Best Instagram Bot 2017 & 2018

The Best Instagram Bot to Grow Your Business 3x Faster

Finding the best Instagram bots can be difficult.

While there are tons of Instagram automation software and bots available, you need to be cautious before proceeding. Using the wrong service can put your account at risk.

You also don’t want to risk losing the service you pay for. Pick a bot that survived 2017 and will be here for the rest of 2018.

Instagram has a tendency to block known bots and has cracked down on a lot of automated services recently.


The Best Instagram Bot of 2018

Follow Adder *TOP*5/5 Check
SocialEnvy *Organic*5/5 Check
Managed Social *Organic*5/5 Check
Instato *New*5/5 Check
InstaQ5/5 Check
FollowingLike4/5 Check
InstaZood0/5bad safety record
Gramista1/5give it a miss
InstaMacro1/5don't bother


Are Instagram Bot’s Safe?

Security should be a top priority for your account.

Not all bots are safe to use and some can get your account flagged rather quickly. While every like and follow can get you closer to internet stardom, you need to find a bot that allows you to mimic human behaviour.

You also want to use a bot that you can access and control on your own. Remote managed services are easily detectable and put your account at risk.

If you are trying to decide what Instagram bot or liker to use, then this comparison guide can help you. Each one of these bots can help you automatically follow, like, comment, post, and unfollow users.

Read each review guide in detail to make an informed decision before risking your account.


Follow Adder Review

Follow Adder is one of the most widely-used bots available, and for a good reason. The company offers both an Instagram and a YouTube Adder, making it easy to dominate both networks. The bot is designed to automate a lot of the time-consuming tasks, especially when it comes to engaging with other users and discovering relevant hashtags.

Like other good Instagram bots, Follow Adder has advanced scheduling features that allow you to post multiple times per day. You don’t have to sit at the computer and wait for the right time to post. Instead, simply load your pictures in advance and schedule them for when your followers are online. As you post multiple times per day, Followadder will be liking and commenting on other photos within your niche.

One unique feature that sets Follow Adder apart from other bots is its ability to run contests. Have you ever seen those posts that say “like, share, and follow for your chance to win?” This bot can help you monitor who did all three, encouraging people to engage and helping you easily follow through. This builds loyalty. Plus, followers may come back to try and find more great offers on your page.

Follow Adder offers several advanced features that can help users. Here is just a small selection of options:

  • White and Black Lists to control who you follow and ignore.
  • Time Delay features to help automated actions appear more natural.
  • Accessible Activity Log to manually check all actions.
  • Proxy server support.

Because it offers fully customizable options and easy installation, Follow Adder is one of the most flexible bots on this list. Use the free trial to get a great feel for the bot before committing to the paid service. It gets our vote as the best Instagram bot, and is also recommended as the best by Fred Harrington.


Our Follow Adder Test Results

We’ve tried this software over a range of accounts over the last 6 months. Here are some statistics from one account – we haven’t enabled many of the features and it’s only on about 50% speed – yet you can see it still produces new followers and engagement every single day.

Follow Adder Results


Social Envy Review

You could get an Instagram bot which automates your engagement. Or, you could try something like Social Envy.

Social Envy is an organic growth service for Instagram. This means that it performs all the tasks that an Instagram bot might, except that it’s a person performing them, not a robot. Social Envy employs real people to do these tedious tasks for you – primarily, they run your account for you so you can focus on other vital areas of your business.

One of the biggest reasons why having real people run your account for you is so important is that it keeps them well within the confines of Instagram’s terms and conditions – preventing your account from looking too spammy.

