenience.

4. Mercari

mercari Best Places to Sell Shoes for Cash

Mercari is a user-friendly app where you can sell almost anything, including shoes.

It’s simple to list your items, and you have control over pricing.

Mercari charges a 10% selling fee, but there are no listing fees.

The platform offers a rating system for both buyers and sellers, adding a layer of trust to transactions.

Mercari also provides shipping options, making it a convenient choice for sellers nationwide.

5. Depop

depop Best Places to Sell Shoes for Cash

Depop is popular among younger audiences and is great for selling vintage, unique, or handmade shoes.

It combines e-commerce with social media elements, allowing sellers to create a following and engage with buyers.

Depop charges a 10% fee on the sale price, and the buyer typically covers shipping costs.

The platform is especially suitable for sellers with a strong sense of style and those looking to reach a fashion-forward audience.

6. Grailed

grailed Best Places to Sell Shoes for Cash

Grailed is a curated community marketplace focusing on men’s fashion, including shoes.

It’s particularly good for selling rare, designer, or streetwear shoes.

Grailed offers PayPal protection for both buyers and sellers, adding a layer of security to transactions.

They charge a commission on sales, but the niche audience can often lead to quicker sales and better prices.

Grailed’s user interface is straightforward, making it easy for sellers to list and manage their items.

7. StockX

stockx Best Places to Sell Shoes for Cash

StockX is a leading platform for sneaker enthusiasts, specializing in high-demand and limited-edition sneakers.

It operates on a bid/ask system, allowing sellers to set their price or accept bids from buyers.

StockX authenticates all products, ensuring trust among users.

They do charge a transaction fee, but the platform’s focus on sneakers makes it a top choice for sneaker resellers.

The process is more structured than other platforms, offering a unique and secure selling experience.

8. Goat

goat Best Places to Sell Shoes for Cash

Goat is another excellent platform for sneakerheads, focusing on authentic, high-quality sneakers.

They have a strict authentication process, giving buyers confidence in their purchases.

Goat allows you to set your prices and offers shipping labels for ease of use.

While they charge a commission, the platform’s niche focus can lead to higher selling prices for rare or sought-after sneakers.

Goat also has a user-friendly app, making it convenient for sellers to manage their listings on the go.

9. Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace Best Places to Sell Shoes for Cash

Facebook Marketplace is a free platform that allows you to sell shoes locally with no fees.

It’s ideal for quick, cash transactions and doesn’t require shipping, as you meet buyers in person.

The platform is integrated with Facebook, so you can easily communicate with potential buyers.

It’s a great option for selling to a local audience and can be used for all types of shoes.

Safety is important, so always meet in public places and follow local guidelines for in-person transactions.

10. OfferUp

offerup Best Places to Sell Shoes for Cash

OfferUp is a user-friendly app ideal for local buying and selling.

It’s completely free to list and sell, making it a cost-effective option for shoe sellers.

The platform is known for its simplicity and ease of use, allowing you to quickly upload photos and descriptions of your shoes.

While there are no seller fees, you’ll need to coordinate meetups with buyers, which can be a consideration for safety and convenience.

OfferUp is great for those looking to make quick, local sales without the hassle of shipping.

11. Letgo

letgo Best Places to Sell Shoes for Cash

Letgo is another popular app for local marketplace transactions, focusing on a wide range of items including shoes.

It’s free to use, with no hidden fees, making it an attractive option for sellers.

The app emphasizes ease and speed, allowing you to list your shoes in just a few taps.

Meeting buyers in person is necessary, so it’s best suited for sellers comfortable with face-to-face transactions.

Letgo is a good choice if you’re looking to quickly clear out your closet and make some cash without the complexities of shipping and online payment processing.

12. Vinted

Vinted Best Places to Sell Shoes for Cash

Vinted offers a specialized platform for selling second-hand clothing and shoes.

It’s user-friendly and free to list, with a fee charged only upon a successful sale.

This platform is particularly popular among those looking to sell everyday footwear and fashion items.

Vinted also offers a community aspect, allowing you to interact with potential buyers through comments and messages.

