2021 Update: Are Instagram bots dead? They are not! There are just a lot fewer services to choose from now. So it’s more important than ever to pick a service that keeps your account safe.

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The world is your oyster when it comes to the internet and what you can do on it.

If you’ve got a business, the internet is a great way to expand your reach and get your brand in front of thousands of potential clients. One great way to do this is through social media engagement. However, this engagement isn’t the easiest to implement – it can often be time-consuming.

This is why it’s a good idea to outsource it. Let’s review a company who can help you with this.

What is Tree Frog Social?

Tree Frog Social is an organic growth service for social media accounts. It claims to be a marketing service that manages your account for you using a real person.

Tree Frog Social say that they are a team of social media marketing experts who have delivered lots of different types of engagement to hundreds of happy clients. One thing we’re suspicious of with Tree Frog Social is whether they implement organic growth, or whether they use an Instagram bot to do this instead.

Let’s give them a review and see how they do.

A Review of Tree Frog Social

First, we’ll talk about the positives:

  • Secure Site: one of the first features that we always tick off on our list is a secure site. There’s not much point affiliating yourself with a website if it hasn’t made sure to https secure itself. This means that information you share with them will be confidential, and they will rank on Google a bit better.
  • FAQ and Help Page: Tree Frog Social does appear to have an FAQ and help page, where you can hopefully find the answers to some of your initial questions before you commit to anything.
  • Visible Pricing: Tree Frog Social have made sure to make their services available for you to see, especially regarding the price, before you commit to anything. This is a nice peace of mind to have and makes a difference when you know how much something is going to cost you.
  • Email and Phone Form: Tree Frog Social do appear to have a phone and email form that you have to fill out when you’re signing up for one of their services. This is a great way for them to stay accountable to make sure that they can connect with you if need be.

Next, we’ll talk about the negatives

  • 24/7 Customer Support: Tree Frog Social doesnt have a customer support team that’s available to answer your questions 24/7.
  • Real Reviews: Unsurprisingly, Tree Frog Social doesn’t have any real reviews on their website. They have a few boxes with usernames that aren’t very convincing. Remember, this company hasn’t been around for long so it’s unlikely they have built any real relationships just yet.

Is Tree Frog Social a Scam? Is Tree Frog Social Safe?

We don’t believe that they’re safe to use. While they have a lovely website that certainly covers some bases, it’s not enough for us to believe that they aren’t just another generic bot.

We also don’t really like that their website has only been licensed since 2018. This means that they haven’t even been in business for a year, making positive reviews of them seem a little far-fetched.

We recommend that you go with someone else for your engagement.

How to Cancel Tree Frog Social & How to Get a Refund

When trying to cancel, you should always attempt to go through their customer service first.

If they don’t reply or their response is unsatisfactory, then the next step is to cancel your Stripe subscription.

If you want a refund then you also need to contact Stripe’s customer service if you have to.

Other than that, the last resort would be to contact your credit card company for a chargeback.

Tree Frog Social Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Tree Frog Social on our list of organic Instagram growth services.

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