What is My Business Worth?

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When you’re contemplating selling your business, you’ll need to determine how much the business is worth. Knowing your business’s value can help you sell it or establish its value for insurance purposes.  What a potential buyer will pay for your business will depend on their return on investment (ROI) and relative risk. A profitable ROI … Read more

Are Free Money Apps Real?

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Throughout the day, millions of people spend at least three hours on their phones. If you also spend as much time on your phone, wouldn’t it be wise to set aside some of that time to make some extra money? If you think so, then this post is meant for you, as we’ll be looking … Read more

Why Do I Need a Residential Static Proxy?

Among the many incognito browsing options, the proxy is one of the most used, especially in the geek community. With this trick, you can essentially hide your IP address, that is, the data that defines your digital identity on the Internet, behind another address. Thus, anonymous browsing becomes possible. And among most people, this method … Read more

Important Considerations for Hiring International Employees

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International recruiting is becoming increasingly popular in practically every industry, and the last two years have contributed to that significantly. It brings lots of benefits to the table for both sides, and even though it also introduces some complications, those are typically not that hard to address with enough diligence. If you’re looking to bring … Read more