Whether you use Instagram Live or not, we have some interesting and recent statistics for you to read.

In this article, we will be covering Instagram Live, how many people use it, how many people watch, the impact this feature has on marketing, and some other statistics and demographics about Instagram Live.

Before we dig into Instagram Live statistics, we will briefly discuss some facts about Instagram as a platform.

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Facts About Instagram

  • Instagram was launched on October 6, 2010, just 6 years after Facebook (Meta), 4 years after Twitter, and 9 months after Pinterest.
  • Instagram will soon be 13 years old in 2023. 
  • In 2012, Facebook (before it was Meta) acquired Instagram as a photo-sharing network for one billion dollars.
  • Until then, Instagram was its own entity. Now, it’s part of the Meta realm of assets owned by Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Instagram has over 1.28 billion users on the platform. That factor alone makes this social media outlet a marketing gold mine.
  • Instagram is well-known for its wide variety of influencers and brands where people research products and services before they make purchasing decisions. 

Now that we know the basics about Instagram, let’s move on to the Live statistics as promised.

Key Instagram Live Statistics

  • Instagram has over 2 billion active monthly users as of 2023.
  • Instagram Live videos are getting 27% more watch time as of 2022.
  • Posting and sharing videos and photos account for 67.9% of all Instagram activities.
  • According to 67% of Livestream viewers, video quality is the most important element.
  • According to a 2019 study, 13% of Instagram users viewed a livestream on the platform in the past month. 
  • Six in ten adults outside of China have watched a live stream or a video on Instagram, or other social sites.
  • 100 million people watch Instagram videos every day.
  • In the United States, 43% of all live stream watchers between 18- and 34-years old use Instagram Live.
  • Turkish TV star Ali Icun Ilicali maintains the record for highest number of views for an Instagram Live video stream. 
  • In 2021, 14% of marketers used Instagram Live.

Interesting Instagram Live Statistics 


1. Instagram Has Over 2 Billion Active Monthly Users as of 2022.

The total number of known active monthly users (MAU) on Instagram is 2 billion.

Essentially, influencers, marketers, brands, and businesses have access to 2 billion users on the platform.

In 2017, a Cisco annual study revealed that live video usage would rise by 15 times over a five-year period (2022).

It’s also suggested that by 2021 live video would be 13% of all internet traffic across the world. 

(Fierce Video, Growthoid, Statista 2023)

2. Instagram Live Videos Are Getting 27% More Watch Time as of 2022. 

Instagram Live content is getting 27% more watch time since its implementation. The most recent figure on IG watch time comes to an average of 24.41 minutes per Live video. In contrast, on-demand video receives 18 minutes of watch time. 

Live videos are also watched 10 to 20 times longer than standard on-demand video content.

Going Live on Instagram is not utilized enough, even though 53% of businesses broadcast live video content on the platform at least one day per week. 

Another 29% say they “go live” every day.


3. Posting and Sharing Videos and Photos Account for 67.9% of All Instagram Activities.

The number one activity is sharing videos/images on Instagram, which is its main purpose.

Instagram was originally designed to “instantly” share images on the platform. It was designed to capture and share life events in the “moment’ 

A while ago, it was frowned on to schedule Instagram content, though people started doing that well before it became a feature on the platform.

Today, Instagram Live streams are “in-the-moment” pieces of content that can also be watched via replay. 

Instagrammers can also record videos for Reels, Stories, and regular on-demand videos to schedule for a specified date.


4. According to 67% of Livestream Viewers, Video Quality Is the Most Essential Element.

Among all livestream viewers, 67% of them said that video quality is the most essential element that prompts them to watch live videos.

If you’re marketing on Instagram, one of the most vital elements to consider is video quality.

While this isn’t one of the most specific statistics in our list, it does relate to Instagram Live videos in terms of quality and what watchers want.

Therefore, it’s wise to take video quality seriously.


5. According to A 2019 Study, 13% of Instagram Users Viewed a Livestream on The Platform in The Past Month. 

GWI, launched in 2009, is a market research company with years of combined experience among their team members that provides vital insights and information for marketers, brands, and media companies. 

According to their expert research, they discovered that in 2019, 13% of Instagram users were viewing live videos on the platform over a month’s period.

Soon after this data, the pandemic hit, which altered the regular course of growth of Lives on Instagram and other platforms.

There have been some fluctuations in growth due to the pandemic, however, the figures from 2019 related to watchers of livestream shows the impact this kind of content can have on social media. 

Overall, live videos have become a necessary essential across social media networks.


6. Six in Ten Adults Outside of China Have Watched a Live Stream or A Video on Instagram, or Other Social Sites.

A whopping 83% of adult internet users between 55 and 64 have watched a video clip of some kind on any internet-connected device. 

Social video has increased consumption on four social media platforms outside of China, including Instagram (Facebook, SnapChat, and Twitter).

Social video viewers overall are broken down in these demographics by age. 

  • 16 to 24: 70%
  • 25 to 34: 65%
  • 36 to 44: 58%
  • 45 to 54: 51%
  • 55 to 64: 41%

Women have 61% of the share of internet users who watch social media viewers while men have 59% of that share. 

