We can confidently say that we don’t believe that Likes and Followers Club are safe to use. While they have put a certain amount of effort into their website, they certainly haven't even come close to covering the security and accountability levels that are required.
Ultimately, we do not think Fan Boost is a safe company to associate with.
We believe it is fair to say that Hypez isn't safe to use.
All in all, we don’t believe that Joliegram is safe to use. While they have made a point of being honest right from the beginning which we can appreciate, everything else about their website is a complete letdown.
A critical thing to note about Gramista is that the company is in violation of Instagram's copyrighted name. Before you even sign up for their services, they are running a red flag just by operating under their name.
Instagram has strict copyright laws around both "gram" and "insta", which means that this company is in violation of these based on their name.

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