You might not know this, but Discord was actually first developed to give gamers a place to talk and build communities.

It was launched back in 2015, but you probably didn’t know about it then.

It has taken a little bit to get off the ground, but recently has branched out to include communities from all around the Internet, ranging from artists to writers to even fans of K-pop.

It’s increased in popularity during the pandemic, as more people played games, worked, and socialized online.

These days, the platform boasts 190 million active monthly users.

On a basic level, Discord was developed to let members message one another. Every community is called a server.

Servers include text channels, where you can message other people, and voice channels, where you can chat with other people.

You can also share images, videos, music, Internet links, and more.

Each server offers more than one channel, and each one of these is dedicated to a different topic and has different rules.

Let’s dive into the definitive article on Discord statistics for 2024, so that you can really get to know the app.

Key Discord Statistics 2024

  • Discord has 190 million monthly active users
  • As of 2021, there are 390 million registered Discord users
  • The annual revenue of Discord is nearly 130 million US Dollars
  • The premium option of the Discord named Nitro is the primary revenue source of the company. Users can spend $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year for a premium subscription that offers extensive high video resolution, animated stickers, emojis, etc
  • Discord has almost 19 million active servers per week
  • Servers like Fortnite, Valorant, Minecraft, etc. are some of the servers with more than 800,000 members
  • Each Discord server can host 25000 online members at a time
  • $483.8 Million funding has been raised
  • An average US Discord user spends 9 minutes a day on the platform
  • As of now, the value of Discord is approximately $15 billion
Discord statistics

What is Discord?

Discord started its journey in 2015.

Jason Citron, the founder, brought Discord into the market where Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) giants like Skype and TeamSpeak were already rooted.

Even though Discord was introduced as a communication platform for Gamers, it got massive support from audiences from different niches like artists, software programmers, artists, various study groups, and even hikers. 

Earlier, Discord focused on video gaming.

Later, Discord understood that the chat system developed for gamer interaction is prominent over the video games they made, which was the turning point.

The company has evolved a lot after this “turning point.” They had undergone drastic changes that reshaped the company and overcame many uncertainties and peer pressure from competitors.

As soon as the communication application became popular among the gamers, the next door opened, making the team widen their horizon to all other groups. 

The Vision Behind Discord

According to Jason and Stan, The technology was complex.

Still, the goal was simple: In Discord, there is no competition between people for likes and comments, there are no newsreels or video reels, and no algorithm decides user favorites.

Discord is established as the medium that can connect friends and communities.

It’s a place where people can interact seamlessly despite getting exploited by marketing tactics. 

What Are the Advantages of Using Discord?

Discord allows users to communicate using

1. Text sessions

2. Video calls

3. Voice calls

4. Private sessions as wells as groups known as “servers.”

It is effortless to share media files in Discord from mobile phones or desktops. The app is consistent and regularly updated based on the user experience.

Discord has a good chat interface that supports emojis and GIFs. Also, this application is entirely Ad-free!

This article concentrates on the statistics achieved by Discord over the years and its current demand.

What Are the Security Features in Discord?

The Discord app comes with plenty of user customizations in privacy and security. Let’s check out some of the major security features in Discord.

1. Unlike other VoIP applications, Discord secures the user’s IP location, personal data and has an auto-encryption technique that protects the user chats.

2. The discord app is designed in such a way that, in case of an unexpected server failure, the user is automatically connected to another server. This prevents the data loss issue.

3. The backend servers of Discord are protected with DDoS. The automatic failover mechanism overcomes server issues.

Discord Revenue Growth by Year

In 2019, statistics show that the yearly revenue of Discord was 45 million. And in 2020 it reached 135 Million, that is more than double compared to the previous year!

Let us have a graphic representation of these statistics to show the growth of Discord.

Revenue Growth

How Does Discord Maintain Performance?

It was essential to ensure that Discord usage never compromises the computer’s CPU performance, impacting the gaming experience.

Discord allows the user to play games at the highest FPS rate possible. 

The technique that Discord uses to ensure efficiency even while updating more features is called “code-splitting,” which loads only the required code at the moment.

This technique allows the application to update new features, add languages and polish the necessary features without compromising the performance.

Also, the servers of Discord are distributed around the world, by which the user can access the nearest server effectively.

How Many People Use Discord in 2024?

In 2020, usage statistics show that around 300 million users registered an account on Discord, of which about 120 million were active users.

That number of active users is now at least 190 million, with 390 million registered users overall.

Let’s check out the year-wise growth of registered users and active users in Discord.

users in Discord

Discord was selected as the substitute when the Government’s official application for distance learning failed in France.

This action helped Discord to climb into the top ten apps downloaded in the country.

Discord is still standing inside the top 50 most downloaded apps in the UK, US, and France.

Funding Statistics of Discord

$982.6 Million is the total amount raised by Discord as the Series H round of Venture Captial funding completed on September 2021.

Twenty-seven enterprises have invested in Discord that includes Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The table below shows the Series-wise fundraising progress of Discord since 2016.

DateVC Funding RoundAmount Raised(in millions)
September 2021Series H$500M
December 2020Series H$100M
June 2020Series G$100M
December 2018Series F$150M
April 2018Series E$50M
January 2017 Series D$50M
January 2016Series C$20M

(Source: Crunchbase)

What Is the Market Value of Discord?

Technology giant Microsoft Corp offered Discord an acquisition price of around $12 billion but was rejected eventually by the company like many other acquisition attempts.

There are reports that the company is still in demand from Epic Games, Twitter, Amazon, etc. After the last fundraising of $500 million, the current market value of Discord has reached $15 billion. 