How does this relate to Instagram Live statistics?

This data relates to the importance of Instagram Live video and the impact of this content, across age and gender demographics. 


7. Live Videos Are Used by Consumers to Discover New Products, Services, and Brands.

Instagram Live videos have a fair share in helping people find new services, brands, and products before making a purchasing decision. 

  • Celebrity or well-known influencer endorsements: 21%
  • Brand updates on social media: 29%
  • Vlogs: 22%

While these figures are across platforms with live video content, Instagram has a solid share of users who explore and discover the latest brands, products, and services.

In fact, 83% of Instagram users use the overall platform to discover new brands, products, and services. 

(Social Media Perth 2023)

8. 100 Million People Watch Instagram Videos Every Day.

In this data, it shows that four of five internet users prefer live video over static forms of content like blog posts.

Instagram Live videos provide a significant opportunity to businesses and brands to create real-time connections.

Real-time connections can more readily be turned into loyal and buying customers. Why do you think that so many social media platforms now offer live video features?

Instagram launched its live video feature late in 2016 after Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. 

(Shopify Blog)

9. Instagram Increased the Live Video Duration to Four Hours.

Back in 2020, the time limit for live videos on Instagram was 60 minutes, like it was on Facebook.

Now, it’s four hours which gives brands, influencers, and businesses even better opportunities to connect and engage with their audiences. 

If you decide you need to use the live video feature beyond that four hour, simply end that session and start another while informing your viewers about the new session.

This allows you to continue from where you left off in the first live stream. 

You can also add more guests to speak on Instagram live. It was once only one guest, but now you can invite up to three more to speak in your live video.


10. 37% of Instagram Engagement Comes from Instagram Live Video.

At 37% of all Instagram engagements, Instagram Live comes in third place among the most engaging content on the outlet.

Reels get a whopping 66% and images still have 61% across all Instagram content engagement types.

Don’t discount the fact that live video on Instagram comes in third when it has an enormous impact and is an incredible opportunity for making better connections.

Third place is high considering the other forms of content on Instagram.

Besides Reels (short-form video), images, and live videos, Instagram also has memes, gifs, text, user-generated content, long form video, audio, and other types of content shared on the platform.

(Increditools 2032)

11. 80% of Internet Users Prefer Live Video Content from Brands Over Reading a Blog Post. 

Social audiences expect to see more videos than to read blogs.

In fact, a massive 80% prefer to watch a brand’s live videos over reading a brand’s blog. 

In 2016, 81% of social media users watched live videos more often than they did in 2015, which shows growth in the live video market

. Additionally, 45% of social audiences are willing to pay for live video content from their favorite brand, performer, speaker, athlete, team, influencer, or other favorite well-known creator.


12. In the United States, 43% of All Live Stream Watchers Between 18- and 34-Years Old Use Instagram Live. 

In a 2021 survey, 43% of livestreaming viewers between 18 and 34 years of age said they use Instagram Live.

While YouTube is still at the top for the most popular platform for live video content, 43% is a significant number.

You can’t ignore the impact of the popularity of Instagram Live video among those aged 18 to 34 at 43%. This survey included 1,098 adults who view live streaming videos in 2021.

In fact, YouTube only has 2% of the market share in live video watchers, according to this survey at 45%.

(Headphones Addict)

13. Turkish TV Star Ali Icun Ilicali Maintains the Record for Highest Number of Views for An Instagram Live Video Stream.

In 2020, Turkish TV star Ali Icun Ilacali slayed the record for the most viewed Instagram Live when he broadcast a video to 2 million viewers.

Ilicali is also a businessman, entrepreneur, and television producer who owns two of Turkey’s largest television channels (TV8 and TV8.5).

Again, this first record-breaking number was broken in 2020 when the Turkish Survivor TV show hit 3 million views on an Instagram Live.

On May 25, 2020, Ali went live with a Survivor 2020 info reveal, which is where the 3 million views occurred.  

Now you know the record to beat is 3 million views on an Instagram Live,

(Headphones Addict, HITC 2020)

14. In 2021, 14% of Marketers Used Instagram Live.

Statistics revealed that in 2021, 14% of marketers posted at least one Instagram Live video.

Also, 50% of the 28% of marketers using Instagram in their marketing strategy are utilizing Live video content for audience outreach.

The overarching use of live videos has been shown to represent the most authenticity and authority among marketers, brands, influencers, and businesses.

Instagram Live videos are an excellent resource to help you build connections and relationships within your audience. 

Likewise, Instagram Live posts encourage more trust among viewers over videos that can be edited and scheduled on the platform.

(Headphones Addict)

15. In 2021, an Estimated 415,000 Instagram Live Videos Were Used to Market and Promote Products and Services.

Due to the trust and relationship-building aspect of Instagram Live videos, more people view them.

Some 415,000 IG Live videos were estimated to have been used for promotions and marketing in 2021.

As mentioned earlier, over 80% of social media users prefer live videos over conventional posts from their favorite brands and personalities.