Let’s take a look at what Social Envy offers as a service:

• Starting Out: right from the get-go, when you first sign up, you are assigned a single individual who is in charge of operating your account for you. Your case manager keeps you informed of any progress and makes sure it matches what you’re trying to achieve.
• Audience Targeting: Social Envy works within the boundaries of the audience you are trying to target, which means that the followers you get are genuinely interested in your niche.
• Weekly Report: you can request a weekly report of the progress they are making on your behalf, so all activity is entirely transparent and approved by you.
Additional Features:
• Usernames: Social Envy can make the most of the people you admire – through usernames. They can gather together the usernames of the people you compete with, as well as the people you admire, to specifically target their existing following.
• Locations: you can get Social Envy to target particular areas, including cities, states, provinces and even entire countries.
• Targeting Specifications: you can tweak your target audience to be as specific as you would like – including just targeting males, or females.

Overall, Social Envy is a safer option to Instagram bots, because you work with real people who create organic, authentic engagement for you on your behalf. Because they stick to the guidelines of Instagram, there’s no risk of your account being shut down or looking spammy.

However, Social Envy is more expensive than using an Instagram bot, so you have to decide if it’s worth investing more for what Social Envy offers instead.

InstaQ Review

InstaQ is a bot designed to help users not only scrape Instagram for information but run their business on autopilot. Much like Follow Adder, the service is accessible as a desktop software. This allows paid users to easily use a proxy server and adds a layer of security. This makes the service a great tool for those wanting a basic system to like, comment, and unfollow.

It is important to note that the trial version does not provide users with access to all features. This makes it hard to grasp what the bot is fully capable of without giving the company money. You can’t even comment using the trial version. This is a little off putting, as there are dozens of simple bots that can like and follow users.

InstaQ and Follow Adder are by far the safest bots to use. While InstaQ still has a website, the company plans on privatizing their software soon to avoid shutdown. This means that support will be limited, but the code may become available publicly.

FollowingLike Review

Following Like isn’t the worst Instagram bot available, but it’s not the best either. But it’s versatility could make it worthwhile for someone who is trying to dominate multiple social networks at the same time. Following Like works similarly to the bots mentioned above, but with more basic features. It’s selling point is that the features work on Instagram, Pinterest, Tumbler and Twitter. By running multiple accounts and scheduling tasks in advance, users can have a lot of control over their social media.

When you browse the FollowingLike website, you will immediately notice the long features list. This isn’t because the bot is more sophisticated than Follow Adder, it is because it lists tasks for multiple networks. For example, “Like Pins” and “Like Photos” are very similar actions being performed on multiple networks. This gives people the impression that the bot can do a lot, but it is mostly features that enable following, unfollowing, posting, liking, sharing, replying, and sending direct messages.

While users can use unlimited accounts with the bot, it is one of the most expensive to start using. There are no free trials, so users can access all features right away. They just need to be prepared to make an upfront payment of almost $100 per bot and a small monthly fee.

All in all, FollowingLike can be useful for those who have hundreds of social media accounts they need to automate and are in need of fairly basic services. The convenience factor can outweigh the cost, but if you are only working with a few accounts, there are better services available.

InstaZood Review

Instazood has a very straightforward website that doesn’t sugar-coat their service or make it look like a marketing agency. This web based Instagram bot is designed to automatically react to activity. Like other bots previously mentioned, Instazood increases followers by liking, commenting, and following real users. Direct messaging features also make it very easy to follow up with potential customers. All of the automation tools mentioned find users based on hashtags you select, making it easy to target a niche market.

One of the things that sets Instazood apart from other bots is its support features. Not only does the bot provide an easy-to-understand tutorial, you can select from a variety of languages. Instazood also boasts excellent customer support features, allowing you to get technical assistance within a few hours. A web-based help center allows you to easily find answers on your own.

Like all bots, account safety is a top priority. While other bots use a download, Instazood uses a web-based application. Not only does this increase security, it improves speed. While you have less control than if you were using your own connection, this feature still makes Instazood one of the faster automation options.

While Instazood does charge a monthly fee, it isn’t nearly as expensive as some of the other items on this list. The basic Instagram bot is very affordable and you can add a Comment Tracker or Direct Message package if need be. The basic Instagram bot includes scheduled posts and automatic like, follow, unfollow and comment features. A 3-Day free trial is available for the basic Instagram Bot and each add-on service.