It’s a great choice for sellers who enjoy being part of a fashion-focused community and who are looking for an easy-to-navigate selling experience.

13. ThredUP

thredup Best Places to Sell Shoes for Cash

ThredUP operates as an online consignment and thrift store, focusing on sustainability and the re-use of clothing and shoes.

When you send your shoes to ThredUP, they take care of the entire selling process, from photography to listing.

While this service is convenient, they do take a portion of the sale price as commission.

ThredUP is ideal for those who prefer a hands-off approach to selling and are willing to wait for their items to sell.

It’s also a great choice for environmentally conscious sellers looking to contribute to a circular fashion economy.

14. Tradesy

tradesy Best Places to Sell Shoes for Cash

Tradesy is tailored for high-quality, designer fashion items, including shoes.

They simplify the selling process by providing shipping kits and handling potential returns, making it hassle-free for sellers.

While Tradesy takes a commission on sales, they also ensure that your high-end shoes reach the right audience.

This platform is perfect for sellers with designer shoes looking for a dedicated marketplace that attracts fashion-conscious buyers.

Tradesy’s user-friendly interface and supportive customer service make it a top choice for premium sellers.

15. Crossroads Trading

crossroads trading Best Places to Sell Shoes for Cash

Crossroads Trading offers a unique blend of online and in-store selling options for shoes.

You can choose to sell your shoes directly to them or opt for consignment, giving you flexibility.

They are known for their fair and transparent pricing, providing sellers with a clear understanding of potential earnings.

Crossroads Trading is a great option for those who prefer a more traditional selling experience but still want the convenience of online tools.

Their focus on trendy and in-season items means your fashionable shoes are likely to sell quickly.

16. Buffalo Exchange

buffalo exchange Best Places to Sell Shoes for Cash

Buffalo Exchange operates a chain of physical stores where you can sell shoes directly for cash or store credit.

They focus on current trends and seasonality, making it a great place to sell fashionable and seasonal footwear.

The in-person selling experience allows for immediate transactions, but they are selective about the items they accept.

Buffalo Exchange is ideal for sellers looking to offload trendy shoes quickly and who prefer the immediacy of in-store selling.

17. Plato’s Closet

plato's closet Best Places to Sell Shoes for Cash

Plato’s Closet caters to teens and young adults, buying and selling gently used shoes that appeal to a younger demographic.

They offer immediate payment, making it a convenient option for quick sales.

While their prices might be lower than some other options, the fast and straightforward selling process compensates for this.

Plato’s Closet is perfect for those with casual and trendy footwear that would appeal to a younger audience.

Their stores are widespread, making it easy to find a location near you for selling your shoes.


What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a Platform to Sell Shoes?

When selecting a platform to sell your shoes, consider the type of shoes you’re selling (designer, casual, vintage, etc.), the fees involved, the ease of listing and shipping, and the specific audience of the platform.

For designer shoes, platforms with authentication services are preferable, while local marketplaces are ideal for quick, cash transactions.

How Can I Maximize My Profits When Selling Shoes Online?

To maximize profits, present your shoes well with clear, high-quality photos and detailed descriptions.

Price your shoes competitively by researching similar listings.
Consider seasonal trends and demand.

Utilize platforms with lower fees for higher-priced items and local marketplaces for quick, fee-free sales.

Are There Any Tips for Ensuring a Smooth Transaction When Selling Shoes?

For a smooth transaction, communicate clearly and promptly with potential buyers.

Be honest about the condition of the shoes and provide accurate descriptions.

When shipping, package the shoes securely and provide tracking information.

For local sales, meet in safe, public places and follow local safety guidelines.


Exploring the best place to sell shoes for cash opens up a world of possibilities for both casual sellers and seasoned traders.

Whether you’re decluttering your collection, making room for new styles, or running a small business, these platforms offer diverse and convenient ways to turn your footwear into profit.

From local marketplaces to specialized online consignments, each option caters to different needs, ensuring that every pair of shoes finds its ideal marketplace.

Embracing these avenues not only benefits your wallet but also contributes to the sustainable cycle of fashion.