Fast fashion and the ease with which we can acquire new garments means that many of us have more than we need.

It’s also possible to have too many garments if you’ve recently undergone a significant physical transformation, such as losing a significant amount of weight or changing your body shape.

Thus, Vinted may be an alternative to consider if you want to unload some unwanted garments.

This post will show you how to sell on Vinted. 

How Does Vinted Work?

Vinted logo

The question now is, how exactly does Vinted function?

Vinted’s user interface is intuitive and straightforward, making it a good fit for both sellers and buyers.

It’s a virtual neighborhood filled with people selling their old stuff or hunting down a steal.

After installing the app and creating an account, you can start looking for your next great piece of clothing or selling your own.

It’s important to remember that one person’s trash is another’s treasure. It’s not limited to just clothing and accessories either.

Items such as beds, strollers, pets, smart boards, sealed beauty goods, and helpful untouched maintenance equipment are routinely offered.

Both are posting an item and looking for one at no cost to you.

There are a few more steps after making a purchase or sale before you can enjoy your new goods or benefit from Vinted’s no-selling-fee policy.

How To Sell On Vinted

Among Vinted’s many strengths is its simplicity of operation. It doesn’t take long to learn how to use the app because it is intuitive.

Here, however, is a comprehensive guide on obtaining established and selling on Vinted if that’s what you’re after.

Create A Vinted Profile


The first step is to download the Vinted app. Those with iOS and Android devices can use it.

In addition, you can access their site using a direct login.

After logging in, complete your profile by uploading a picture of yourself, your name, and a short but interesting bio and reviewing your privacy and security settings.

Connecting your account with a third-party service like Facebook, Google, or another comparable service will provide additional proof of your identity.

You will need to provide your banking information when signing up for Vinted since, unlike other e-commerce apps, your earnings can be withdrawn straight from Vinted rather than through PayPal.

Convenience and the absence of transaction costs for you to consider are two major advantages of this method.

  • Add your profile photo and validate your account to verify you’re a genuine person.
  • Just fill out the “About you” box with some information about yourself.
  • Modify your shipping choices to exclude specific shippers from your listings.

List Your Items

Look into what you might sell on Vinted. Include a few high-quality images of the item for sale.

If it’s a name-brand product, at least five photos should be included to prove its legitimacy.

Describe the item accurately and provide accurate measurements for the packaging.

Remember that no costs are associated with the listing and that adding additional goods can increase sales velocity.

Upload Your Products With Some Good Photos And Description


Use caution when uploading images of products to your online business. Look closely at the photos first.

It’s important to keep in mind the following when snapping an image of the product:

  • Make sure the pictures have good lighting,
  • View the garments from all sides to get the full effect,
  • Take a picture of the tag or label,
  • Snap a few pictures of the little things,
  • The background should be simple.

It is helpful for the consumers to determine what the sellers are willing to accept as payment.

Your part also involves filling out all the pertinent information and specifics about the item you’re exchanging.

Include relevant details such as the product’s color, size, circumstance, any flaws, and asking price in your ad’s title and body.

Set Affordable Prices

The best advice is not to set prices higher than 20 euros.

Because we are dealing with pre-owned items, most people will not look at them if they cost more than 15 Euros, so it is important to set a price that is truly a decent deal or an offer.

Of course, you’ll have to charge what the market bears if the product costs more, but if you can make the same or even less while still moving plenty of units, do so.

Choose A Method Of Shipping

Some sellers may feel overwhelmed by the process of figuring out how to ship their goods, but here’s a simple yet efficient tip: use the shipping method that is most convenient for you.

For some customers, Hermes Parcelshops may be more convenient and less expensive than Royal Mail.

Vinted organizes the shipping tags. Simply print them out, attach them to the parcel, and take them to the post office for mailing.

Be careful to snap some images and post them online so that purchasers can easily know their products are ready and waiting. 

You build credibility and loyalty by satisfying current and potential clients with first-rate service.

The catch is that you can only choose from a handful of postal services, although UPS has recently been added.

You have two choices because turning this feature off is not an option if the closest branch is located far away. 

The first option is to back out of the deal and send the buyer a message suggesting an alternative shipping method.

In addition, you can warn potential customers not to use UPS as a shipping method because you don’t take it in your profile.

Do All You Can To Get Your Items Noticed

You can give your items a little extra push on Vinted. Vinted has a tool that will get your product seen by more people.

You can increase the visibility of your post in the feeds of other participants and in the search results of the collection when you select the bump alternative.

The ad will run for three days, updating once per day or until it sells, whichever comes first.

Adding a spotlight to your closet is yet another great choice for highlighting your belongings. A paid feature on Vinted is a wardrobe point of attention.

For the next week, your closet will be highlighted with five items. This will be visible in the participants’ catalogs, and news feeds.

If you have anything to upload, please continue to do it regularly. Customers will be enticed to become followers and receive automatic updates whenever you list a new product.

Consider offering a discount if a product has been available for a long time without being sold.

Those who choose to follow you or have marked your product as a favorite will receive an alert about the sale.

Making The Sale


When a potential buyer submits a deal on a product you’re selling, you can respond with a “Accept,” “Decline,” or “Counter Offer.”

People often make offers before purchasing, so there’s no hazard in setting the price a little higher than you’d be willing to take.

This ensures you won’t give up more than you have to when bargaining for a lower price.

You will receive a confirmation email when one of your items sells on Vinted. All the details, down to the type of postage required, are provided here for your convenience.

The item must be shipped out no later than the fifth business day.

Pack it securely and inform the buyer when they can expect to receive it. Once the transaction is complete, they will provide feedback via Vinted evaluations.

Withdraw The Payment

To withdraw your money, you must wait for the buyer to click the “Everything is OK” button (it may take up to five working days).

Giving feedback to your customers is another great way to help the business, especially if they try to defraud or annoy you.

Final Thoughts

When you’re ready to learn how to sell on Vinted, refer to this post for a complete guide.

The increase in eBay’s final value costs for selling prices and shipping has left a void, which Vinted fills.

If you have low-value goods to sell but have been turned away by eBay, you can use Vinted to make some money from your old stuff.

Generally speaking, the framework is much more adaptable, with streamlined uploading, shipping, and other related processes.

Obviously, there are some places where Vinted falls short compared to eBay, but all things considered, it’s worthwhile to give Vinted a shot.