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If you’ve got other social media, there’s a good chance that you’ve got an Instagram.

It may be a personal Instagram which you use to connect with your friends and family. Or, perhaps it’s a business Instagram, which you’re using to build your brand up and hopefully get more clients.

If you’re not engaging with your community, though, you might as well not have one. Engaging with other people on Instagram is essential to building your brand – but it’s not easy.

Luckily, there are companies out there who can do it for you. Let’s review one.

What is Instamber?

Instamber is, to their credit, honest from the very beginning. On their homepage, one of the first things they say is that they’re a bot who can help you with your engagement.

At least they’re not trying to pretend that their growth is organic, which we can appreciate. However, just because they’re not trying to hide the fact that they’re a bot doesn’t mean that they’re trustworthy. In fact, a lot of bot companies are at risk of being shut down by Instagram, because of their terms and conditions.

Let’s give them a review.

A Review of Instamber

We’ll begin with the positives:

  • Secure Site: it wasn’t too long ago that most of these companies didn’t bother to secure their site with https. It appears that a lot of them have learned this lesson and have chosen to spend the money to do so. If you are running a brand online, it’s highly recommended that you secure your site. It protects your information and helps you rank in search engines better.
  • Visible Prices: not only does Instamber have visible prices, but they’ve put in enough effort in to make an entirely new webpage for them. This is a great positive to tick off – it shows that they care about their website and what potential customers think of it. They aren’t trying to take shortcuts, and they want you to see their pricing.

Now, let’s take a look at the negatives:

  • FAQ and Help Page: Instamber were doing so well there for a bit, but they’ve suddenly taken a sharp turn downhill. This is because, while they’re prepared to share their pricing, they haven’t been so forthcoming about their FAQ’s. It’s essential for the customer to know what other people have asked about their business, so they can get a better idea of them before they commit.
  • 24/7 Assistance: it almost goes without saying that a company who can’t feature an FAQ and help page certainly aren’t going to spend the money setting up a customer help team. This means that if you run into trouble with their services, you could be looking at quite a long wait time to talk to anyone about it.
  • Real Reviews: it’s not too much of a surprise to us that Instamber doesn’t have any reviews featured on their website. Either they’re too new to have gotten any credible feedback yet, or they just don’t have anything positive to display. Either way, it’s not a good sign that they don’t have any reviews on their website.
  • Verified Payment System: a lot of these companies are in this for the short-term, because they know that there is a good chance they could be shut down by Instagram. For this reason, they don’t typically bother to spend the money to secure their payment systems, which means that you shouldn’t share any type of sensitive information with them.

Is Instamber a Scam? Is Instamber Safe?

Ultimately, we don’t think that Instamber is safe to use. While they started out well and their website showed promise, it quickly became apparent that they haven’t got even close to enough of the features a site like this should have. If they want to attract customers and build up a good reputation, they need to spend a lot more time and money on their site. Additionally, they are a bot which means that you probably shouldn’t waste your time with them – they could get shut down by Instagram at some point.

Other Info

One of the biggest red flags is that this company is violating Instagram’s terms and conditions with their name.

Both ‘insta’ and ‘gram’ have been copyrighted by Instagram, which means that if another company uses either in their name, they can expect a lawsuit to come their way.

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