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Inflact Reviews 2024

The internet is overflowing with different business plans and market strategies, all with the purpose of helping you get ahead in your Instagram game.

Instagram is a great place to position your business because there’s a lot of potential business if you’re looking in the right places and connecting with the right people.

This doesn’t mean that it’s easy, however. In fact, it can be really hard sometimes. That’s why there are companies you can outsource your engagement with.

Let’s give one of these companies a review.

What’s the Point in Having More Instagram Followers?

So you might be wondering at this point – what’s the actual point in having more Instagram followers? Well, they’re a pretty big deal.

In fact, Instagram followers are pretty much why you do well in the first place.

Think about it – if you love fashion and you see a fashion Instagram profile that has just a couple of hundred followers to its name, are you likely to follow them, or are you more likely to follow the Instagram profile that has more than 10,000 followers to its name?

We’re willing to bet that it’s the latter.

Unfortunately, that’s just the way that the world of Instagram works, so if you want to be successful with your Instagram profile and get more of the right people checking out your images and videos, you’ve got to know how to grow your followers.

Luckily, there are lots of growth services out there that can help you with this.

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What is Inflact?

Inflact logo

Inflact is, quite simply, an Instagram bot. While many of these types of companies try to hide the fact that they’re bots, this company prefers to be out in the open about it – which is commendable, in our opinion.

It’s great that they’re upfront and honest about their use of bots, and while there is a small risk when using one for your Instagram growth, it’s certainly not big enough to be worried.

What’s more, Inflact actively ensure that their services stay within Instagram’s terms and conditions.

The thing about bots is that a lot of the time they get a bad name in the industry, but if you think about it there are good companies and bad ones in every industry out there.

We are already confident that these guys work hard to stick to Instagram’s terms and conditions, so that you don’t get called out for using them.

This is the biggest reason why people get in trouble for using a bot – because it goes outside of Instagram’s daily limits. As long as you are sticking to them, you won’t have any issues.

Inflact is a company that promotes itself as an Instagram growth service.

This means that they can help you automate all of those regular, day-to-day activities – like automatic following, direct messaging, liking, and even helping you schedule posts for a later date.

They certainly appear to be an industry-leading bot, and they even claim to be able to help you get more than 3000 new Instagram followers a month on your profile.

They also say that they have an average of 500 new customers sign up to their services every month.

The also talk about how they offer their clients advanced targeting through locations, username and hashtags, as well as language and gender filters.

This means that not only are you going to gain real followers, but they are also going to be interested in your content, which means that your engagement is going to increase.

Lastly, they talk about how they have got seven years of experience in the industry, so it’s safe to say that they have a good grasp on what they’re doing.

Getting Started with Inflact

To get started with Inflact, you need to visit their website through their web browser, and choose one of their plans, so that you can enter your Instagram details, as well as your email address.

Then you will make your payment through PayPal or credit card, and you can then adjust their features accordingly.

You can set daily limits, apply filters, and then watch them do the rest of the work for you. They can help you easily track your growth using their advanced analytics features, too.

Pricing and Features


Inflact offers their clients four different packages to choose from, which of course vary in pricing based on how many accounts you need help with.

Their Promo package is going to cost you $37 for two weeks, $57 for a month, and $144 for three months.

With this, you get automatic follow, unfollow, and likes, username, locations and hashtags targeting, smart analytics, and a personal manager.

With their Direct package, this is going to cost you $16 for two weeks, $24 for a month, and $62 for three months.

With this package you get direct chat online for all profiles, bulk direct messaging, follow-up responses that are automatic, and a search function that is powered by AI.

This package is ideal for brands who are trying to expand their reach, and want to be able to communicate with multiple people at the same time.

Their scheduled posting feature is going to cost you $10 for two weeks, $15 for a month, and $39 for three months.

They say that through this package you can get automated scheduled posting, video and photo features, gallery and stores posting, and a complete account review.

Of course, this is a good choice if you are trying to get your content out there, and have so much to publish that you don’t think you can do it all on your own.

Lastly, their hashtag generator can help you with – you guessed it – hashtags. They say that it’s going to cost you $12 for two weeks, $19 for a month, and $36 for three months.

With this package, you get a fully managed hashtag generator, as well as being able to target trending hashtags that fall within your niche.

