John Koum established WhatsApp in February 2009 in California. Koum was a Yahoo employee before that.

The app was released for iPhone in August 2009, and by October, Brian Acton put up the seed money for WhatsApp. 

In December 2009, the app was updated for image sharing. It wasn’t until August 2010 that this platform was made available for Android. 

As you can see, things moved quite swiftly with WhatsApp, as the people behind wasted no time in getting it launched, updated, and ready to end-users on iPhone and then Android. 

Now, this social app allows for multimedia messages, the exchange of unlimited text, and image, video, and audio messages that don’t require SMS fees. 

The app is also compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian, and Nokia platforms. WhatsApp is free to use, but also offers a paid subscription. 

Individuals and businesses are making use of this messaging app for a variety of purposes.

Since there are two versions on the app stores, you can choose the standard one or the business version that is used by businesses to communicate with customers. 

Before you decide to go download one of the WhatsApp versions, read the following statistics to learn more about it.

This data will come in handy whether you communicate with family and friends, collaborate with your teams, or provide customer service for your business.

You may be surprised at some of these statistics and some ways this app is used, but it’s been well worth the time, effort, and money invested in it.

This is some basic information about WhatsApp, but we have gathered some interesting WhatsApp statistics for 2024 for you to digest. 

Let’s start with some key stats.

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Key WhatsApp Statistics

  • WhatsApp is now globally ranked as the most used messenger phone app.
  • Over 100 billion messages are sent daily on WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp has over 2.2 billion monthly active users.
  • The country with the most active monthly users is India with 390.1 million.
  • The average Android user spends 38 minutes a day on WhatsApp.
  • 73% of WhatsApp users are on Android compared to 22% on iOS.
  • WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app across 25 out of 180 countries where it’s used.
  • The WhatsApp messenger app ranks 3rd in communication apps behind Facebook Messenger and teleconferencing applications in America.
  • WhatsApp’s users spend billions of minutes using this app every day.
  • One-third of Internet users are concerned about the misuse of their personal data.
  • Over half of Internet users communicate through WhatsApp.

Detailed WhatsApp Statistics for 2024

In case you hadn’t heard, Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014 for $19 billion.

This purchase made Jan Koum a very rich person. As a matter of fact, he is one of the wealthiest social media billionaires in the world. 

This app now has over 2.2 billion users, of which 1 billion were added between 2016 and 2020 respectively. This messenger’s active monthly user count as of July 2021 is around 2 billion.

US WhatsApp Statistics

This segment is dedicated to statistics about WhatsApp within the United States.

1. The WhatsApp Messenger App Ranks 3 Rd in Communication Apps Behind Facebook Messenger and Teleconferencing Applications in America.

Using messenger apps for communicating in America, and across the globe, is not only popular but in some instances, a necessity.

WhatsApp may be third in rank behind Facebook Messenger and video teleconferencing apps, but it’s obviously used for personal and business communications.

2. Males Outweigh Females on WhatsApp by 5%.

WhatsApp has 26% of males and 21% of females currently using this messenger app for communicating.

Also, one out of four adults uses this messaging service. American represents 17% of total male users and 19% of total female users across the globe.

3. WhatsApp’s Users Between 15 and 25 Make up 19% of Us Users. 

The percentage of those between 36 and 45 is 20%, while those 46 to 55 represent 17% of those using this messaging app.

Users over 65 years old make up 10% of WhatsApp users, while people under 30 represent about 54%.

4. Hispanic Americans Use the Messaging App More than Their Caucasian and African-American Counterparts.

A whopping 46% of Hispanic Americans use WhatsApp compared to about 23% of African Americans and 16% of Caucasians. 

5. Only 9% of WhatsApp Users Live in Rural Areas.

23% of users live in the suburbs, while 28% are in urban settings. Also, those with an income of below $30,000 make up 23% of its users.

Income earners with an annual income of $50,000 or above make up 48% of users. 29% of the 48% earn over $75,000 per year.

6. 2020 Statistics Show that 50% of The Messenger App’s Users Communicate Daily.

Likewise, 78% of its users communicate through the app weekly and 91% use it about once per month. The use of this messenger depends on the age, gender, and location of its users. 

Worldwide Statistics & WhatsApp Users by Country

You have seen the US WhatsApp statistics, so let’s see some worldwide statistics.

7. WhatsApp Is Now Globally Ranked as The Most Used Messenger Phone App.

While in the US, this messenger service ranks third after Facebook Messenger and video teleconferencing applications, it is ranked highest in global usage.

This app is being used worldwide by both individuals and businesses. 

8. the Country with The Most Active Monthly Users Is India with 459 Million.

This data is from 2020, so the number of users in India is likely higher now and continues to grow. India is a highly populated country, which makes this a significant number.

9. Over 100 Billion Messages Are Sent Daily on WhatsApp.

All over the world, people are sending billions of messages to communicate with one another. Due to the pandemic, this should not be surprising.

People want to feel connected with their friends, family, and coworkers.

