We believe it is fair to say that InstAmigos isn't safe to use. While they've made an effort with many aspects of their website and company, they are still, at the end of the day, an Instagram automated bot that puts your account at risk of being banned.
Instagram Bot Follower is a company who claims to be able to manage all of your Instagram accounts no matter how many you have. It’s always helpful finding a service that can manage more than one account. The only concern is that it’s a bot, which can increase your risk.
If you haven't heard of it already, you should have. It's the YouTube bot that everybody's going crazy over right now. There are always going to be different ways to grow your YouTube – some of them easier than others. Like Instagram, there are ways to outsource your engagement in the...
ViralRace is a company that can help you with your Instagram growth. They claim to be able to send you Instagram engagement either quickly or gradually, depending on your growth speed. They also claim to have a good rating on third party forums, which hasn’t be confirmed.
Instagram has legal rights to both "Gram" and "Insta" which means that any other company using either is in violation of these legal rights. The strange thing is that Autoinsta knows this - they have even been removed from the Google Chrome Store.
Overall, RoboLike is pretty shocking. It runs a high risk of being shut down by Instagram itself, which means that it's not very safe to use.

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