They also offer live analytics of your results, as well as a search function that is powered by AI.

This is the kind of package you want if you are hoping to post in front of a much bigger audience, and you want to increase your chances of getting followed by the right people.

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Pros and Cons

  • Huge range of features
  • Complete automation
  • Advanced targeting
  • Organic growth
  • Excellent Trustpilot reviews
  • Complete security and safety
  • No support via phone
  • High-Quality Service

High-Quality Service

Inflact Dashboard

One of the biggest reasons that we would recommend that you use Inflact, apart from their excellent reviews that you will be able to find on other websites out there, is the quality of their features.

They have a really well-designed website, as well as a dashboard, which is going to make it super easy for you to navigate around, and adjust their features to suit your needs.

They also offer a huge range of features that regular Instagram bots don’t come with. This includes a number of different modules, live chat support, blacklists and whitelists, and complete automation.

Their four different packages mean that they offer plans that are well-suited to your needs, and we personally think that they are really reasonably priced.

So, with their high-quality features, really good customer support, and the fact that they have positive reviews far and wide, things are looking pretty good.

A Review of Inflact

We’ll Begin with The Positives, First:

Secure Site

We’re impressed that Inflact has made sure that their website is https secure. This is rule number one when running any website on the internet, let alone one like this.

It helps you to increase your Google rank, and it keeps your clients’ information safe should they choose to share it with you.

Yes, this is a basic form of security, but it’s still significant, because there are plenty of websites that continue to not bother with this level of security, and their clients lose out as a result.

Visible Pricing

Like many of these businesses, Inflact has made sure that their price points are one of the first things you see on their website.

This means that they’ve put them on display on their homepage – they don’t even have a designated price page that you click through to.

We would prefer them to be separate, but we understand their enthusiasm for business. Their price points are super easy to understand – in fact, from where we are sitting, we believe that they are currently offering their clients one price point.

It is going to cost you $37 for two weeks for one account, which we think is more than reasonable.

Two weeks for great growth is more than worth your time and money, and we don’t think there are too many budgets out there that can’t accommodate this.

FAQ and Help Page

We really appreciate it when companies like this take the time to include FAQs on their website.

It means that they care not only about existing clients, but potential ones too, and what they might need to know about what they do.

24/7 Support

If you visit their homepage, you’ll notice that they have a chat box in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

This is where you can get in touch with them directly, whether you’ve already signed up with them or not.

Having around the clock support is of course inherent when running a company like this – it means that you can have a good level of accountability with your clients, and you can make them feel confident that you can help them with any kind of issue.

If you don’t have this, then they are going to run into technical difficulties, and all production is going to stop because they can’t get the help they need.

Real Reviews

Inflact has reviews from existing clients on their website, which says a lot about their features, and the kind of service that they’re running.

It’s always a good sign when companies like Inflact can put positive customer reviews on their site.

Now, We’ll Continue by Highlighting the Negatives:

Payment Verification

Inflact doesn’t seem to have implemented any payment verification as of yet – but we’re sure that they’ll sort this out sooner rather than later.

The thing about security measurements like this is that a lot of the time they take a bit to get going.

It certainly doesn’t mean that they are being slack when it comes to the security of their payment gateways – they’re just having to do a bit of work behind-the-scenes to get everything looking really good.

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Is Inflact a Scam? Is Inflact Safe?

At the end of the day, we believe that Inflact is safe to use.

As you can see, Inflact offers many different features on their website, for reasonable pricing. We can comfortably say at this point that we believe Inflact is safe to use.

While you should always approach this type of service with a little bit of caution, it’s another world away from a company elsewhere that is trying to make a quick profit by risking their clients’ Instagram reputation.

Be smart, and make the most of this company’s effective features. The bottom line is that they keep to Instagram’s terms and conditions, and honestly this is all you can ask for at this point, and more.

Inflact User Reviews

Here are some reviews we found for Inflact on Trustpilot. There is also a user reviews section at the end of this article for you to check out.

inflact Trustpilot

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Review Summary


We believe that Inflact is safe to use. As you can see, Inflact offers many different features on their website, for reasonable pricing. We can comfortably say at this point that we believe Inflact is safe to use.

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