12ft Ladder not working?

This article will introduce you to 15 of the most popular and effective 12ft ladder alternatives available today.

Best 12ft Ladder Alternatives in 2024

1. Incoggo


Incoggo stands out as a premier ad blocker specifically designed for paywalls.

It promises users a serene browsing experience by eliminating all the web’s nuisances.

What sets Incoggo apart is its claim to be the world’s first universal blocker, boasting superior functionality compared to other alternatives.

With Incoggo, users can expect a web experience free from ads, trackers, paywalls, and malware.

Its advanced blocking technology also promises faster browsing speeds, making it a favorite among many.

2. Remove Paywall

Remove Paywall

As the name suggests, Remove Paywall’s primary function is to dismantle paywalls, granting users free access to articles.

Users simply input the URL of their desired article into Remove Paywall’s search bar, and the tool takes care of the rest.

What’s commendable about this tool is its commitment to continuously adding new sites to its repertoire.

By providing access to archived versions of sites, which typically lack paywalls, users can freely access content from renowned publications like The Washington Post and The NY Times.

3. Bypass Paywalls

Bypass Paywalls

Bypass Paywalls emerges as a formidable browser extension that effortlessly sidesteps paywalls across the web.

Unlike many of its counterparts, Bypass Paywalls is hosted on GitHub, ensuring transparency and community-driven updates.

The extension is particularly adept at granting access to restricted content, making it a valuable tool for avid readers.

With the ability to bypass paywalls on over 160 news websites, it’s no wonder that Bypass Paywalls has garnered a significant user base.

Its intuitive design and user-friendly interface further enhance its appeal.

4. Bypass Paywalls Clean

Bypass Paywalls Clean

Building on the foundation of Bypass Paywalls, Bypass Paywalls Clean offers a refined experience for users.

This browser extension, compatible with Mozilla, Chrome, and other Chromium-based browsers, is adept at loading paywalled articles seamlessly.

Recognizing the financial constraints many face, Bypass Paywalls Clean aims to democratize access to news.

The tool’s user-centric design allows individuals to enable or disable specific sites based on their preferences.

With regular updates and a commitment to user privacy, Bypass Paywalls Clean has solidified its position as a top contender in the realm of paywall bypass tools.

5. PayWall Blocker

PayWall Blocker

PayWall Blocker is a dedicated tool that aims to provide users with unrestricted access to premium content across the web.

By seamlessly integrating with browsers, it ensures that readers can delve into articles and research without any interruptions.

The tool’s primary focus is on simplicity and efficiency.

With just a few clicks, users can activate PayWall Blocker and enjoy a browsing experience free from paywalls.

Its commitment to user privacy and continuous updates to accommodate new websites further solidify its reputation as a reliable paywall bypass solution.

6. Readium


Readium is not just a tool but a revolution for readers who often find themselves halted by paywalls, especially on leading online magazines and newspapers.

This bookmarklet is designed to let users skip click-gates and access content that’s often behind a paywall.

Whether it’s an insightful piece from the New York Times or a technical article from Medium, Readium ensures that knowledge remains accessible.

Its user-friendly interface and quick response time make it a favorite among many who value uninterrupted reading.

7. Reader Mode

Reader Mode

Reader Mode is more than just a paywall bypass tool; it’s an all-in-one reading solution.

While it effectively removes paywalls, it also declutters pages, removes ads, and even offers a dyslexia-friendly mode.

Its versatility makes it a sought-after tool for those who wish to enhance their online reading experience.

With features like annotation, highlighting, and a dark mode, Reader Mode ensures that users not only access content but also interact with it in a meaningful way.

8. Unpaywall


Unpaywall stands out in the realm of paywall bypass tools due to its unique approach.

Instead of merely bypassing paywalls, it directs users to legal, freely-accessible versions of articles.

With a vast database of open-access articles, Unpaywall is a boon for researchers and academicians.

Its commitment to promoting open access and its user-friendly browser extension make it a must-have for those in academia and beyond.

9. uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin, while primarily known as an ad-blocker, has capabilities that extend to blocking paywalls.

Its comprehensive filtering capabilities ensure that users experience a clean and fast browsing session.

By leveraging community-maintained lists, uBlock Origin can effectively block ads, trackers, and, importantly, paywalls.

