PopSocial Review & Alternatives

PopSocial Review

2020 Update: Are Instagram bots dead? They are not! There are just a lot fewer services to choose from now. So it’s more important than ever to pick a service that keeps your account safe.

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Instagram is not only a great place to share every moment with your nearest and dearest, it’s also a great way to inject some effective marketing into your online business.

If you have a business and it’s online, you don’t want to miss out on the marketing opportunities Instagram has to offer. Outsourcing your Instagram engagement to a third-party company is a good way to lighten the load and pay an affordable price for more exposure.

Let’s take a look at one of these companies and see how they rate.

What is PopSocial?

PopSocial is, right out of the gate, an Instagram bot.

While these kinds of engagement companies aren’t entirely crook, we do advise caution when considering associating your Instagram with them.

Instagram has strict protocol around using automated software to execute your engagement, so they could very well get your suspended or even banned. PopSocial offers all its basic bot features for free, with a price tag on the more advanced features available.

Let’s give them a thorough review and determine whether you should associate your account with them or not.

A Review of PopSocial

First, we’ll discuss the positives

  • Secure Site: Popsocial is covering its security bases by making sure that it’s operating out of a secure https website. This is important when it comes to information you may share with them – it’s less likely to get hacked and stolen if it’s protected by https security.

Now, we’ll discuss the negatives

  • Visible Prices: PopSocial seems reluctant to relinquish their specific price points. As we’ve already talked about, their most basic features are free, so there’s no need to name any monetary amount for this. However, their advanced features aren’t which would typically require getting a rough idea of how much they’ll set you back.
  • FAQ and Help Page: Pop Social continues to lack in the customer service department by not having an accessible FAQ and help page. This is an important part of a company like this – most potential customers will have a couple of questions they want to ask before signing up to anything, and going in blind isn’t typically preferred by anyone.
  • 24/7 Assistance: we don’t think we need to go into too much detail about the fact that they don’t have 24/7 customer support, should you need it. In fact, they don’t seem to have any simple, easy way of getting in touch with them.
  • Email and Phone form: this negative is an interesting one. This is because, while they do have an email and phone form present, it’s not an advantage to the customer. They use this feature when you want to sign up with them – except it’s the first thing you have to do. You aren’t allowed to know their price points, and you don’t get to ask questions – you just have to share personal information with them. This raises quite a large red flag for us.

Is PopSocial a Scam? Is PopSocial Safe?

We confidently conclude that PopSocial is not safe to use with your Instagram account.

This is because they are your quintessential automated bot often used with Instagram accounts that later get banned for this type of engagement. Having this kind of company associated with your account can also cause issues with your engagement itself.

We highly recommended avoiding this type of third-party company and instead look for something that’s going to put the safety of your Instagram page first, above all else.

PopSocial Alternatives & How it Compares

GrowthoidGrowth Service Check Price
NitreoInstagram Bot Check Price
Stellation MediaDashboard Check Price

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  1. Start good and got sloppy and not trust worthy smh..

    They taken my money and didn’t provide a service and stop replying to my emails..

    I tryed resolve this in a decent matter.. but Imma let me legal team take care of this.. I have all screen shots and dates of no services that was taking out of my account and all emails.. if I can give em No stars that will be great for me!!

    Since they wanna play dirty, Imma have to play this there way since they be come a libitilty .

  2. Do not use PopSocial. Their customer service is terrible. They hook you at first but then stop performing for you after a couple weeks. But here’s the catch. It is next to impossible to get ahold of customer service. The number listed on their website IS NOT REAL. I tried emailing over 5 times with no answer! There is also no place on their website to cancel. The only way I got out of it was to change my password and contact my credit card. Then and only then did they reach out to me, only to let me know they didn’t have the right login for me.

    Whoever emailed me is also very unprofessional and rude. When Indisputed the charges, this is the email I got back:

    “Ha you went and disputed the charges. Well get that money right back but good try.”

    Like I said, do not use PopSocial!

  3. This scam is run by Everette Taylor from California, USA.

    He claims that this is a legitimate service. It’s actually just an Instagram but which is illegal under Instagram’s terms of service.

    He has openly bragged about making millions and millions of dollars from this Instagram bot. It won’t be long before Facebook catch up with this conman.

    Bragging to Forbes:


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