Let’s have a look at the timeline of Discord’s market value growth over the past 6 years. 

Discord’s market value growth

200,000 People Were Part of Discord’s Snowsgiving

Snowsgiving occurs in December, and it’s where everybody in the Discord community from all around the world come together on one server to celebrate the holiday spirit.

Of course, you have the opportunity to make new friends, participate in a huge number of giveaways and contests, and give back by supporting charities.

December 2020 was the 4th annual Snowsgiving celebration.

More than 200,000 people joined the server. They were able to raise more than $200,000 for Doctors Without Borders.

The Average Wage for an Employee of Discord is $131,679

You might look at this statistic, and think that their employees have it pretty good, but what’s interesting is that it is actually below the average compensation, which is $152,902.

We are sure that it as Discord becomes more popular in the future and does better, it will increase its wages for its employees, but to be honest, $63 an hour isn’t that bad.

Mr. Beast Rules Discord with 700,000 Members

Mr. Beast isn’t just popular on YouTube, he has also managed to make a name for himself on Discord as well.

Mr. Beast’s Discord server has more than 700,000 members, which means that he is by far the most popular Discord member out there.

You might think that at some point someone is going to come along and surpass this, but honestly, considering how popular Mr. Beast is elsewhere, we think that he is going to continue his reign for a while to come.

14% of American Gamers Watch Livestreams Through Discord

It appears according to these statistics that live streaming is pretty popular among American gamers on Discord.

You might not initially think of Discord as a live streaming platform, but 14% of gamers in America say that they watch live streams of video games on Discord.

There are only three other streaming platforms that surpass this, and this is Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.

3% of US Teens Consider Discord Their Favorite

At this point, there are a lot of different social media apps out there vying for users’ attention.

There are TikTok, Instagram, and a ton of others that are all trying to get the attention of the younger generation.

This is why it is genuinely surprising that 3% of teens in America consider Discord to be their favorite social media app.

We wouldn’t even consider it a social media app but it seems that it has resonated with the younger generation.

The Average User of Discord Spends 280 Minutes a Month on the Platform

There are some social media apps out there where you quickly log in, look at what’s going on, and then log out again.

Then there are others, like YouTube, where you tend to spend a little bit more time.

These statistics show that it is actually quite surprising because it indicates that people are spending a long time on the server, instead of just popping in and out.

It boils down to five hours a month, or 9 minutes a day.

Discord Made a Profit of $130 Million in 2020

Most social media apps don’t tend to make a profit in the first few years of business, so these Discord stats show that the platform has grown by leaps and bounds and is only set to get bigger in the future.

Back in 2019, Discord’s profit was just $45 million, which means that its profit has increased 188% in a year.

Again, this is a pretty impressive statistic and indicates that Discord has big things ahead.

Discord Has Rejected an Offer of $12 Million

There are quite a few companies out there that see the writing on the wall when it comes to Discord and want to get their hands on it as a result.

This is why Discord has turned down an offer of $12 million which to you and me, might be a lot of money.

However, Discord realizes their worth as well, and wants to hang on to what they’ve got for as long as possible.

They know that if they keep it going, they could be worth triple this in the future.

Discord Valued at $15 Billion

Back just a couple of years ago in 2020, Discord was valued at $7 billion. However, now it is predicted to be worth $15 billion.

Again, like its profits, this is one of those statistics that shows that Discord is indicating an upwards trajectory, and showing no signs of slowing down.

Discord Has Raised $482.6 million in Funding

Most social media sites and apps need to do a few rounds of funding in the beginning in order to get the money that they need to create the software and develop the app as intended. Discord has had some pretty successful funding rounds as you can see from this statistic, with over 12 funding rounds managing to raise $482 million. The latest investor is Sony.

19 million Active Discord Servers

One of the things that you probably really like about Discord is that it has a pretty unique approach when it comes to social media which can be seen in these statistics.

Its features involve servers, and its concept of having a separate server for each group is now so popular that there are 19 million active servers a week on Discord.

Peak of Concurrent Users at 10.6 million

Back in 2020, Discord statistics show it was doing pretty well for itself, and as a result, had managed to gain a peak of 10.6 million concurrent users.

Yes, these statistics are a couple of years old, which is why we believe that it could be a lot more at this point, especially considering COVID has forced everyone to stay at home more.

What Are the Future Plans of Discord?

In 2020 Discord changed their slogan to “Your place to talk” and announced that they are stepping down from video gaming to focus on building an all-purpose communication application.

The pandemic lockdown situation invited a lot of people apart from gamers to the platform. 

Discord has got an $18 billion offer from Amazon and Twitter, which the company hasn’t yet declined. Sony’s PlayStation and Discord have agreed to work together since early 2022.

Also, they are thinking about various methods to increase revenue.

Some futuristic plans are creating small video games in which users can purchase different things, collaborating with media influencers and artists to create public events with tickets, and taking a cut from the earnings. 

Discord, like many other booming startups, has to face tough competition from its rivals. That includes Facebook, Clubhouse, Reddit, Slack, Telegram, etc.

They have to answer the “socially responsible activists” who are concerned about the influence of video gaming on teenagers.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from these Discord statistics for 2024, Discord has a lot more going on than you might have previously thought.

It has been working hard in the background to develop the kind of community that people in all kinds of different niches are going to enjoy and considering the level of competition there is out there when it comes to social media apps, we think that Discord is doing pretty well for itself.

Statistics like these really shine a light on the prevalence of online communities, and how there are so many different ways to communicate with people these days via the Internet.

As far as the future of Discord goes, we believe that anything is possible, so watch this space.


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