Instazood may not have all of the advanced features of Followadder, so it’s not the best Instagram bot on the market – but its low cost makes it an attractive option for people wanting to try automating their account. With plenty of support, Instazood is perfect for those new to marketing or working with a single account.

Update November 2017: Unfortunately, Instazood has recently been reported as having a bad safety record and poor customer service – so we are no longer recommending this software.


Gramista Review

Gramista has a very attractive website and boasts that they are going to “manage your account.” While this makes it sound like you are getting a premium service, you are essentially gaining access to a liker, follower, and unfollower bot – just like the other software above. The main difference with this software is it’s expensive!

If you are trying to establish your account and want to like content according to hashtags, you can easily add popular hashtags in the advanced settings page. You will still have to conduct the hashtag research yourself, but the feature does work. You can also restrict your settings by location, allowing you to finely target your audience.

The biggest downside to using Gramista is the price. Other bots allow you to pay one large fee for complete access or have a small ongoing cost. Gramista requires you to pay by the day. Their largest package is a 90-day subscription, but users can pay for a single day to try it out. Because the service often makes multiple attempts to access your account remotely, it isn’t as secure as many of the other bots available.


Instamacro Review

Much like Gramista, Instamacro has a very impressive website that oversells its features a little bit. The website boasts that the service is powerful and one of the fastest available. Their goal is to provide easy liking and following support with “minimal effort” and produce “unmatched results.”

Let’s be honest. It’s a rip off.

The service itself automates a lot of your actions, allowing you to like, follow, and unfollow people with similar interests. All activity is done using Instamacro’s servers, which can raise some red flags with Instagram. Even taking the 5-hour trial can make your account look suspicious.

Instamacro uses a similar pricing strategy as Gramista, charging users per day of use. It is about twice as expensive as Gramista, but users can subscribe for a single day. If you commit to 100 days or more, you can get significantly lower prices, but it may not be worth the cost.

Despite claiming to use different IP addresses for all accounts on their platform for safety – they also state that you can’t use your account whilst using their system for “safety” reasons.

Probably better off not re-mortgaging your house for this service – if you’re going to spend this much money on your account then pay a human to do it manually or pay for Instagram Ads instead.

Advice for Choosing an Instagram Bot

While this list included some of the best Instagram bots in 2017, it is important to keep in mind that automated services are always improving. For example, Follow Adder currently offers a wide range of excellent features, but they are always working to find additional services to help their customers grow in 2018. If you are going to pay for a service, you should have access to the latest features and be able to take full advantage of the latest trends.

Before you give a service your money, try and take full advantage of the trials they have available. It’s recommended to try multiple services and experiment with different features. This is what helps you build a successful digital marketing campaign later on.

Don’t buy a bot on impulse. Work your way down the list, starting with Followadder. Instagram can be very challenging and you need to make sure the bot you are getting will suit your needs. This can avoid a lot of headaches later down the road.

Remember, good IG bots will:

  • Keep you in control with easy on and off features.
  • Allow you to time your activities to mimic real behavior.
  • Offer scheduling services to allow you to fully automate your social media.
  • Use your Internet connection to control the account.
  • Be affordable and upfront with pricing.
  • Have a small learning curve and easy-to-find features.
  • Offer a free trial of some kind.

Instagram automation can be a lifesaver for people trying to keep up with the demands of social media. Using software can make managing multiple accounts a simple process – just ensure you pick the best Instagram bot for your needs.

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  1. Thanks for the clarifications. I’ve been looking for an Instagram bot but my major fear is always hinged on account banning. Now I know some bots are safer than others, I will definitely go for one, I really need one.

    Follow Adder looks good.

  2. I think there are risks with using any Instagram Bot, however, I have been using Follow Adder and it has not been affected by any crackdowns. I would recommend it.

  3. The Bots are always updating their software, they will develop smarter features to help them remain undetected and flagged by Instagram. I will continue to use them to build my Instagram accounts.

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