You can understand why nearly 3 million marketers across the globe use Instagram and of this percentage, 1.5 million are using Instagram Live video to engage their global audiences.

(Headphones Addict)

16. Brands, Influencers, and Other Social Digital Creators Invested 28% of Their Marketing Budgets on Livestreaming Videos in 2020.

Data from 2020 showed that digital creators, including brands and influencers spent 28% of their marketing budgets to produce livestreaming videos or shows.

While not all influencers, brands, personalities, and businesses that use livestreaming create a live show, they do post “Live” footage for various purposes. 

Some digital creators use Instagram Live content to review products and services.

Businesses sometimes use Live content to show their followers some of their inner workings and the workplace. 

No matter how these digital warriors are using IG Live video content, it’s working for many of them.

(Entrepreneur 2020)

17. In 2019 ABI Study Revealed that By 2024, There Will Be 91 Million Livestreaming Subscribers Across Platforms. 

In case you’re wondering where the livestreaming industry is headed, ABI Research predicted that by 2024, livestreaming subscribers will reach 91 million.

TV Technology’s website says that latency issues can have a negative impact on the viewer’s live video experience, so that’s something to consider when you’re creating livestreaming content.

Latency isn’t likely to impact Gen Z livestreaming. In fact, Gen Z is expected to take livestreaming to higher levels over the next several years.

It’s this growing generation that has its hand in video content, especially live videos.

This data includes the use of Instagram Live videos. Influencers from the Millennial and Gen Z generations understand how essential Instagram Live is in getting noticed.

(Entrepreneur 2020, TVTech)

18. Go-Globe Revealed that 52% of Those Who Watch Live Videos Prefer Ad-Supported Viewing Over Paid Subscriptions.

This data is likely to fluctuate as livestream content grows among the younger generations, but for now, people who watch livestreaming videos, including Instagram Live content, prefer to watch it for free with ads than to pay for it via subscription.

While there used to be some level of ad-supported Instagram Live videos, this idea was nixed in 2022.

Therefore, using Instagram Live video right now means no ads or interruptions. 

What’s not to like about that? However, it’s good to have this information for what could be coming to Instagram Live in the future. 


19. 56% of Millennial Livestream Viewers Watch on Their Smartphones.

A whopping 56% of Millennials prefer to use their smartphone to watch live videos, which directly relates to Instagram Live since most users engage via mobile phones on the platform already.

Tablets take second place for watching livestreaming videos among Millennials at 44%.

It’s obvious that more social media users prefer to engage and watch video content via mobile devices.

The numbers only get higher among Gen Z and will probably continue to rise as new generations become of age.

This data is especially important to you if you’re building a long-term marketing strategy.


20. The Worth of The Livestreaming Market Is Expected to Grow to $184.3 Billion by 2027.


The overarching global video streaming market is expected to reach a value of $688.7 billion by 2024, according to Businessswire.

Go-Globe reveals that the live video streaming market is expected to grow to a worth of $184.3 billion by 2027.  

As the Instagram Live statistics have shown, growth will continue for years to come in the overarching live video market.

Instagram Live videos currently have a market share of 13% in viewing, which will also likely grow in the coming years as this content evolves.

As a business, brand, marketer, personality, celebrity, or influencer, this information provides a valuable insight into the future of “going live”.

(Businesswire, Go-Globe)


Who Are the Most Popular Instagram Live Creators?

Besides Ali Icun Ilicali, there is Tekashi who got 2 million views on May 8, 2020, with his after prison livestream who holds the number two position after Ilicali.

After the top two, we have Jezzy vs. Gucci, Brandy vs. Monica, Nicki Minaj & Drake, and 6ix9ine & Nicki Minaj, all of which have from 925,000 to 1.8 million views. 

Who Can Watch My Instagram Live Videos?

Your Instagram Live video can be watched by your followers in real-time fashion.

After your live broadcast ends, you can share the replay of it to your feed. To do that you need to access your video from your Live Archive.

How Do I Access My Instagram Live Archive?

On the Instagram app, go to your profile by tapping it at the lower right corner of the app display.

Next, look at the top right corner of the display and tap the three lines (hamburger icon). 
Choose “Archive” from the options in the menu.

It will generate your “Stories” archive, so tap on the three dots in the top right corner to generate the menu to choose your post and Live archives.

You need to know that Instagram Live archives are only available for 30 days.

You can also share your replay from your Live archives if they are available to do so.


If you don’t take away anything else from this article, we’ve discovered that going “Live” is an important part of any marketing strategy. Also, when you plan them for specified days and times, your audience will grow to expect your live content.

If you’re planning your marketing strategy, the data in this article will be an immense help to you. It’s here so you can create a better and updated version of your marketing strategy for Instagram. 

If you haven’t started using Instagram Live for your marketing, now is a suitable time to get started. The live video industry is slated to exponentially grow over the next few years, and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunities available to you for marketing and promoting your brand, business, etc. 

We hope you have found these Instagram Live statistics interesting and useful for your purposes. 


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