Considering there are restrictions in some countries regarding the usage of this app, it seems to be gaining a lot of traction in popularity.

The fact that it’s used in at least 180 countries is a huge piece of data.

11. WhatsApp Is Restricted in Six Countries.

While many countries don’t restrict their people from using WhatsApp, it is restricted in countries like Iran, United Arab Emirates, China, Cuba, and Korea.

This is likely not the only messaging or social media app restricted in these countries.

12. Females Outrank Males in The Usage of This Messenger App in Finland.  

Unlike America where the males outrank the females in WhatsApp usage, Finland is the opposite with more females using the app than males. 

13. 87% of Germans Are Actively Using WhatsApp.

In Germany, this messenger app seems to be very popular with 87% using it. Overall in Western Europe, 54% of men and 67% of women use this app.

14. The UK Has Over 75% of Users Actively Accessing WhatsApp Daily.

The UK seems to have a high amount of WhatsApp users as well. Here, more females use it than men. 73% of UK males compared to 81% of females use this messaging service.     

15. In Mexico, 95% of Social Media Users Engage with WhatsApp.

Social media users in Mexico make up 95% of WhatsApp users. This percentage is second only to YouTube users at 97%.  

WhatsApp Downloads Statistics

16. In January 2021, 42 Million Downloads of This App Were Made.  

The breakdown between app stores comes to 5 million of the App store and 30.3 on Google Play.

17. In 2013 There Were 500 Million Downloads.

The total number of downloads continues to grow each year. The popularity of this messaging service is staggering.

18. In The First Quarter of 2021, Statistics Show that Sweden Experienced the Highest Growth in Downloads with 39% More Compared to Q4 2020. 

The countries that followed behind Sweden include Singapore with 22%, Hong Kong with 15%, and Hungary and Spain tied at 14% growth.

19. The Number of Downloads Is Unbelievable Between 2016 and 2020.

By 2016, there were 2 billion downloads. In 2019, the downloads came to 4 billion. In 2020, we find there were nearly 5 billion downloads.

These numbers are unbelievable, especially when compared with the 500 million by 2013.

20. The Ratings for WhatsApp Across App Stores Range from 4.1 of 5 to 4.7 of 5 Respectively.

The breakdown for these ratings: App store with  8.8 million ratings had 4.7 out of 5. The business version of the app also got a 4.7 rating.

The Google Play Store has a 4.1 rating from 142 million WhatsApp users. The business app got a 4.2. 

Financial and Revenue Statistics

21. The Initial Investment for WhatsApp Was $250,000.

Initially, Acton raised $250,000 in seed money for Koum to get WhatsApp up and running in 2009.

Considering that Facebook acquired the app for over $19 billion in 2014, its value must have been predicted. 

22. WhatsApp Recorded a Revenue of About $1 Million in 2014.

It’s no wonder that Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook stockholders put a bid in for this messaging app. 

23. Before WhatsApp’s Acquisition, Sequoia Capital Invested in It Twice. 

Did you know that Sequoia Capital invested in WhatsApp twice before it was acquired by Facebook?  In 2011, this company invested $8 million.

Three years later in 2014, they invested another $50 million just before it was acquired.

24. Facebook Paid $19 Billion Delivered in Multiple Methods to Acquire This App.

In 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp from Koum and Acton. The payment forms were broken down into multiple methods.

They offered $3 billion in restricted securities, 4 billion in cash, and the rest was paid off through shares in Facebook.

WhatsApp Business Statistics

WhatsApp Business

The business messaging app was introduced in 2018 and was designed with small businesses in mind.

25. More than 5 Million Accounts Were Established in Its First Year.

The small business community seemingly took quick action to take advantage of this messaging service. 5 million accounts are almost unthinkable for a first-year app launch.

26. 175 Million Customers Across the Globe Interact with Businesses Through This App.   

The concept for an app exclusively designed for businesses certainly caught on quickly. Businesses are making good use of this messaging app by communicating with their customers and clients. 

27. The 2021 Business Version Has More than 100 Million Downloads from The Google Play Store.

It seems that the business version of WhatsApp is as popular as the initial app. We know that its first year garnered 5 million accounts, but in 2021 it went over 100 million downloads. 

28. It’s Estimated that 18 Million Downloads Occurred in January Alone.

Most of these 18 million downloads this year came from Android users. The number of downloads an app gets is a significant metric for measuring its popularity. 

WhatsApp Messaging Statistics

29. Over 100 Billion Messages Are Sent Daily on WhatsApp.  

In 2011, 1 billion messages were sent per day through the apps. It grew to 42 billion by 2016, and now 100 billion-plus. There is nothing reported that says this will slow down anytime soon.

30. The Average Android User Spends 38 Minutes a Day on WhatsApp.

This messaging app is used enough to account for an average of 38 minutes per day spent sending messages by Android users. That’s a lot of data being shared across the globe. 

31. 73% of WhatsApp Users Are on Android Compared to 22% on I Os.

Currently, more Android users are communicating through WhatsApp than iOS users.

