Guest posting is one of the Google-approved ways of self-marketing and earning backlinks. Many people who are into content creation want to take up the art and share their ideas with websites across the world.

But how to submit a guest post that will be accepted?

How to become ‘the writer they are looking for?’ We have some interesting recommendations that will help you improve your skills and create publications that will be loved by audiences of all sources you’ll cooperate with in the future.

Create a Unique Writing Style But Adjust It When Necessary

This is one of the most confusing guest post guidelines. You should create a unique writing style so that people can recognize you as a specialist.

On the other hand, many blogs tend to accept publications that are similar to their own writing style.

Here’s a rule of thumb:

  • If you’re allowed to use your name, links, etc. in the post, you can get creative and show your own style. This depends on the webmaster or blogger you’re working with, so it’s wise to discuss such details beforehand.
  • If this is a simple guest post that needs to be in tune with the rest of the blog, read several publications and write in a similar way. This will offer more opportunities, especially if you compliment the writing style of the blogger you want to partner with.

This applies to both free and paid collaborations. Later on, you’ll feel when it’s time to show your writing and when it’s more appropriate to be on the same wave.

Cater to the Audience of the Website You’re Writing for


Before applying, read several publications and comments if there are any. Analyze the website to see how many people are actually visiting it and how they react to certain topics.

You’ll be able to understand what they are interested in and cater to them, encouraging them to click the link and become your readers as well.

All services have their target audience. You just need to know where to find it.

Maybe you will get thousands of new users after the first couple of guest posts. This depends on the choice of the donor and how well you talk to their readers and buyers.

Turn to Professionals When Necessary

You may have some of the best ideas but no skills to write an article that will enchant people and make them interested in your business. For that, you need professionals from Adsy

What is this service?

It’s a company that hires writers who can create an SEO-optimized, well-structured article on any topic.

All you have to do is to provide information about your company, the topic for your guest post, the website you’re aiming for (to analyze writing style and audience), and all additional data you can offer.

Gather a list of requirements or trust the specialists, it’s your choice. The one recommendation is to look for a reliable service that has:

  • Adequate prices;
  • Guarantees;
  • Clear Terms and Conditions page;
  • Powerful customer support;
  • Portfolio.

Look at what they offer and how they do it. See if there’s sufficient information online. Contact the support team to find out the details of your cooperation.

Eventually, you will end up with professionals that create guest publications of top quality.

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Find New Information for Blog Posts

Some topics are considered cliche in case you don’t bring anything new to the table. Thousands of blogs have their own articles on these topics, but you can make them work.

Research for new information. Something from the history of the niche or the newest approaches to solving issues. 

There’s always something missing from those articles. Be the one to create the full copy and offer it to the right blogger or webmaster. Go deeper and:

  • Read actual studies;
  • Look for the latest statistics;
  • Visit official websites of companies, people, events, institutions, etc. you’ll mention in the article;
  • Quote leaders of the niche.

It’s always possible to create something better or different on the same topic. Otherwise, there would be only one expert blog for every industry and niche.

Look for ‘best storytelling tactics’, and you’ll see millions of results. Yet, many copywriters are working on similar articles right now.

Always Learn New Approaches

You can use any sources that offer valuable information.

These trends change rapidly, and you need to be one of the first to find out about them and utilize new approaches to create the most appealing posts that any blogger wants to have on their website.

Find blogs on the following topics that cater to you by design and writing style:

  • An SEO specialist blog.
    There, you’ll find out about all the new things Google is testing in terms of optimization. It’s important for every article, even if it’s for another source.
  • A pro copywriter’s blog.
    Someone who’s been in the industry for years feels when trends are changing and can share secret methods of writing faster and more efficiently with you.
  • An industry-specific blog.
    You must know everything happening in your industry. News, studies, tests, collaborations – any small thing can become the highlight of your next guest article.

Guest posting offers so many opportunities. You can train to become a blogger and start your own source.

If you already have one, you can market it within those publications, gaining backlinks and credibility.

Become a recognizable figure in the blogging world and start earning more for every word you write!