Its lightweight design ensures minimal CPU and memory usage, making it an optimal choice for those who value performance alongside unrestricted access.

10. The Free Internet Plugin

The Free Internet Plugin

The Free Internet Plugin champions the cause of unrestricted access to information. Designed with the modern user in mind, this plugin seamlessly integrates with browsers to bypass paywalls on a multitude of websites.

Its advanced algorithms ensure that users are presented with a clean, ad-free version of the content, enhancing the reading experience.

With a focus on user privacy and continuous updates, The Free Internet Plugin is making strides in democratizing access to premium content across the web.

11. AdBlock with Link Intelligence


AdBlock with Link Intelligence is not just another ad-blocker; it’s a comprehensive solution to the myriad of interruptions users face online.

While its primary function is to block ads, its capabilities extend to bypassing paywalls, ensuring users get a two-in-one solution.

The tool’s “Link Intelligence” feature is particularly noteworthy, as it provides insights into the nature of links, helping users make informed decisions.

With a user-friendly interface and a commitment to privacy, AdBlock with Link Intelligence is a valuable addition to any browser.

12. StopAd


StopAd is a robust tool that promises a holistic browsing experience.

Beyond its capabilities to bypass paywalls, StopAd is adept at blocking ads, trackers, and malicious websites.

Its multi-layered approach ensures that users are protected from potential threats while also enjoying unrestricted access to content.

With a focus on speed and efficiency, StopAd ensures that pages load faster, enhancing the overall browsing experience.

Its commitment to user privacy and continuous updates make it a reliable choice for those seeking a comprehensive solution.

13. Magic Lasso AdBlock


Magic Lasso AdBlock is a blend of elegance and efficiency.

Designed for both desktop and mobile browsers, this tool ensures that users can enjoy an ad-free and paywall-free browsing experience across devices.

Its advanced algorithms not only block ads and paywalls but also optimize page loading speeds.

With features like whitelisting and customizable settings, Magic Lasso AdBlock offers a tailored browsing experience.

Its commitment to user privacy and its intuitive design make it a favorite among many.

14. Resurrect Pages

Resurrect Pages

Resurrect Pages offers a unique solution to the paywall problem.

Instead of directly bypassing paywalls, this 12ft.io alternative provides users with access to archived versions of web pages, which often lack paywalls.

This ensures that users can access content that might have been lost or is currently behind a paywall.

Its integration with multiple web archives ensures a high success rate in retrieving content.

For those who value historical data or wish to access older versions of web pages, Resurrect Pages is an invaluable tool.

15. Outline

outline com

Outline is a remarkable tool designed to provide users with an ad-free reading experience.

By simply inputting a URL into Outline, it generates a clean version of the article, devoid of any paywalls or ads.

This not only ensures uninterrupted reading but also enhances the overall user experience by presenting content in a streamlined format.

For those tired of navigating through pop-ups and subscription requests, Outline serves as a breath of fresh air.

Tips for Bypassing Paywalls

  • Stay Updated: Paywalls and their bypass mechanisms are in a constant cat-and-mouse game. Ensure that your chosen tool or extension is regularly updated to tackle the latest paywall strategies.
  • Multiple Tools: Don’t rely on just one tool. Having a couple of alternatives at your disposal can be handy if one fails to bypass a particular paywall.
  • Private Browsing: Some websites allow limited free articles in a given month. Using private or incognito mode can sometimes reset this count.
  • Avoid Clickbait: Not all content behind paywalls is worth accessing. Be discerning about what you choose to read to ensure you’re not wasting time on clickbait.
  • Support Creators: If you find yourself regularly accessing content from a particular source, consider subscribing. Supporting creators and journalists ensures quality content continues to be produced.
  • Check Public Libraries: Many libraries offer free access to premium research databases and publications. Before trying to bypass a paywall, see if your local library provides the content for free.
  • Be Cautious: While most paywall bypass tools are safe, always be wary of tools that require excessive permissions or seem dubious. Stick to well-reviewed and widely recognized tools.


The 12 foot ladder alternatives highlighted in this article are a testament to the resilience and innovation of the online community.

These sites like 12ft ladder paywall tool ensure that knowledge remains accessible to all, fostering a culture of learning and growth.

As we continue to navigate the vast expanse of the internet, it’s tools like these that will guide our journey, ensuring that every piece of information is just a click away.