The creator of this app started by launching it on iOS, so we wonder if he knew how much more popular it would become among Android users.

32. WhatsApp’s Users Spend Billions of Minutes Using This App Every Day.

In July 2017 alone, 55 billion messages went through this messaging service. In May 2018, that number increased by 10 billion for a total of 65 billion messages. 

33. One-Third of Internet Users Are Concerned About the Misuse of Their Personal Data.

While billions of people are communicating via WhatsApp, one-third of all Internet users worry about data misuse, identity theft, and privacy from using these apps.

34. Over Half of All Internet Users Communicate Through WhatsApp.  

Some people may be concerned about how their data is stored and used online, but still, more than half of all Internet users have WhatsApp on their phones and use it. 


More Statistics and Facts

What is WhatsApp?

We know that there may be some people out there who have never heard of the WhatsApp messaging app, so we will explain some things about it here.

You have probably already gathered that this is a messaging app and service, but what does it do? 

According to its website, you can use it for “Simple. Secure. Reliable messaging.” It’s compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows PCs. 

End-to-end encryption is just one of its safety features that ensure your calls are secure.

So, only you and the people you communicate with are reading messages, hearing calls, and seeing and hearing video calls. 

Now you know why this is such a popular messaging service.

What is WhatsApp Business?

The business version of this messaging app is designed for businesses as a communication tool between them and their customers.

It was introduced in January 2018 and has all the features of the regular app, plus some extras. 

Did the Pandemic Impact WhatsApp?

It seems that the pandemic boosted usage on WhatsApp with a mind-blowing 15 billion minutes getting used every day. 

In June 2021, 2 billion minutes were spent on calls through the app per day. 

The average amount of time WhatsApp users spent on the app came to 195 minutes each week.

When Did the Desktop Audio and Video Calls Become Available?

If you use the desktop application, the audio and video call feature was accessible in March 2021. This feature was added to meet the demand of calls during the pandemic.

It made it possible for more people to communicate from home video talk and video to connect and check on one another.

Where Is WhatsApp Most Used?

You may think that this messaging service is most used in the US, but it’s not.

While it’s popular in the US, it’s more popular abroad in the UK, Finland, and Germany where it ranks the highest in popular social media networks.

The highest number of users is found in India with over 500,000 million users. 

What Is WhatsApp Used For?

People are using this messaging app because of its secure encryption system, digital safety features, and privacy level.

Even with many competitors of the app, this one keeps delivering and getting more popular every day. The privacy and safety of WhatsApp are what make it the most popular across the globe.

What Years Was This App Downloaded the Most?

At the global level, statistics show that it was downloaded the most in 2017 and then in 2019. In 2017, there were 924 million downloads.

In 2019, it was downloaded 850 million times. 

What Kinds of Features Are Offered on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has many features, so we will discuss just a few here.

  • PC Calls: Now, you can create and join WhatsApp videos and voice calls from your laptop.
  • Disappearing Files: You can send media files that aren’t kept on the app or server.
  • Send and Receive Money: You can actually send and receive money through WhatsApp.
  • Transfer Android and iPhone Chats: You can transfer your Android and iPhone chats to WhatsApp.
  • Mute Videos: Before you share a video, you can mute them first.
  • Shopping: You can shop right from your phone, which is a great feature for businesses.

There are also some hidden features on the app such as Pin Chats, Turn Off Videos and Images, Temporary Messages, Text Accents, etc.

There are many more features on this messaging app that are used for various reasons. The good news is that all of them are secure and private.

Newsworthy Information

In 2021, WhatsApp’s privacy policy changed. It made some people question whether they should allow the upgrade.

However, this app is still one of the most popular and dynamic messaging services used across the world. 


This wraps up the most interesting WhatsApp statistics of 2024 we gathered for our readers. As fast as this app is moving and evolving, some stats may increase or decrease.

We hope you have found this data fascinating and informative. The uses for WhatsApp are numerous across personal and business versions of the messenger.

Businesses are using the business version to keep in touch with their customers, families are maintaining contact with one another, people are shopping and making purchases through the app, and people are connecting in so many ways all over the globe.

The statistics prove that it’s powerful and functional for whatever reasons you use it.

The fact that it adheres to strict privacy and safety protocols is something almost everyone likes about it.

However, the recent privacy changes should be read to ensure that it’s still as secure as it was intended. 

In this day and age, it’s not surprising that people are concerned with privacy issues.

Everyone should be concerned enough to do their research before engaging with any messaging service, social media network, or even email. 

We believe that WhatsApp is still the best messaging app when it comes to safety, security, and privacy, regardless of any upgrades or updates to the app.

That said, it’s up to each person to decide if they want to use it or not.

Since the pandemic, people are more cautious about what they do online even though more people are online and using WhatsApp and other messaging services to stay connected. 

As the stats show, this messaging service spans the globe and across multiple industries.

Personal, Retail, Medical, Financial, and other industries are taking advantage of WhatsApp and its features.   


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